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David has a deep interest in spiritual development, but has discovered there are many forces in the world working to keep people asleep. His recent interest has been researching the psychological tactics and techniques used to limit people's spiritual potential, writing about his discoveries here at The Conscious Reporter.


  1. I’m a filmmaker, David. It would be nice to take information like this and format it into a nonfictional series of individuals’ unique experiences and information on such instances. Having a mass circuit of individuals who have experienced these manipulations/and or informed by them would be a good place to start a collaborative project for all to see. Bc once goverments’ and corporations’ Magic tricks are ‘exposed’ in a form that reaches as many spectators possible, the more eyes we open to the overall scheme of how an elite few control the outcome of so many. We have the media to do it in so many forms. You can reach me on my email if you’d be interested in discussing this further.

  2. Thanks David, for putting the time to pass on this information.

    It’s such a concern that humanity is controlled in so many ways to keep us from the truth.

  3. I believe Dr. Von Braun had been a strong advocate of peace and the prevention of the weaponization of space. I recall reading an article where he had stated that in order for certain governments to sustain and fund its war mode or “war machine”, they had established an “enemy list” that would create the illusion of a threat to the well-being and security of its citizens, beginning with the Soviet Union (i.e. Cold War), then the Terrorists, then Asteroids, and ending the list with Extraterrestrials.

    Given the fact that governments have been known to covertly engage in psychological operations to influence the behaviours and thoughts of the masses using various technology (i.e PSYOPS, V2K), mainstream media (i.e recent Paris attacks) and the entertainment industry (i.e “Edge of Tomorrow” film, Orson Welles’ “The War of The Worlds” radio drama, ), it’s no wonder that so many people would fall for such large-scale deceptions such as those in China and Nigeria.

    I think Geraldine said it best here: “So much is happening around us, and so many questions we must and need to keep asking instead of just accepting.. and use our mind correctly to find the truth..”.

  4. What a shocker to read this. Its no wonder why the masses would be so quick to be influenced, our minds have been weakened through generation after generation of mass entertainment and subtle manipulation from all facets of media hype. Its so hard to question and not get caught up in the bait.

    Thanks David for your article and sharing the info.

  5. Hi lots of talk about the coming messiah hologram .alien master returning. and here sons of adamu recreating itself with clones ,U.S. But evil uses good to refine itself and good uses evil to refine itself . we need both .and tin hats orgon iodine sea salt boron . A good look at Antarctica and snow globes ,the wisest of all however ,the servants of the heavenly king ,look at nothing save the soul the spiritual doctrine which is the eternal and ever springing root of the law.of this great truth eliphas Levi also writes declaring that none can gain entrance to the secret house of wisdom unless he wear the voluminous Cape of Apollonius of Ryan’s and carry in his hand the lamp of Hermes

  6. Hi David, I’ve been reading a little more about the V2K (voice to skull) technology you highlight here, and this is truly awful. It seems there are many cases out there from people who actually suffer from attacks performed by these weapons and they blog about their experiences. These testimonies sound strange and can easily be disregarded as a person being mentally ill. Well, how would you react if foul language and images were constantly projected into your mind? With such label applied to them, it even easier for those who have such weaponry to brush off the existence of them.
    Meanwhile with a little bit of research anyone can find that 23 U.S. patents for mind control related devices were issued between 1956 and 2003. With mind control projects such as MK-Ultra executed by the CIA it is not hard to imagine these practices are taken to the next level using any new technologies available.

  7. This is pretty disturbing. I was mostly put on guard with what you mentioned about gauging people’s reactions. It sounds like citizens are being tested and if, at any certain point, the desired/expected reaction is received, the puppet masters will go through with whatever agenda suits them. How much greed there must be in the hearts of those that want to entrap humanity this way, it’s unthinkable. I was considering what I would do if I saw something like this, for example the deity hologram projecting a message onto the spectators. Go around telling others it’s a fake, a ‘top secret’ shadow government scheme? I feel, unfortunately, that I would quickly be labeled a conspiracy weirdo and, because of that, anything I say would be dismissed. But maybe the number of people that would use that label is going down? I don’t know. I guess the greatest hope is people arming themselves with immunity to this manipulation, as you put it. The more that I’m personally trying to decipher reality for myself, the more I recognize how immensely powerful knowledge can be. How if even 50% of the 99 (that are not in control of worldly events) were aware of this psychological warfare, how different society would be. The supposed 1% wouldn’t have all this power in their hands, their illusions would dissipate.

    Thanks, David, for putting so much work into this. I think it’s very important that more perspectives like these reach people. It can really serve as a guide outside of this redundant wall of mainstream media that spews so much misinformation and essentially treats the masses as brainless and foolish pawns.

  8. Thanks David for another great article. It’s such a shame that technology is used for mundane and wasteful purposes. In the case you highlight here it’s an even worse situation as if the technology does exist and is kept secret it could only be for a sinister purpose like you propose.
    About twenty years ago I was talking to a good friend who happened to be an atheist. They were suggesting that if there were spiritual beings in the cosmos it would be in the benefit of our humanity for these divine beings to prove their existence – possibly by appearing as a large apparition in a very public place. I remember then saying that I would be more inclined to distrust a vision like this as it would leave me open to being fooled very easily.

    • I think I accidentally deleted the bottom of the message posted above which would make the end story very random.
      The reason I was able to distrust the type of event was because I had read information about false alien invasions and thoughts being beamed into minds.
      Therefore I think getting this information out to people is very important so thanks again David

  9. Thank you David, that was very interesting. I have only heard about these holograms in sci-fi movies or in the accounts of meetings with extra-terrestrials, but one can imagine how a technology of this kind could be easily misused. Hope more people get to know about the existence of these manipulations.

    A great picture too! 🙂

  10. Very interesting read, David.

    I’ve heard about these ‘floating cities’ and one common theory which seemed pushed on and repeated was that these were supposedly mirages – but then if that was the case, where are the original buildings being reflected up high in the sky? It just did not add up, I kept thinking it looked like some type of projection.. And now reading your article, it kinda clicked – the hologram theory seems much more plausible to me.. Sadly.. 🙁

    • I hadn’t come across floating cities, but to try to explain them as mirages (Fata Morgana) makes no sense, since these only occur just above the horizon:


      Very weird. Who knows what kinds of technologies “they” have developed in secret. But would they use them for mass-deception to further their aims? Absolutely!

      • Especially with the case in Africa the mirage explanation seems a bit out of place, as what they were seeing in the sky is not a reflection of what’s on the ground, and from reports there were sounds coming from the mirage like those made from a cement factory.

      • Reading a little more on the Wikipedia site you posted John, the possibility of a mirage becomes less and less applicable and can easily be dismissed. Mirages are bottom up or a combination of bottom-up and top-down reflections, not like a perfect floating city in the clouds. Again the same lies as usual told by mass media to feed people misinformation and blind us from the truth. Without doing a little research, the mind can easily accept these “facts” they present.

      • Yes, that’s right – but most people don’t really understand what a mirage is 🙂 And the several articles I had read from different sources were repeating pretty much verbatim the ‘mirage’ explanation.. And it was also quite interesting and striking to see the repeating explanatory words on various websites..

        The next question, was where was the original source of the mirage? Did these newspapers just simply repeat information from each other, were they being fed that information? By whom? And what for?

        And what about the journalist writing, isn’t it his/her job to check for facts, to question what is happening? To inform people is not just to repeat…

        So much is happening around us, and so many questions we must and need to keep asking instead of just accepting.. and use our mind correctly to find the truth..

    • Swamp gas!

      I find it quite interesting how when there’s a documented unidentified phenomena. Which is then followed by a social authority’s statement that it is something normal (no matter how farfetched their explanation), and that marks the end of it.

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