Never Satisfied? Why They Bank on Your Unhappiness As a Key to Economic Growth

What ultimately drives consumer confidence, the stock market and the growth of the economy? Better middle class jobs, disposable income and a general sense of happiness, or something close to that, no? Think again. This poignant video explains the real factors behind economic bliss – and why happiness in the system is diametrically opposed to your happiness:

Original article by Aaron Dykes for Truthstream Media

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  1. Hm, interesting subject and a tough one to face too — even for people who are aware of the state of the world and the strings that are pulling society. It’s just always so much easier to fall into the buyer mindset, looking for pleasure to alleviate the discomforts of life.

    Until the age of 7 I had 10 minutes of kids television a day (Soviet era). If I wanted to be entertained my mom pulled out a little picture projector and would stream photos onto the wall and tell me stories. I’d listen to kids tales on a record player occasionally too. But mostly, I was always outside in nature. When I moved out of the USSR I became hooked on television — 6 hours a day and upwards. By the time I was a teenager I would do everything in front of the TV, and even not be able to sleep without having it on :O Even though that sounds extreme, it’s the norm for many people I know. It wasn’t until I took a step back from that way of life that I realized the damage television conditioning causes.

    Even though I haven’t had a TV in over a decade, the effects of growing up like that are quite far-reaching. And now every device around you is essentially turned into a TV anyways — your laptop, your phone, your ipad, and so on. Life is so saturated with it that it’s hard to escape. The only solution it seems is to become educated on the history of all this, and the psychological effects of television and marketing, so that the damage can at least be minimized…

  2. This is such an important topic! Oh the hours of life I totally chucked down the drain watching TV as a teenager … in those sensitive years when you’re most impressionable and really need solid guidance not a bunch of neurosis-forming hypnotic junk. It’s incredible how much time on average people spend watching the telly, or are just so comfortable to have it on in the background. What Alex Jones said about walking around the streets and all the life you see is the blue flashes from behind net curtains really hit the nail on the head.

    In my own family I can see how this entertainment has transformed communities. My grandma and granddad spent their spare time in amateur arts, as did nearly everyone in their small rural town. The churches and community halls were packed with music, poetry, performances. When I was younger there were so many ‘old boys’ sitting on the benches in the streets, watching the world go by, chatting. Now it’s just people bustling to and fro. My dad describes the impact of TV’s arrival on their lives, he was conscious how hypnotic it was, how he would just watch the one available channel until it went off at midnight. Imagine now – endless, absolutely endless possibilities for entertainment 24 hours a day. You can totally see how the former people, who had bonds with each other and actually communicated independently with each other, were a much more ‘dangerous’ demographic – they could start uprisings, protest, reject oppressive forces. Now all they can do is repeat and chatter about what they heard from the presenters on the TV.

    I saw a clip of Opera the other day, a FB friend had written ‘listen to Opera’ and the video just automatically starts, so I put on the volume to see what this mega-mother figure had to say. She was spouting some life-affirming ‘because you’re worth it’ affirmations. To me this is so unattractive, but it’s incredible to think that millions adore this woman and must tune in to this sort of comforting as much as possible. It sounds encouraging, but there’s something in it which feels the opposite, controlling.

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