Is the Internet Being Used to Shape Our Reality? [VIDEO]

The internet has undoubtedly changed the way the world functions. But has all of this change been good? In this video, Truthstream Media examines how the internet is changing our brains and how our data is being tracked and used to shape our reality.

This video was originally published here on the Truthstream Media website.

Featured image by Saulo Mohana via unsplash.

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  1. This is a good reminder to not fall into complacence. I think most people who are aware of the effect that using computer and devices have on self-awareness, generally try to limit their use and many have switched to different private email servers etc.. But this video just showed how far along things are in the power of watching us and controlling what we see. What was news to me is the use of quantum computing to create a virtual world model to forecast the future of humanity; individually and the world as a whole. That is really really scary.

    It’s really tempting to just give up my cell phone..

  2. Google and Facebook have made huge advancements into our lives, slowly but surely, and at this point, it almost looks like many cannot live without their services anymore. About a decade ago, someone mentioned to me to not use Google, but it took me a while to understand what I’m giving away but using their services. As mentioned in the video, their services are for free, but the price we pay for using them is that we give up our privacy and in a way our freedom.
    As to how these corporations influence society and steer us for certain outcomes, you might like the following article on how our democracy has being hacked, for the very reason mentioned — they have the data about us and the tools to manipulate us. And that’s just what we currently know from leaks.

  3. Thanks for the heads up about this serious matter.
    Apart of privacy which is a quite serious issue I think is tremendously bigger the issue that caused from the wrong way of using computers in our daily lives. It’s obvious that computers give us a vast of options of activity that we might not even consider working with, in the past. For example using software for graphics, video editing, music compilation, studying through online courses, gaming, communicate with people from all over the world and mainly learn and read information that we couldn’t even imagine how we could find them before the web comes. And so much more areas of activity

    Looks like we can’t handle it. It’s a bit like when the industrial revolution started. And I think the western type of people mainly are getting transformed because of that. What this doc says about concentration is an example of this.
    Watching myself first is like getting into a deeper sleep state, where we are losing the sense and the form of the physical reality. Passing to the virtual reality from that is not so difficult, isn’t it?

  4. I recently saw this little animation that I think sums up parts of this article wonderfully.

  5. (Although I didn’t like the fast paced cutting of this video with its barrage of stock footage and background music, probably tailored to that short attention span of ours 🙂 ) I did find the points raised very good. I also think this video is good because I think it’s very important to keep reassessing how technology has an impact on us. The different information technologies are coming together so rapidly.

    I’ve mentioned it more extensively in the past. With the fragile, sleepwalking, state I believe humanity’s psyche is in already, the introduction of technologies that amplify our already subconscious state of going through life, heading to a point where no one is able to ‘wake up’ from it anymore— it’s beyond concerning.
    The full magnitude of its implications becomes clearer when seeing more of the bigger picture, of our purpose in life.

    Though who’s got the strength nowadays to even ‘turn away from the tv screen to even know they’re in front of a tv screen’ :’-) if you catch my drift. I’m tempted to throw in lots of ‘The Matrix’ analogies but will resist, it’s sad that that story is becoming more accurate by the day in portraying what is actually happening.

    Of course there’s also lots of other points in the video, and how all those things come together in a next era of influence over people.

    …The more I think about the direction things are going in realistically the more dismal it all seems to me.
    (On a lighter note though :D) But perhaps my view and mood have already been shaped by an A.i. who’s catered this website to me, with the reality being much more positive. Unfortunately though, I don’t think so.

    I hope there will be great powerful ways of positive influence as well in the future.

  6. This is really quite shocking to watch and to consider. It makes me really reflect on my own use of technology. Though I’ve made a few baby-steps towards upholding privacy – coming off Gmail and here and there getting sick of Facebook and switching off for a while, there’s something in me that really enjoys the continuous conversation and sense of interacting with people I know – it feeds my curiosity. I feel like this is the point – that the people behind the design of this sticky web are total experts in the field of human psychology. They have really created a system that has captured people through their own weakness and made them slaves. The point was made in this short documentary that there’s no way they have overtly been able to make people carry tracking devices with them, but instead they’ve made something so attractive and addictive that now people panic when they leave the house without their tracking device/phone.

    It does feel like time has been sped up. I remember whole days out playing without a phone, if I wanted to call my mum to pick me up early because I’d got my shoes soaking it would involve a long trek to the phone box. Now – you’d just call/text/whattapp and vroom. I feel especially sad that kids now won’t ever know the quiet of life before communication was so rapid, constant and virtual. No more of that in-between time, that waiting time, that hanging around having nothing to do because your friend’s been delayed time – when you just sit around and speak to the person next to you. Now you’d know exactly where your friend is and you’d just get buried in the phone to pass the time.

    It’s incredibly sinister that Facebook has been conducting experiments on how effectively they can manipulate people’s moods, and that there is the ability to record conversations just to turn it into advertising tailored for us. Advertising seems benign compared to what this detailed information could be used for. It’s becomes very clear how bias the mainstream media is, and there’s a kind of hope that the alternative media can counterbalance this. In some ways it does, but it’s naive to think it’s therefore a wonderful thing and immune to manipulation.

    I think it’s become clear that the age-old methods of social control – “bread and circuses” has become magnified and inflated beyond what people only 30 years ago would think possible, or as the domain of sci-fi. That this is a conscious attempt by an elite to manipulate people’s reality and to create a more docile, dumb population (the confused rat trying to get through a maze and the dramatic loss in concentration testify to this) should be shocking enough to make people resist the impact on our mind and lives of technology.

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