Dr. Steven Greer: Will President Trump Speak about UFOs? [VIDEO]

Secrecy, suppression and disinformation have long been a part of America’s past when it comes to the existence of Extraterrestrials and UFOs. Will Trump’s new government end the secrecy with an open and honest disclosure? In this video, Dr. Steven Greer answers this question and encourages people around the world to come forward and speak openly about what they know.

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  1. we have to get together on this we can not leave it up to Gov.

  2. Of all the people coming out how many are real or really important. If anyone knows the truth about what is really happening I know the people of earth will not be ready. Not all the fairy tails that you talk about are just parts of a story Good people – the few that are important do not get any real play on TV or even you tube.
    The most important UFO court case is going to happen Jan. 18 in NY on the story of John Ford who was in jail for 20 years. Funny you never talk about him. He shot the best UFO video ever filmed and is being held in a nut house for 20 years. They sad he was to crazy to go to trial. Being framed for trying to kill people in politics with Uranium,

    • Hey Tommy,

      Thanks for the heads up. I have written on the conscious reporter before about ETs/UFOs and hadn’t come across him in my research. I’ll look into that. Thanks again!

    • Thanks Tommy for your information. I’ve had a search on John Ford and there’s quite a lot of alarming information on this poor guy, quite a sad story. I couldn’t imagine the trauma of loosing 20 years of your life, in my opinion that’s criminal and people need to answer to such crime.
      It’s terrible how tyrants in our world continue to commit and are getting away horrific crimes against the innocent. Hopefully Justice will finally reveal the true story about John Ford on Jan 18.

      I couldn’t find any footage of John Ford’s UFO video which didn’t surprise me.

    • Thanks for mentioning the John Ford case Tommy.

    • Hi Tommy, I’ve never heard of the case either so thanks for sharing this. It’s hard to fathom how it is possible to have John put away for such a long time. It really highlights how aggressive those are who don’t want the truth to come out regarding the UFO subject.

  3. Something that bothers me about American politicians talking about extra-terrestrials is that they may be trying to convince the public they’re real so they can then convince them that they are a threat and/or attacking us before taking the rest of our freedom. Our enemies plan a long way in advance.

    What Dr Greer is doing is very important, disclosure may have to start from a grass roots level.

    • Yes I noticed this tendency in the American politicians too, Martin. Here are some examples of it in this great interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5X32-voLgg

      • Thanks Lucia,

        It appears that Dr Greer has the same concerns:


      • Hi Martin, that video really highlights how sensitive the UFO subject is and how wicked the people are who currently sit on that technology. You could see Dr. Greer being very careful about what he said and sometimes being worried about what the consequences could be. I hope we still have enough time to warn as many people as possible before the false flag card is played.

        One point that stood out to me was how those involved in these black projects can piggy back on a legit efforts from the ETs side to make contact and hijack the event so it looks like an attack instead of an attempt to make peaceful contact.

        After watching this video ET disclosure appears to be much more complex than I first expected, and it can be used in so many ways to turn it to the advantage of those who want to start an interstellar war.

  4. I have been completely out of the loop of the whole political thing for a very long time. Some may say that’s pessimistic or whatever and we need to use the systems in place etc. But I simply think it’s sunken too deep for anything good to be able to come out of that quagmire. I feel my attention is better spent on other things. I think efforts like the one’s Steven Greer, and each person doing their own part, are making is what really matters! That actual good and change can start to happen in that way. And if a big enough group of people support it this can potentially force politics to follow.

    I also agree with Ella and have been thinking for a while about that fear or whatever is blocking me from being more open about these things. It’s good to be intelligent and intuitive about it of course, but also very important not to be afraid.

  5. I really like how Dr. Greer is encouraging the regular citizen’s activity. As the past has shown, we can not expect too much truth and disclosure from those in power for all the reasons he has mentioned in the video. What I am afraid is that when it will become inevitable to disclose something due to most people on the planet already knowing about it anyway, they will come up with something twisted like hoax alien attack or something similar.
    So from this point of view I feel it is really important to spread the open, truthful and unbiassed info on extraterrestrials (like Dr. Greer is doing) and understand them as our brothers from cosmos rather than some sort of threat. I think we have enough threat and evil among ourselves here on this planet, we don’t need to create some additional virtual enemy.

  6. They are many questions to be answered since Trump was elected and a different type of agenda (not sure) instead of this one of Hilary’s to be revealed. But I think that the ET disclosure is under a global agenda under which every leader need to agree and follow no matter where is coming from.
    I hope/wish the actual disclosure to come from those who have contact with them together with the ET themselves. Then, would not be needed any confirmation from any official. Just to choose between the options to put themselves against or not with them.
    Thanks for posting it !!

  7. An unfortunate outlook from Dr. Greer, but it is better than having a false hope. I think if a hearing such as this does take place it’s double important to be on guard so that it does not get used as a tool to further the agenda of misinformation.

  8. Good points made. It seems like Trump will have a hard time 1) even getting into office 2) making any of the changes he wants to 3) staying alive. Among all that, I doubt he’ll be able to tackle the UFO cover up. We can’t wait for the authorities to do the right thing and have our best interests, and that of a ‘cosmic community’ at heart.
    Greer’s ability to honestly talk about his work with disclosure is inspiring. It takes a lot of courage to speak openly about topics that are at odds with the status quo, and personally I find that the things that stop me from using social media and my own life as this ‘networking tool’ it’s something worth reflecting on.
    Thanks for sharing the talk!

    • Ha ha Ella, I like how you summarized Trump’s challenges. 😀 I certainly hope he will be able to bring at least some of his promisses to life, improved relationships with Russia (and therefore decreasing the threat of war) being one of them.

      Regarding the UFOs, hopefully there will be more and more people speaking up. Unfortunately, I also see a lot of fear-mongering posts being made about UFOs and hope most people won’t be fooled into this kind of agenda.

      • What people don’t know for top secret clearance they can tell anything they know or especially if they have proof and nothing will be done because your attorney will subpoena them and then they’ll either have to lie perjury or give away sensitive information they don’t want to do either one of those I wish so bad I had the information on UFOs everyone would then

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