The Effects of Fluoride on Consciousness and the Will to Act

The Effects of Fluoride on Consciousness and the Will to ActNew evidence has linked fluoride and other chemicals to brain disorders. What other unknown effects might this industrial by-product added to our water supply have? An examination of water fluoridation’s shadowy history reveals potentially disturbing ramifications for human consciousness.

Recent research has brought the controversial practice of water fluoridation back into the spotlight, revealing links between water fluoridation and brain disorders, particularly in regard to its effect on children.

Troublingly, the report found that side-effects do not only come from direct ingestion by children, but also from higher levels of chemicals such as fluoride in expectant mothers’ blood and urine, which was linked to brain disorders and lower IQs in their children. In many cases, the changes triggered can be permanent. This evidence flies right in the face of spurious claims by skeptics that ingestion of fluoride in low concentrations has no harmful effects on our health.

Is it any wonder then that only seven countries in the world actually fluoridate more than 50 percent of their water supply? Although it is often portrayed in America as if every country does it, this is very far from the truth. In fact, the United States accounts for more than 50 percent of all the fluoridated water drinkers in the world, while the vast majority of European countries for example avoid this practice altogether.

So what is fluoride and why do a few countries continue to infuse their public drinking water with this controversial chemical? What ramifications might its side effects have for human development?

How Water Fluoridation Came to Be

Although there is widespread acceptance that fluoride is toxic in high doses, a trend emerged in the twentieth century to add this chemical to drinking water at dosages deemed to be “safe.” Where did this trend originate?

It may surprise you to hear that apparently the first occurrence of purposefully putting sodium fluoride into drinking water took place in the German ghettos of the 30s and 40s, and shortly thereafter in Nazi concentration camps. Clearly, the Nazis would not be concerned with the strength and resilience of their prisoners’ teeth; so, what could be the real reason to fluoridate the water? What effects does it really have upon us? And why are countries such as the United States still doing it?

Let’s now look at how water fluoridation started in America. An industry researcher from the Mellon Institute financed by the Alcoa Company first recommended water fluoridation in America in 1939. Seeing as Alcoa had toxic waste, a bi-product from aluminum otherwise known as fluoride and stood to benefit from finding a way to sell and dispose of it, could this really be a coincidence? The report convinced dentists and the public at large that water fluoridation is good for our teeth. With this, whether intended or not, the industry gained a way to get toxic waste off their hands, and moreover, even be paid to get rid of it—by selling it off to be dumped into the public water supply.

In 1946, an attorney and former counsel to Alcoa was appointed to head the U.S. Public Health Service. Shortly thereafter, he ensured that the water fluoridation “experiment” passed essentially unchallenged and unchecked by any real public study or research and was soon given a $750K private bonus from Alcoa. In today’s dollars, that’s worth anywhere from $6.89 million to $55.3 million, depending on how you account for inflation.

But some people have identified a more sinister agenda behind water fluoridation that goes beyond apparent greed and convenience. At the end of World War II, Charles Elliot Perkins, a researcher in chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, and pathology, was sent to Germany to take charge of their chemical plants. He later wrote in response to what he had seen and heard while there: “The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination and control and loss of liberty … Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluorine will in time gradually reduce the individual’s power to resist domination by slowly poisoning and narco-tizing this area of the brain tissue, and make him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him.”

How Fluoride Suppresses Consciousness

Pineal Gland with Calcifications

Pineal gland parenchyma with calcifications. Attribution: Wiki User Difu Wu.

But how does a chemical bi-product dumped into the water supply actually work upon those who ingest it over time? There are many ways sodium fluoride consumption affects our bodies, but one aspect we’ll focus on in this article is that sodium fluoride calcifies the pineal gland. British scientist Jennifer Luke published a study which found that fluoride deposits tended to accumulate in the pineal gland and calcify it. In addition, a 450 page review on fluoride toxicity published by the National Research Council in 2006 reported that fluoride produced a range of negative side effects including “decreased melatonin production” and “other effects on normal pineal function, which in turn could contribute to a variety of effects in humans.”

Not just scientists, but mystics too have explored the effects of the pineal gland within us (from different angles): physically, it plays an important role in regulating sleep patterns and sexual development; spiritually, it is said to be a connection between the body and the soul, and is referred to by some as our “third eye.” Either way, when the pineal gland is calcified by sodium fluoride, it obviously cannot function properly. This could have grave effects both physically and spiritually upon humanity.

There is more to the human body than its physical apparatus. This is widely evident in phenomenon such as near-death experiences, whereby people have had accounts of experiencing existence while their brain and body has been clinically dead. However, while we are here physically, the spiritual components depend upon the physical apparatus in order to function properly and thereby communicate and actively participate in the physical world. When an important seat of consciousness such as the pineal gland cannot function properly, by logical extension, consciousness itself cannot function properly within us, since the physical means with which it functions in the world has been damaged.

Thus, it is not only that fluoride consumption has adverse health effects and reputedly makes people easier to control (as the Nazi’s believed), but the very spiritual essence of who we are, our consciousness, can be hindered from manifesting in our lives. Within our consciousness are all the spiritual feelings such as love, peace, happiness, and freedom, as well as mystical experiences and psychic faculties. The consciousness gives us the ability to be “here,” “awake,” and present psychologically.

There are sinister agents in the world and beyond who wish to see consciousness suppressed. There appears to be an evil behind water fluoridation that runs deeper than mere convenience, and the implications go beyond fluoride’s reputed effects of making a people compliant who would otherwise question questionable things (such as water fluoridation – the irony notwithstanding). On the deepest level, it’s about a person’s individual ability to awaken consciousness and experience their full potential.

Concluding Remarks

Over ten years ago already, in November 2003, the United States passed the Water Act, which made it impossible for water companies to undergo civil or criminal hearings as a result of adding fluoride to public water supplies. It becomes more and more difficult to affect change on a mass scale to practices such as water fluoridation when those who have political, military, and legal control enact these types of measures. Fortunately, it is still within people’s ability to take measures to avoid fluoride and speak out however, and to personally do what they can to preserve, exercise, and awaken their own consciousness.

About Jordan

Jordan Belikov was born in Canada and works as a writer, editor, and content marketer by day. He received an Honours Bachelor of Arts in (Comparative) Religion and English in the mid-2000s, but ultimately found the purely academic study of comparative religion lacking; as such, he’s been actively exploring and studying the practical side of spirituality for over the past twelve years. His main areas of interest are in self-knowledge and studying sacred texts, and using exercises like meditation, mantras, and exploring OBEs/astral projection to supplement his search. He also has a keen interest in uncovering what’s really going on in the world, and therefore enjoys looking into the many sides and theories behind current and past events.


  1. Thats why I use fluoride pre-filter, connected to my Kangen water ionizer. All the smart people drink clean Kangen water now, not sure why the rest is not wising up

    • The rest can’t afford it.

    • Thanks Alec,

      I was fortunate enough to drink Kangen water for years (and had reverse osmosis before that) however the machine was incredibly expensive. Not saying it isn’t worth the money but it would be way out of most peoples budget, particularly young families.

      • I would disagree on being out of budget for most families. If you look at many poor families, they have large tvs and their kids wear Jordan’s yet they live in absolute poverty otherwise. It’s not that they CANT afford to utilize better water/food for themnselves, its that they WONT, and spent money frivulously on stupid stuff.

        yours truly,
        a broke college student who can still afford a purifier. 🙂

        • Thanks Conner,

          I was informed recently by a water filter salesman that where I’m living it is illegle to filter fluoride out of the water.

        • I agree with you Conner. From my experience (having grown up in a middle-class family in a city with water fluoridation) the biggest problem is lack of knowledge on the issue. This information is not in the public eye and many people do not realize the importance of this issue enough to look into it.

  2. And another study comes out about drinking water fluoridation:

    “Sheldon says that if fluoridation were to be submitted anew for approval today, “nobody would even think about it” due to the shoddy evidence of effectiveness and obvious downside of fluorosis.”

  3. Thankyou for this very informative information.

    After doing a lot of research on how many toxic chemicals are in our water supply, i went to the effort of getting a decent water purifier for our tap water.

    My father works at the local swimming pool and they have a commercial water testing kit, so i decided to see if the water purifier worked as well as it was advertised. Although the kit never had the option to test fluoride, it was able to test other toxic metals and chemicals and i was surprised how much it removed from the water, basically pure 🙂

    One part of the test that stood out for me was the levels of chlorine in the tap water. We tested both the tap water and the water from the pool. To our surprise the tap water had higher levels of chlorine than the pool! My father was in disbelief so we double checked it to make sure (same results), he explained how much chlorine was used to get the pool to this reading. And to now have proof that most of us are drinking this daily was really shocking.

    • Thanks for sharing that – it is really frightening how many chemicals are in the water supply and, as you point out, we drink every day unless we do something about it. Although I am unsure to what degree the water supply alone plays a part, in my opinion, it’s no wonder that so many people these days are in ill health in one way or another, or have various allergies, etc. that didn’t seem to affect previous generations nearly as much, if at all.

      • Jordan, It is important to really check your facts before publishing them on the internet. The Nazi – fluoride story appears to be an urban myth. See:

        • Hello John,
          Yes it is important to fact check. I’ve noticed that just as there is a concerted effort to push the idea that adding fluoride to our drinking water is harmless and helpful, so too there appears to be an effort to discredit the information about Nazis having used fluoride to pacify people, entirely ignoring the facts supporting that this may have happened. Comments by “mrSnudge” and “Geraldine” below have also addressed this topic.

        • Hi John,

          You can find an article online refuting anything, and there’s a standard opposition of any views that are counter to the governments, so you’ll certainly find a lot dismissing anything that suggests wide spread state-lead programs, such as water fluoridation, are dubious.

          The methods of derision used to put down those who support an opposing idea – or even want to discuss it – such as suggesting they are less intelligent or simply labelling it a ‘conspiracy’ is really text book stuff. It prey’s on peoples fears and desires to want to fit it – punishing anyone who dares step out of line.

          Yet despite governments being able to very much tailor the information that arrives to the public, now more than ever, thanks to the Internet, a huge amount of information that challenges their authority is available. It’s up to everyone to do their own objective research, but it means cultivating an objective mind, which is the first challenge! Especially if we’re drinking flourinated water 😉

        • The real issue for me is, is fluoride potentially very harmful: Yes.
          Are many governments around the world putting it in water: Yes.

          In my opinion that’s what the main problem is. Secondary, though still important, would be to wonder who decided this and was/is it intentional. Personally speaking in the past I’ve had my worldview rocked a number of times with the reality of the harmful behind the scenes influences that exist. Things really do work not at all as tv and mainstream media would make it out (and how I used to believe it.)

          Tertiary for me are the specifics of whether or not regimes in the past have intentionally used it. Personally I don’t know and haven’t researched it, but to me this particular case of fluoride usage isn’t that outllandish compared to things that were done in the past and are general knowledge.

    • Wow! I would’t have guessed that; I suppose the awful chlorine smell at swimming pools is due to the volume of water, not the concentration of chlorine.

      Chlorine apparently really damages our microbiome, weakening the immune system. I believe though, by leaving water to sit for 24 hours, most if not all will evaporate. Something to do if you don’t have a filter!

  4. In April, 1999, moved to Sodium Aluminium Fluoridated (SAF) water supply by September 2001, major breakdown, left on 150mg amitriptyline 2mg diazepam for 10 years, MS/ME, had brain dead days, unable to think, could not read or write sleeping 23 out of 24 day, moved out of SAF, started reading and writing, after the ten years came off the medication, energy came back, thinking became right again, ended up with depression, anxiety and suicidal — back on depression tablets, the above came back in vengeance, September 2015, I had severe gum disease: Dentist advised to clean teeth more, I doubled the amount to 6/7 times a day, within three months still had severe gum disease, and the added bonus of being hospitalised and diagnosed with Bipolar.
    Came out of hospital, cut out ALL fluoridated products, Tea (Coffee?), stopped all tinned food, process food, white bread (I have since read a Dr’s report of a woman with schizophrenia 1 week off white bread, became sane), then brown bread, porridge, milk (the local Milk Marketing board closed a new processing plant, two weeks after the local authority voted against putting Sodium Aluminium Fluoride into the drinking water) breakfast cereals.
    I now only eat organic food: bread, vegetables, fruits, careful about where meat comes from, I no longer suffer from Bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, memory loss (dementia/Alzheimer’s), MS/ME symptoms, Coeliac disease, bowel function, headaches, fatigue.
    Completely cured, I have proved them all wrong on their diagnosis, yet they continue to think they’re right

    • Thanks for sharing Stephen. It’s quite a testimony to the damage that can be done through the poisons in our mainstream supplies of food and water and also how it can be turned around by taking personal responsibility for our health.

    • Shocking personal story on the effects of fluoride Stephen. Thanks for sharing it as personal accounts like these help to inform people about the devastating effects of fluoride. You learned it the hard way but let that be an incentive for anyone out there who still thinks water fluoridation is a good thing to look into the matter and get educated. Like Ella said we should take responsibility for our own health.

  5. Great article! From what I have read, there are different kinds of fluoride and the kind that’s being put in our water supply is toxic and it will NOT prevent tooth decay. The probable reason it is being put in water is to get rid of toxic waste and get paid by the government (i.e. us taxpayers) at the same time. Children probably receive the highest doses….

    About a year ago, my dentist told me that he could tell the difference between the teeth of his patients who use fluoridated toothpaste and those who don’t. I wasn’t using fluoridated toothpaste, but I switched to it. I can’t tell whether it’s made a difference in my teeth, but if it has, my guess is that toothpaste uses the kind of fluoride that is effective against tooth decay. As I understand it, one kind of fluoride is safe and beneficial, the other kind is not.

    I believe that one kind occurs naturally and the other is a by-product of fertilizer and/or aluminum manufacture. Does anyone have more information on this? I read somewhere that some states are importing fluoride from China now?!?!!? I am sure they don’t test it before adding it into our water supply.

  6. For my own peace of mind and out of a innate universal epidemiology I’m sure everyone possess to some extent can someone please tell me if it has been considered that fluoride could be either a intuition inhibitor agent of some kind or a intuition enhancement agent dependant upon a persons genealogy, predispositions, nature, nurture and environmental determinates. Also has anyone else mused as to where exactly human intuition, acquired over thousands of years & that remained supranational and atavistic in the face of historically brutal repression and modern and post-modern day social constructionism, processed and stored? From a young age I mused as to whether the subliminal intuition we all possess in variable reveries could be processesed or stored within the nerves of the our teeth. Or perhaps this intuition ebes and flows two and froe from our brain to teeth and vice versa. I’ve often wondered why our teeth possess such a capacity for pain and yet in recent years the brain ironically has been discovered to possess a zero capacity for pain. Aged eleven I received a plastic world globe in preparation for secondary school and, upon noticing that the country Italy is shaped similar to a foot, I posed my grandmother with the question: Is Italy shaped like a foot because human beings over the course of evolution encompassing the development of our intrinsic ability to walk upright on both limbs? To which she replied a blunt and resounding no much to my disappointment. The G10 countries and their elected governments whom actively encourage and employ the fluoridation of it’s citizens water supply do so under the protection of laws written to be advantages unto themselves. And whom also operate under the guile of an culturally accepted and moreover political agenda of plausible deniability. To conclude my queries I end by asking if anyone else has found the latter pedantic subject to which I was referring. To be either little discussed and a unspoken taboo subject throughout the vast majority of the working class and perhaps even in a minority of the middle class world population.

    • Hi Dean Anthony Newton,

      This is not an all-inclusive answer to your question, but just some thoughts.

      Regarding the origin of intuition. I was just listening to a series of interviews on Near-Death-Experiences the last few days and it was mentioned that basically consciousness exists beyond the physical body. Conscious experiences in another dimension do happen even when the body and the brain are completely dead and void of any activity. It’s also mentioned that this can be verified on a personal level by having out-of-body-experiences. Which can prove to a person that they exist beyond the body (astral projection is another term for this.) This shows however that our psyche is multi-dimensional. So our consciousness, emotions and thoughts exist beyond our body and our body is merely the physical vehicle that is used to manifest here physically.
      So I think intuition (which is quite a mysterious force) is one of those higher senses of our consciousness.
      Obviously our multi-dimensional psyche needs to be connected to our physical body in many ways, in ways that established science doesn’t yet understand? And it seems that the pineal gland is instrumental in this. So it might very well thwart the manifestation of our consciousness perceiving, as well as consciousness’ qualities such as intuition.

      Regarding the lack of discussion on subjects like this one and other subjects among the general public. That’s a big discussion in and of itself 🙂 But I think the media plays a big part, whatever is not in the mainstream media is not considered by its followers, it’s ridiculed or ignored. But it doesn’t mean it’s not a real issue or important. People also tend to lack the drive to look much further into things. But the media doesn’t operate as many would think, it’s very much controlled, influenced and propelled by hidden motives. There are quite a few good articles related to this one this website, under the heading ‘cultural conditioning.’
      So bringing up issues that are not in the mainstream media and that people consequently don’t know about sometimes just makes you seem like some sort of strange outsider.

      All the best in your search!

      P.s. I don’t know about your question regarding Italy’s shape in the form of a boot 🙂 But who knows what ancient mysterious forces influenced the shape of the land? I know in Australia they believe some mountains were created by the ‘footsteps of the gods’, I’ve heard similar things about sacred sites in Scotland as well. Also have you ever heard of Machu Picchu mountain resembling an Inca’s face?

    • Hi Dean,

      Interesting musings! Personally, I’ve also wondered about where in the body, if at all, spiritual faculties are ‘stored’, or connected to. But I’ve never given the teeth much attention! Only recently did I hear that each tooth is connected to an inner organ or part of the body, but I’m not sure how true that is.

      It seems that the chakras, ‘energy centres’ correspond to certain glands of the endocrine system and that these glands, especially the pineal gland, have been given spiritual significance. Some people even say that the strangely shaped hats in Egyptain art are the shape of the thymus, the gland closet to the heart.

      But regards intuition, I’ve hears it’s a quality of the heart, and it certainly feels that way. Personally I feel that our blood has something special to it; it’s the water of the heart as such, and flows into every most minute part of our body. If the heart is the seat of the consciousness, to me it makes sense that by an extension of that, the blood that nourishes our whole body and continuously passes through the heart, takes with it a part of the consciousness’s ability to perceive – and with that, just ‘to know’, in the way intuition works. If you ever test your intuition, on trying to find something or someone, you can feel your whole body responding to your question ‘where are they’, ‘this way or that’ etc.

      All the best being lead to the truth through your questions on the nature of reality!

  7. In case anyone is interested in the filters out there and questions which ones remove fluoride from the water, here are some of them that I came across in my search for filters.

    Zerowater (pitcher filter)
    Great filter which removes more than your normal pitcher filter out there. Pitcher filters don’t remove fluoride, at least the ones that I found. Zerowater does not brag they remove it from the water, however the DTS tester that comes with the pitcher will indicate that 0 particles are present after filtration. One person sent water samples from before and after filtration to a lab, which can you see here. According to the results, fluoride was removed significantly. Downside of this filter is that if your water contains a high amount of particles per million, like 300+, the filter needs to be replaced fairly soon. (as soon as 2 weeks, depending on how much you use it)

    Berkey (counter top filter)
    I could find one filter that claims to remove fluoride from the water with their dual filtration system, where the bottom filter removes the fluoride. Read more here That said this filter will take some space on your countertop and its initial cost is higher than pitcher filters. Reverse Osmosis systems
    Removes fluoride from the water as the filtration technique used forces the water through a membrane that does not allow fluoride or other finer parts to pass through. In most cases this requires some plumbing as this system connects to your water pipes. There is however a countertop model available from Nature’s Spring.

    • Someone who likes pure water

      Thanks, Roy. Just to add to the list, I use “Clearly Filtered” water pitchers for drinking and cooking water:

      The water pitcher filter lasts for about 6 months of regular use, at around $50/usd.

      Jordan, this is a great article! Thanks for covering such an important issue. I just came across another article yesterday encouraging parents to start using fluoridated toothpaste on the baby’s first tooth. The American Dental Association has started recommending this. The recommended age to start using fluoride toothpaste had always been age 3. Given the risks and side effects of fluoride, I do not understand the logic of exposing infants to it..

      • Someone likes pure water, I haven’t come across Clearly Filtered water pitchers yet, so thanks for the suggestion. These options should give anyone who is searching for ways to remove fluoride from their water guidance on how to do it and which products they can use.

  8. Drinking unfiltered tap water definitely needs serious attention but from my research I would also recommend to investigate an unfiltered bathroom which can be up to 20 times worst for you.
    I’ve read that we inhale and absorb more chemicals in a 10 minute shower then we consume in 1 week by drinking unfiltered tap water.

    If anyone is interested below is some information on the topic.

  9. The myth that fluoride is good for health is really prevalent alright. I grew up in Ireland, which is the only country in the EU where public water must be fluoridated by law, and it’s clear to see how much harm it causes.

    The political separation between the Republic and Northern Ireland actually creates a pretty clear experiment to prove this. In both places you have people of pretty much the exact same genetic background, with the same culture, social and eating habits. The only main environmental difference is that Northern Ireland doesn’t fluoridate its water. An Irish environmental scientist named Declan Waugh carried out a study on the effects of fluoride and noticed some pretty key health differences between both places.

    Compared to Northern Ireland, the Republic has:
    1) Twice the level of diabetes.

    2) 4 & 1/2 times the rate of early onset dementia (when comparing age groups who would have began drinking fluoridated water as children).

    3) In the period after Ireland started adding fluoride to the water supply (the mid-sixties), the rate of cardiovascular mortality went up by 80%.
    In fact, the only other country on the European continent with a higher rate of cardiovascular related deaths is Kyrgyzstan, which also fluoridates its water supply.

    Ireland also has the highest incidence of cancer and neurological illnesses in all of Europe. Now, while I think there can certainly be other factors that lead to a person developing serious medical problems, I think the link between fluoride and bad health issues is pretty clear cut.

    Here’s some links to Declan Waugh’s research if anyone’s interested:

    • Wow Nathan, thanks for that information. That’s a whole lot of evidence right there.

      At the moment I’m living in a place where the water isn’t flourinated or chlorinated, and it tastes so clear and pure. I think they use a UV filter or something similar, which may take out some of the minerals, but I think otherwise is a good option for providing clean water en mass.

      • A friend of my recently attended a workshop which covered some very interesting areas. Part of the course discussed a technology to purify our water.
        It’s inexpensive to filter the whole house and there are no future cost for filters since they’re not required.

        It all sounds very interesting and worth looking into. Here is the link if anyone is interested.

  10. Thanks for the article Jordan.

    Awhile back I started drinking spring water for health reasons on advice from a nutritionist. There are a few times I’ve got stuck without and have had to drink tap water, and it’s really obvious from the taste in comparison to spring water that it’s full of chemicals!

    I wonder if that’s the same with having a fluoridated vs non-fluoridated brain – if we’ve been consuming fluoride our whole lives we might think our current state of consciousness is normal, but we don’t have a good comparison as to what we might be missing out on if we had always been chemical free.

    Concerning that fluoride was first used in Ghettos and concentration camps, what does that say about current governments who endorse fluoride?

    • That’s an interesting last q, David!

      There definitely is quite a noticeable difference in the taste of water. Living off of well water a few years outside the city I remember coming back to the city and the water tasted like urine — and I’m not using that in an exaggerated way. In other places the chlorine taste is really palpable. I couldn’t believe that while living in that city I never tasted any of that and it was only after a bit of separation that I noticed the taste differences like that. To think some of us grow up thinking that’s what water tastes like… :S

  11. Someone who cares about public health

    I only read the first paragraph and it is an absolute and dirty lie. I went to check the study and here is what it says. NOTHING ON FLUORIDE. Why are you making stuff up?

    A new report finds the number of chemicals contributing to brain disorders in children has doubled since 2006

    In recent years, the prevalence of developmental disorders such as autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia have soared. While greater awareness and more sophisticated diagnoses are partly responsible for the rise, researchers say the changing environment in which youngsters grow up may also be playing a role.

    In 2006, scientists from the Harvard School of Public Health and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai identified five industrial chemicals responsible for causing harm to the brain — lead, methylmercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (found in electric transformers, motors and capacitors), arsenic (found in soil and water as well as in wood preservatives and pesticides) and toluene (used in processing gasoline as well as in paint thinner, fingernail polish and leather tanning). Exposure to these neurotoxins was associated with changes in neuron development in the fetus as well as among infants, and with lower school performance, delinquent behavior, neurological abnormalities and reduced IQ in school-age children.

    • Hi there,

      Were you referring to the article that’s linked to in the first paragraph? I just went to have a look and it says:

      Now the same researchers have reviewed the literature and found six additional industrial chemicals that can hamper normal brain development. These are manganese, fluoride, chlorpyrifos, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, tetrachloroethylene and polybrominated diphenyl ethers. Manganese, they say, is found in drinking water and can contribute to lower math scores and heightened hyperactivity, while exposure to high levels of fluoride from drinking water can contribute to a seven-point drop in IQ on average. The remaining chemicals, which are found in solvents and pesticides, have been linked to deficits in social development and increased aggressive behaviors.

    • Hello there,

      As David has pointed out and quoted, the next paragraph after the first three you quoted from the study I referred to explicitly mentions how the researchers from that original study in 2006 have now found fluoride as one of “six additional industrial chemicals that can hamper normal brain development” and “exposure to high levels of fluoride from drinking water can contribute to a seven-point drop in IQ on average.”

    • Your comment made me question the validity of the article linked here, and if the claim holds that elevated fluoride exposure is linked to a reduction of IQ. To my surprise there are 49 Studies confirming this and evidence is mounting. Fluoride & IQ: The 49 Studies The result of these studies are at the bottom of the article.

    • Hello Someone Who Cares About Public Health,

      I do suggest you continue to read the article, not just stopping at the first paragraph, and re-check that link, I can clearly see mention of fluoride as a developmental toxin too. It seems you already have your mind made up on the topic and are not open to learning anything new, or you have miss-read the study, omitting fluoride.

      There are reams of articles online that corroborate with these findings and plenty of experts within the area of neuroscience that speak as authorities on the topic.

      Here’s mention in The Lancet which builds on the 2006 findings:

      Quote: “A meta-analysis of 27 cross-sectional studies of children exposed to fluoride in drinking water, mainly from China, suggests an average IQ decrement of about seven points in children exposed to raised fluoride concentrations.”

      Even if someone just wants to stick within the realm of science and not go into the uncomfortable topic of social control, there’s plenty of evidence to show that ingesting the amounts of fluoride that’s being put in our water is a very bad idea.

    • I am a frontline healthcare worker who also cares about public health. Unfortunately I live in an area with fluoridated water but I don’t drink it (I use a water filtration system that removes most of it) for the same reasons listed in this article and in the comments that support it. I have signed several petitions asking to have fluoride removed in Canadian drinking water systems in municipalities that are mandated to have it. I find their reasons for it unjustifiable, especially when it’s been banned in over 30 municipalities across Canada including Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and recently Waterloo and Windsor. Ontario has the highest rate of water fluoridation compared to any other province in Canada and it also holds over 85% of the country’s population.

      I personally haven’t heard of any significant cases of tooth decay or a rise in tooth loss incidence rates within any of the populations with regular (unfluoridated) drinking water so why the discrepancy on public health dental concerns and views across Canada?

      Everyone should be free to choose and access clean, pure, unadulterated water as nature intended. However people must either purchase expensive filtration systems in order to eliminate it or resort to using bottled water at an additional cost to their wallets and the environment. These choices don’t completely remove all exposure to it either – the consumption of food grown and processed in areas that use fluoridated water must also be taken into consideration.

      Even bottled water has become a highly controversial topic with talks about government agencies making deals to allow corporations to purchase and bottle volumes of prestine spring water resources often found in smaller communities, even during times of drought. Corporations are also being permitted to pay significantly lower water usage rates than the household members that depend and thrive on it and in return charge exorbitant prices for their bottled water.

      There is also the matter of ethics where fluoride, classified as a drug by the US Food & Drug Administration, is added to water for the purpose of mass medication of a population (ie. in the prevention of dental caries/cavities) without disclosing any of its potential side effects and without first receiving consent from an individual prior to being medicated.

      It makes me wonder why certain government agencies have exercised such extreme control over the fluoridation of public drinking water in ways that deem it harmful to our overall well-being if there wasn’t some other ulterior motive behind it.

  12. In 80’s when I was still at primary and secondary school, we were getting every day 4 tablets of fluoride. Every morning and even some teachers were making sure that we ate our daily dose of fluoride tablets. Sometimes I ate even more tablets from my classmates because they were very tasty. We did not know anything about side effects of this fuloride poison, how sad. Everyone was telling me that fluoride is good for my teeth. Where did they get the information? I have no idea.
    So I say OK, then why my teeth are in so bad condition, even though I was exposed into fluoride tablet madness. Even that time when I was eating those tablets my teeth weren’t much healtier. It was same for my classmates, some of them had very good teeth, they still have them, others had same fate as I did. I am just wondewring after all those years, what else was inside of those little white tablets? Was it just fluoride?

    • Everyone was telling me that fluoride is good for my teeth. Where did they get the information?

      The article on How Fear is Used to Turn You Against Spirituality explains a bit of the origins of fluoride being widely used:

      It is a byproduct of aluminium production. Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud and the “Father” of propaganda helped to popularise it, just as he did smoking for women, and the overthrow of a democratic government.

    • Sadly, still today the majority of people world wide are mislead to believe that fluoride is good for your teeth and not harmful to the body. But it’s all lies and I don’t have a single doubt in what I say.

      Over the years I’ve done a lot of research on the deadly chemicals in our food and water supplies and Fluoride is without doubt a deadly toxic chemical which needs to stay out of our bodies.
      I haven’t use fluoride toothpaste for 30 years and my teeth are fine. I also would never drink unfiltered water.

      I strongly support articles like this since it’s a way to help so many innocent people and little children on our planet.

      Well done Jordan for speaking out.

  13. I just recently purchased a water filter. Not telling the brand, and it is suppose to take our fluoride and antibiotics, as well as toxic metals. I also remember going to neighboring cities and smelling the distinct odor of chlorine bleach in the tap water. Why is this happening? It is pollution and that gets into every cell in our body; children are no exception. Please reply to this with an answer. “This is reckless endangerment of a mass scale.” Mass murder on a slow scale.

  14. Hey,

    I just stumbled on some more research about how Fluoride is terrible for our over all health. I was looking at Iodine and how our levels of this essential chemical have reduced dramatically, especially since the 70’s. What happened then is that it stopped being added to bread (I think in the US) and instead Bromine was used. Bromine is also put in some sodas, used in flame-retardant chemicals, pesticides, and (unofficially!) part of what’s getting sprayed on us with chemtrails.
    Bromine competitively inhibits iodine absorption, and a decrease in iodine is linked to, among other things, breast cancer. Which has shot up since the 70’s. As well as thyroid problems, the thyroid being another important gland.

    Bromine and Fluoride have similarities, both being toxic halides, and competing with Iodine for cell receptors.

    So, by supplementing with Iodine you can push out the toxic Bromine from your body as well as protect yourself from Fluoride poisoning. I have no idea if Fluoride residue can be pushed out by iodine, but it seems possible.

    Here are a couple of links of the topic:

    On the latter site there is mention of a book, The Iodine Crisis, which explains how to use Iodine, (incase anyone considers it) you have to take Selenium and Magnesium with it otherwise you can make the deficiency worse!

    • Hello Ella,

      It’s great to see you’re looking at Iodine. I’ve been looking for a good natural source and will check out the one mentioned on Dr Sircu’s link which you’ve included.

      Thanks for sharing your information.

      All the best.

      • Hi John,

        I’m actually not experienced with the ‘nascent’ form he recommends, nor do I fully understand its properties, but I use a simple Lugol’s solution. It’s inexpensive and I’ve noticed benefits. My Irish friend said they’d been given iodine to keep as a safety measure in case there was a nuclear fallout – it protects the thyroid in such situations! A lot of people recommend ‘Iodoral’ as it comes in easy to monitor tablet doses and it’s said that you need a certain amount to push out the toxic halides. As for natural sources, I guess seaweed is your best, but whether there’s enough iodine in it to be therapeutic is questionable, many say not, especially when the sea can be so polluted. Good luck with your research!

        • Thanks for your response Ella, I thought that you may like to read the artical below on Lugol’s Solution.

          It seems that some companies are not selling the correct combination of Iodine and Potassium Iodide to produce the Lugol’s Solution.
          I was wondering whether you have a reliable company to purchase it from.

          • Thanks John, that’s interesting.To be honest with you, I am in a bit of a half-way stage with using Iodine. As in, I am taking it but without much scientific precision behind it. I chose Bob’s Best 15%, but the dropper is so inaccurate, I’m taking it without much accuracy and thinking to take the Iodoral after as it’s so precise.


            I think I experienced detox symptoms in the beginning, but now tolerate the amount I take no problem.

            Do you know a better source?

          • Hello Ella,

            I’m hoping to make time to do a proper research on the best source which may be available and I will certainly let you know if it’s a success.

            Thanks for your reply, best wishers.

        • Hi Ella,

          From my research so far, it would be best to find a good natural health practitioner to test whether one needs Iodine.
          It appears that most people are in need of Iodine but there seems to be exceptions and therefore it’s worth checking out the Thyroid issues in the link below.
          So far, Lugol’s Solution seems to be the best.

          • Thanks John,

            Yes ideally someone would work with an experienced and educated practitioner, especially if they have thyroid issues and definitely if that’s Hashimotos. But for me, who’s in pretty good health, and wants to understand the topic, I’m prepared to read the books on it by the current experts – Dr. Brownstein and Lynne Farrow – and supplement modestly by myself. There is a good FB support group dedicated to the topic too, who also insist people read the above researchers before supplementing and joining the conversations.

          • Thanks Ella, I will definitely look at Dr. Brownstein and Lynne Farrow.
            So far, I’ve come across a YouTube book review on a book that you may know called “The Iodine Crisis” written by Lynne Farrow. Great information.

            Also, you may like the YouTube interview with Dr David Brownstein

    • Thank you Ella! I take iodine, but I didn’t know about taking Magnesium and Selenium with it.

  15. Thanks Jordan – the truth about Fluoride really needs to be known.

    I met the lady who made this very well researched documentary. She urged me to spread it and do what I could to petition the governments to stop medicating the people.

    Its extremely informative – the lady who made it apparently spent 7 years working on the film, researching and fighting the cause. Its not made on a huge budget but the information is valuable.

    Whats especially alarming is that in most cases they are not even using pharmacutical grade fluoride but an uncleaned industrial waste product from fertiliser plants. See link for more info.

  16. Thanks Jordan! Awesome to see someone who took the time to put this together. I’ve lived on well water most of my life, but I know I’m still exposed. I’ll definitely be more vigilant and follow your link to learn how to avoid exposure down the line. What a sneaky trick!

  17. Where I grew up in Western Australia, the drinking water was fluoridated. In my fifties, I now have a mouth full of mercury so I guess the fluoride was of no benefit to me.
    Over the last twenty five years, I have been drinking rain water as I now live in a rural area without public water reticulation. I don’t even filter it. I never get sick and the last several dental visits show no signs of tooth decay.
    If I shower at a friends place in town, I need to run the water for several minutes to get rid of the smell of chlorine which is also added to the water. It’s awful.
    I rinse daily with a 3% solution of H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide, don’t swallow) before brushing my teeth using bi-carbonate of soda paste.
    Actually, the last dental visit discovered exposed nerves due to wear and tear of that tooth. When I asked the dentist why it didn’t hurt, he could offer no explanation and asked me, instead, what I used for my oral health. Of course I didn’t tell him because the fact he still uses amalgam fillings, he wouldn’t have been open to alternative ideas. Pity that.
    And stay away from isopropyl alcohol to. I think that’s the stuff in mouth washes. From what I’ve read, it’s not real good for you. H2O2 does an adequate job – for me at least.
    Thanks Jordan, great article I will send to a friend of mine at the water dep’t in control of dosing the water in the town near me with fluoride.

    • Have you considered using clove tincture for treatment of your mouth? It’s been used for millenia and as I have very poor dental health I have been using it to help with antiseptic concerns and also in cutting down on inflammation. I usually make up my warm-to-hot few ounces of water and a dropper-full of the clove extract and swish it liberally in my mouth, hold it in the mouth for another 30 seconds to a minute and feel free to swallow as it is not toxic. Certainly beats any antibiotic by a mile; I’ve been trying to build up my body’s flora and as such avoid antibiotics like the plague.

  18. New research? No! The chemists at IG Farben knew of the effects on the brain of fluoride 70 years ago.

  19. Has anyone looked up or Goggled “Fluoride Mining” ? Comes from “nature” …yea!

    • “Has anyone looked up or Goggled “Fluoride Mining” ? Comes from “nature” …yea!”

      So what you are saying is that everything from “nature” is good for you right? Apples have a tiny bit of arsenic and can be found in apple juice. Rice has arsenic, both brown and white. So many more to mention. You tell people to Google it and yet you do not do what you tell others they should do. You epitomize what is wrong in this internet environment. People who say stupid “ideas”, disinformation even, that have no repercussions other than to broadcast the THOUGHT of what dressing up monkeys can do to improve intellectual thought?

      Why do you even bother commenting on something you obviously DO NOT have one iota of a clue about what fluoride is or what it does?

      It is used in the smelting of bauxite ( aluminum ore ). It is derived mainly from phosphate mines like in Florida. It is a waste product of the phosphate. Look up phosphate and see what that is used for. You will be amazed at the true information on the net, if you just look and inform yourself.

      • You obviously don’t understand sarcasm. I mean, the guy clearly used quotes as if to suggest that the description of “natural” was ostensible. You, yourself, epitomize what’s wrong with internet culture – you’re flying off the handle and instigating an argument because you cannot be bothered to develop even a grade school level ability at reading comprehension.

  20. Americans are unfortunately the most brainwashed people on the planet. They are docile and accept absolute government control – if only for reason of national security. They have been taught to accept authority not question it. At the same time they are the most aggressive people on the planet – willing to go anywhere in the world and kill anybody for any reason given to them by the government which does nothing but lie to them. They know the government lies and cannot be trusted in areas of domestic politics – but somehow when it comes to foreign policy – it is transformed into a fount of wisdom. I find that very odd. Even the Russian people knew when they were being fed Soviet BS. The Fluoridation of our brains has something to do with this phenomenon of illogical thought. There is no doubt in my mind that Fluoride contributes to our passive/aggressive behavior.

  21. So a German chemist told an American that the Germans had a plan and that is all the proof that this is true?

    • That was just one point I wanted to bring up about the history of how fluoridation of the water supply apparently came to be, but all the rest of the issues and concerns do not stem just from that. It’s just one further thing that raises some serious doubts about the validity and safety of the practice.

    • I agree entirely. There is not the slightest shred of evidence, no chemical plants, no pipework, no documentation, no witnesses, nothing whatever to prove that this false allegation about the ‘Nazis’ using fluoride was ever true.

      One thing we can be certain of is that OUR governments, who fought against National Socialism, are using it on us. It would be far better for all writers on this subject in future to restrict themselves to being more objective, and better researched, to completely avoid the ‘Nazi shock horror’ factor, as it simply is not true and is just needless hate-mongering that supports a certain agenda.

        • Prove that the Germans ever used it. You cannot, as there is no evidence whatsoever. Your link does not work by the way; just copy the article title and I will search it out on the Jeff Rense site.

        • USAF Major George R. Jordan testified before Un-American Activity committees of Congress in the 1950′s that in his post as U.S. Soviet liaison officer, the Soviets openly admitted to…

          “Using the fluoride in the water supplies in their gulags (concentration camps), to make the prisoners stupid, docile, and subservient.”

          Ref : The Crime and Punishment of I. G. Farben by Joseph Borkin

          • However because this book is out of print, it is pretty much impossible to prove that quote from the book exists. Some people debunk it saying that they an electronic version of it but no link to actual file. It is quite difficult to say one way or another but there are many things still which have not made the news. The book does detail many private companies who actually were involved in mass murder and most people only hot about a 2 year sentence before going back into the corporate world and continuing their business. I agree that facts are important but there are also some facts that get erased out of complicity. Eugenics was extremely conducted and a lot of horror accomplished.
            Sadly many outcomes from that sad time were used by allies countries for their own purpose.

            What I think is important though is not to distract from the topic and forget what are the effects of fluoride. No matter who first used it on the masses, it is a poison which affects people physically and spiritually.

            Thanks Jordan for a great article.

  22. To my knowledge there were no peer reviewed, published studies done to prove that sodium fluoride was effective at preventing tooth decay PRIOR to 1939.

    Consider that. In order for mass medication to be considered safe and effective numerous studies would have to have been done in the early to mid 1930’s. Testing, retesting and the like would have taken years. In the meantime tooth brushes could have been handed out for free to solve the problem – cavities are still an issue by the way.

    Since no verifiable studies were done at that time, it can be said the reason for the mass medication is most assuredly not tooth decay.

    The next time someone says to you, “oh, it keeps people from getting cavities.” Avoid the entire nazi, toxic waste issue. Simply say, “please show me a study done prior to 1939 that shows fluoride in the water is safe and effective.”

    Consider this: Soup, soda, beer, pasta, juice, bottled water, showers, baths and anything else made with water has fluoride in it. There is precious few things you consume that does not have it in it.

    In fact, Prozac is fluoride. The main way Prozac works is to cut off the connection between you and your higher self, thereby rendering your connection less problematic.

    • Good considerations in there – and it’s really scary how it’s not just in the public drinking water supply, but also of course found in most products you can find at the store such as the examples you mentioned.

    • I have no information on fluoride’s effects when ingested; however, I am absolutely certain that it reduces tooth decay. I am fortunate to have good genes and had only two cavities the second time I ever visited the dentist, which was at age 44. I then heard about the fluoride dangers and stopped brushing with fluoridated toothpaste for two years. Next dental checkup, age 47: six cavities. Ouch. Went back to brushing with fluoridated toothpaste– third checkup, age 49: zero cavities. Fourth: age 53: zero cavities, last month, age 63: zero cavities. The results are pretty much in: fluoride greatly reduces tooth decay. If you think it’s bad for you, spit it out, but keep brushing with fluoride.

      • Thanks for bringing that up. There are many, many sources I’ve come across and people’s experiences that show otherwise regarding fluoride’s effect on tooth decay, as some of the people making comments have expressed; however, the main point here is that when this toxic waste is dumped into the water supply – and therefore most store-bought food products as well – you do not have the option to spit it out.

      • My dentist would agree with you. He told me that he notices a difference between people who use fluoridated toothpaste and those who don’t. After his remarks, I started using fluoridated toothpaste, but that’s not the same as drinking fluoridated water. They are probably using different kinds of fluoride.

  23. How Lincoln, UK, got fluoride

    In the 1980s, fluoridation of Lincoln’s drinking water supply had been discontinued due to the highly corrosive acid having worn out the dispersal equipment. No one was interested, at that time, in the waste disposal problems of little Fisons of Immingham, a firm with insufficient clout to persuade the local disease bureaucrats to repair the damage.
    Then, Fisons were taken over by the European giant, Norsk Hydro. Within six weeks, the North Lincs. Health Authority (NLHA) met and decided that Lincoln’s children’s teeth were in immediate need of the very same waste chemical which
    Norsk were producing in vast amounts. £300,000 (£900,000 at today’s value) of public money was spent on the equipment and, in June1983, the Anglian Water Authority, against the wishes of its paying customers, began to dump the waste in the public supply. Not only was Norsk’s problem solved, the taxpayer was – and is – paying for the acid.
    Together with a few local fellow-opponents, I set about searching the reality of this nice little piece of banana-republic corruption and helped to create a groundswell of criticism and demands for a local consultation and vote.
    To counter this, the NLHA and the P.R. department of the Sheffield-based District Health Authority decided to have their own version and keep it in the family.
    I found out, by accident, that they had placed fluoride adverts, in the form of a ‘consultation card’ in doctors’ and dentists’ waiting rooms, hospital public areas etc. The cards were quite entertaining, in their own way.
    ” FLUORIDATION – is safe, effective, a “best buy”, benefits all social groups: it means fewer children’s lives at risk through general anaesthetic, better general health for all, more chance for dentists to concentrate on education and prevention – all that was happening was the “topping up” of the naturally-occurring fluoride, falls in tooth decay of 50% are common…” and so on.

    After I had the scam exposed on the front page of the local Chronicle, the cards and the 100%-in-favour “vote”
    were quietly forgotten. Needless to say, it made no difference to the waste dumping. I then produced a leaflet, complete with skull and crossbones, telling the punters what the AWA were up to. This produced a letter from the AWA Secretary, one Frederick Wild who was not wild about my opinions : “totally incorrect…defamatory .. legal action…” etc.

    After telling the Lincolnshire Echo, I started giving out the offending sheets. This produced some comments about my mental health from the AWA but no court action. However, the AWA accounts department did go to court to obtain the considerable backlog of cash that they considered their dues. In fairness, until they really upset me, I did pay the sewage rate, having explained to them that this was all their water was good for. A stream of threatening letters ensued plus a visit from the AWA goons, who found they could not turn off our water supply without , also, depriving the neighbours. Having failed, they decided on litigation. One campaigner took a large quantity of empty water bottles into court with him to show where the money had gone; another campaigner and I counter-claimed that the dumping was in contravention of the Water Act.

    All was to no avail. The AWA Solicitor and the Magistrate had a chuckle about our efforts as they co-wrote the verdict.

    We – myself, wife Elissa, two children, three cats and a rabbit – relocated to Devon and the banks of the River Dart for the Winter.

    They never did get any of their money. I still have “ final demands ” – unopened..

    Patrick Rattigan N.D.

    • Hi Patrick,
      First of all, I want to really thank you for not shying away from the problem, for doing your part in defending your rights and by doing so, you also defend the rights of others.
      And it takes great courage, great determination and diligence to do this.

      Even if you could not stop the dumping of this poison in the water of your community, you at least were able to show the corruption, lies and manipulation that took place. And it is no small feat!!!

    • Thanks for bringing up your story Patrick. Based on other similar stories I’ve come across, it’s unfortunately not surprising to see such outcomes given the apparent opportunity for profit and convenient way to get rid of toxic waste on their hands. If enough people spoke up though as you have, I think we could make more of a difference.

  24. Insightful article Jordan and the facts you bring forth are revealing. It’s shocking to see that the Nazi’s used fluoride in their camps to numb down it’s prisoners, while now it’s present in large parts of America and other countries’ drinking water. It doesn’t make sense.
    I myself am living in Europe and am not that familiar with the topic. I’ve heard about fluoride here and there but never really caught my attention enough to read more about it. Reading this article clarifies a lot and what really stands out to me is that the calcification of the pineal gland can actually stop someone’s spiritual development. It adds importance to the topic and the need to avoid this chemical as much as possible.

  25. I also use a very good filter which can remove fluoride and other harmful chemicals. Also, studies have shown that it’s much more important to filter our shower/bath water, that is, since we adsorb and inhale a lot more chemicals in our bathrooms.

    I’ve recently heard that vendors of natural spring water are being forced to add fluoride to their water. Labeling this information on the bottles is not required. In saying that, plastic bottles are another big issue.

    Thanks Jordan, excellent article. I’m so pleased that this information is now available for all who wish to know.

  26. Thanks for this article Jordan. A couple of years ago I switched from drinking tap (fluoridated here) water to using a water distiller. The impetus for this was, I all of a sudden started getting mild asthma after working out, after doing the same workouts I had been doing for years I all of a sudden started struggling to breathe and wheezing afterwards.

    I looked into what might be causing it, and I’m not sure how but I found something about fluoride being a cause in things like asthma, infertility and brain related diseases. I was also horrified to see the origins of fluoridating water in the public (as you mentioned in the article).

    I immediately looked for ways around drinking tap water, and settled upon using a water distiller. To give a brief summary of how it works for those that don’t know, it basically boils the water, and traps the steam, cools it, and the re-liquefied steam drips out the other end. The theory being that the dangerous chemicals (i.e. fluoride) have a higher boiling point than water, and are left behind, while the steam that is caught is (hopefully) something close to H20.

    And sure enough, the residue left in the machine is pretty toxic, it leaves behind this dark brown slimy sandy substance, it burns your eyes as you put the machine to your face, and smells like you would expect a poison to. It’s very scary to think for years I was happily drinking down these toxins. It’s also baffling that knowing/seeing this, that anyone would choose to put these poisons in their body. But alas most people are so benumbed by the evil put upon them, they don’t seem to care, and have the attitude “well you’ve got to die of something”.

    A friend of mine’s father works at a plant that mixes up the concoctions they call tap water. And the chemicals are so strong, the blades they use to mix them into the water are coated with a few inches of rubber to protect the blades, this rubber dissolves in a few months and the entire blades have to be changed. The chemicals also seep out of the drums as they are being carted about the place, and this small amount that seeps out is enough to rot away the concrete floors at an alarming rate, and have to be re-concreted every so often. If it is doing that to solid rubber and concrete, I wonder what it is doing to our insides?

    • Yeah that was one of the scariest things when looking into this – just how toxic and serious a chemical it is. I saw a documentary on this issue that had a scene whereby a delivery of the sodium fluoride that’s dumped into the water supply went astray in the parking lot of the plant, and even the concrete (the lot) was no match for it – it opened a serious hole into it. So like you say, what would it do to our insides? Even though it’s in small amounts that it’s ingested through the water, it’s said to add up and accumulate over time…

  27. I notice how the author of the second link you posted referred to anti-fluoride ideas as “tinfoil hat theories”. A very neat, casual way to dismiss people as crazies against common sense. Tisk tisk, all you conspiracy types with your organic foods and not wanting to consume toxins and chemicals…

    Apart from the excellent points brought up by you Jordan, the fact is we don’t need fluoride, it isn’t meant to be ingested, and the main factor in dental health is diet. Why don’t we cut back the mass production and consumption of sugary junk foods before forcing everyone to consume fluoride.

    I have been using a reverse osmosis filter to get rid of fluoride from tap water for over a year now. Whenever I have to drink tap water I actually start to feel rundown and sick after a few days, and the taste is horrible. Give me fresh spring water any day over a medicated chemical drink.

    • Yes, all things considered and looking at it simply, it just doesn’t make sense to add a chemical to the entire water supply, to “medicate” the water in this way, just because it’s supposedly good for one’s teeth.

      Regarding the tinfoil hat comment, that’s a common tactic I’ve seen used to intimidate and immediately silence anyone’s argument to the contrary without actually investigating the merit of what they’re actually saying, or looking at the research, etc. Then, anyone reading that person’s article may then feel uncomfortable even looking into the issue, since they might feel embarassed, shamed, or concerned about being considered a “crazy” by people. But in my opinion, there’s absolutely nothing to be embarassed about by looking into whether a seriously toxic chemical is bad to be ingested, regardless of how little an amount – it would seem crazy to me not to look into it!

  28. This is the first article I read so far on this site and it really snapped me out of a state of complacency that I didn’t even realize I was in. I try to avoid fluoride as I believe it is terrible for physical health, but I haven’t researched it much and I didn’t realize the implications on spiritual health. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. Thanks for giving us this information in such a concise article.