Scientists Use Brain Stimulation to ‘Make You Stop Believing in God’

The Daily Express is reporting today that scientists are using electromagnets to literally alter (and thus control) people’s thoughts and beliefs.

Before we start talking about how this technology isn’t new, here’s the gist:

A bizarre experiment claims to be able to make Christians no longer believe in God and make Britons open their arms to migrants in experiments some may find a threat to their values…

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  1. Scary stuff. Probably easy to manufacture a group riot, by agitating a group of people with that sort of technology. As mentioned, technology in itself is a neutral tool, and depending on how used determines the ethics or morality.
    It has been surmised that technology is only given when mankind’s consciousness is able to use it in non destructive ways. It seems so often technology is hijacked by and for evil, stolen and banished from good.
    Whilst reading this I thought why bother with electromagnetic control, when you can poison the water and food? But then watching these videos its going to be a lot easier to sit in your car, or control a satellite to make some talk gibberish exactly when you want them to, rather than waste time and energy trying to convince them to take a pill or poison there drink and wait, and have unpredictable results. Obviously the water and food is en-masse, whilst ‘electrocution’ can be very targeted.
    Such blatant infringement of human free will is psychopathic. Seems to slot in perfectly with the mindset of tyranny to treat other humans as cattle or worse, but then I’m sure there are some very good arguments that’s it’s for our own good and protection and will only be used on evil people who deserve it ?

    • I suppose for those involved in these heinous crimes against humanity and spirituality, it would be necessary for them to create an illusionary veil of justice and righteousness in order to protect THEM from actually having to face the vileness of their own monstrosity.

  2. What a pity!

    They use the advanced technology in order to suppress actually the free will and consciousness and the connection with the divine.

    So they work in order to control the free human power because actually they don’t feel conveniently with the free people. They afraid them, because probably free people are able to uncover their hidden dark agenda. They want enslave people and being humanity under of their commands and spoiled with their nonsense ideas that are in contradiction with the reality and truth.

  3. This is really disturbing. A person’s freedom of thoughts and feelings is the most sacred right, no one has a right to take that away, no matter what the cause. I remember watching that video about the reporters talking gibberish and being appalled at the idea of this terrible technology being used on the poor reporters by sinister people with an agenda.

    I believe as mentioned in the article, they’ll publicize this technology as something good, such as curing depression, mental illness etc, than move onto using it for an extremely unethical, immoral use of it by interrogating “terrorists”, later on gradually moving onto the mass public. Some technologies should simply not be invented at all. I’d hate to imagine the people who have been victimized by this technology already, those of whom the media never reports.

    I agree, that the technology they have is probably far more advanced at the moment from what they are leaking into mainstream media. You hear secret projects dating back from the 60s, who knows how far they’ve come now in advancing their evil technologies.

  4. This is crazy technology and people need to know.

    Keep up the good work Conscious Reporter and thanks for a great article to keep us informed.

  5. “The question is not can they do it, it’s would they.”

    I use to believe that I could trust people and things like this are done in the interests of all, but as more info comes to light and I get older I am becoming ever more skeptical, I think there would be a line up of sinister people who could and would use this technology. This is really scary stuff thanks for the article

  6. That’s quite unsettling. If this is openly discussed and mentioned in the mainstream news then I can’t imagine how much it has been developed. It seems as if it is ready to be used and people are being prepared to accept it as something beneficial and even necessary.

    I would expect some kind of a “healing miracle” or a “scientific breakthrough” performed with this or another similar technique in order to make it look acceptable and very important for society.

    • Good point Christos – I’ve heard people say military technology is about 10 years more advanced than was is released publicly, so who knows what kind of technology they already have access too..

      • Good point David.

        I personally think that vaccinations and the food and water supply is being used in a big way to harm humanity.

        • John, this is my area of interest too. I think it’s just a clever way of getting into our psyche, harming us, basically drugging us. We all have to eat, we all want our kids and loved ones to be healthy. From delving into this area and seeing the way that lies are so easily fed as truth, and how you end up with people actually calling out for more of this lie, and then actually fighting to protect it – I believe the same principles apply across the board.

          This article reveals something very disturbing and the video makes it even more horrific – the look on those people’s faces.

          I wonder if there’s a way you can be protected from this. Can someone who’s totally transformed their basic human energies into something more strong and spiritual withstand technology like this?

          The only problem I had with the article was using the immigration thing as an example. In the UK, where I believe the authour is taking the Daily Express from, this paper is really notorious for fear-mongering of the least subtle kind, and a lot to do with the immigration. I can see that the softy-lefty side is just as brainwashed – let them all in and we’ll all be friends – but I can just imagine the Daily Express using this as another way of pushing fear. I’m sure there would have been many more examples of what this technology can do to manipulate thought and political bias, but it doesn’t seem like we’re being pushed to accept immigrants, rather to have a lot of fear and hostility to them. Maybe both will be employed, at the desired time, such is the amount of influence I am sure ‘they’ have.

          • Hi Ella, I’m very happy to read that your looking at protecting yourself and family from this terrible crime against humanity. I started looking at vaccinations and the food and water supplies many years ago and sadly those in control are able get away with it. Hopefully by passing on the truth to others it will help them realise what go on.

            have found that thankfully if we choose to work on ourselves spiritually we are able to wake up to their wrong doing and we can take the necessary steps forward.

            Best wishers

      • … and it brings few questions: “Why is this technology still hidden?”, “Where is this technology going?” Is it all about one world government, army, religion, economic, etc. Is this going to lead to absolute slavery? Where we will get the chance to only chose between many TV channels. There is also question: “How they are going to reach it?” Is there going to be a World War III.? It also brings me the question: “Why didn’t they use this technology already?”, “What are they waiting for?”. It reminds me when Hitler was developing Germany before World War II. and it was based on employing people in arms industry, truly spending lots of money to create the army that will rull the world for thousand years. Isn’t that similar, when some powerful countries are spending so much money to develop their arms industry, their weapons and secret weapons?

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