Dr. Steven Greer: Fake Alien Invasion – the Biggest Hoax in Human History [Video]

According to Dr. Steven Greer, covert organizations have been preparing for over 60 years to stage a fake alien invasion against humanity. Greer states that these organizations have been “beta testing” the public with man-made UFOs and staging fake “alien” abductions to lay the groundwork for a hoax alien attack.

Dr. Greer explains that these unacknowledged agencies that are outside of official government oversight have developed flying crafts that look almost identical to actual extraterrestrial crafts, making it nearly impossible for the average person to tell which is which. He says they’ve purposefully flown these man-made UFOs in places where they would be seen, to gauge the reaction of the public.

These underground organizations have also reportedly used drugs and electromagnetic weapons that alter consciousness on innocent people to simulate alien abductions—an effort designed to increase the stigma against extraterrestrials.

Dr. Greer’s latest documentary, “Unacknowledged” unravels the evidence for this hoax alien invasion and describes the shadowy forces behind it.

The two videos below are clips from a presentation Dr. Greer gave before the release of his documentary in which he gives an overview of this planned cosmic false flag.


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  1. Over the last week I’ve seen two separate media stories that felt like giant leaps in this false-flag event/s. On my social media pages people have been sharing both ex-government officials ‘coming out’ on mainstream news channels, (a quantum leap in the ‘preparing’ of the masses it seems) and cell-phone videos of what looks like ET activity in the skies over Los Angeles.
    Both these stories have made me re-examine my own relationship to ET’s, and the meaning of the false-flag attacks. Probably because of how much of a difficult thing it is to face, I’ve been putting it aside as ‘something to deal with later’. Well, it seems like there might not be as much time as I’d thought. I’m now motivated to get my own contact with ET’s, as well as to spread this article, and Steven Greer’s work in general, to help as many people as possible wake up to the truth.
    Here’s the CNN news story.

    • Hello Ella I concur with your thoughts on the whole E.T. experience that may be coming our way. But now with the obvious false flags like even the Hawaii Nuclear Missile Threat Scare was a False Flag Beta Test. I would like to make contact with the ET civilization and I mean they must be civilized compared to our shoot first and ask no questions later.The whole thing stinks and mankind is was and will be in peril until we disclose and get to the life saving medical technology and the clean energy devices as well.

  2. Dr. Greer makes a lot of sense in explaining how the fake alien invasion can take place.

    The trouble is the gullibility and passivity of the masses in agreeing with anything from the mainstream.

    • So true Olga. Hopefully with the work of people like Dr Greer there will be at least some subset of the population who will be aware enough to see the manipulation for what it is. The trouble is than if they speak out the general masses will turn against them under some twisted fanatical feeling of righteousness.

      Reminded of the war against Iraq for instance which was against international law and faced mass worldwide protest. The Dixie Chicks publicly condemned it and are still shunned by the majority of the American public to this day.

      The general level of apathy and lack of objectivity are a scary mix when you can motivate peoples desire for warfare under false pretexts.

  3. I watched the Unacknowledged documentary recently and it was a good overview of the information he presented in The Cosmic False Flag 3 hour talk he gave last year which is on youtube and linked to in the post. The documentary is a good intro to all of this for anyone not already familiar with the topic (as was his first documentary from a few years ago) and for those already familiar there is more detail in the youtube presentation.

    • Hey David, which would you recommend: the three hour talk or Unacknowledged?

      • Both are good but I guess I recommend the three hour talk because there is more information in there whereas the documentary is much lighter and a bit watered down which perhaps is good for first timers to this subject. I would also recommend breaking up the viewing of the 3 hour talk as well, say 1 hour a day for 3 days.

        • I also found the 3 hour doco very interesting. I watched unacknowledged and it was really well done, but had a similar feeling as David, since I have already researched this topic in the past.

          The presentation went a lot more into the specific kinds of deception that is out there. It was pretty unsettling to hear just how far some people have gone to create this false flag, and overall misconception about extraterrestrials in general.

          Also, I skipped the Q and A at the end (will probably go back at some point to watch that later) so it made it only 2 hours. 😉

    • Thanks for the review David, that’s good to know.

  4. Great to be aware of however it is truly sad that beautiful angelic intergalactic species that have traveled so far to come here for peaceful and humanitarian purposes just to be murdered and have their ships stolen. The dichotomy between the light and the dark and where we stand amongst it is truly eye opening.

  5. Thanks for sharing. The ‘unacknowledged’ documentary is an interesting one, I agree with John Dr Greer is doing some good work.

    Thanks again for sharing this

  6. Been looking forward to this documentary; thanks for the post.

  7. Very informative video, thank you for sharing. It is indeed surprising to know what an advanced technology we were able to steal/copy from the extraterrestrials and how the fake ET vehicles look so similar to the real ones.
    I think it is important in this situation to rely on our intuition in these matters, and also to try to get direct experience in some way. For example to contact extraterrestrials either in the physical world through some of the methods S. Greer uses, or through the techniques of astral travel.

  8. Dr Greer is doing a lot of good work to keep the public informed on ET’s.

    Thanks guys it’s very good to be updated.

  9. Thanks for posting these updates.
    I’m looking forward seeing what’s next and be open as much as prepared as well.

  10. The fake shall always fail. I would like to believe that the good aliens the lovers of humanity will start flooding our skys from now on. Let’s see how it pans out. ehh……..

  11. Gosh these video clips are only a glimpse on how out of control these unacknowledged/covert/black opt projects have become – even the President is being deliberately left in the dark – which brings me to this question: who is accountable for them? Dr. Greer says he hasn’t even scratched the surface yet and already what I’m hearing is disturbing enough, especially his discussion on the shady tactics that are already in use like having man-made aircrafts piggyback on real UFOs to create events designed to only confuse the public and manipulate their views on ETs. It makes me shudder at how deep humanity has been deceived by all this knowing that none of these false flags are true. I remember years ago I started to have lucid dreams about these high-tech black boomerang-shaped man-made aircrafts. I knew there was something sinister about them, especially when I saw them often chasing away UFOs who were trying to make contact. I certainly hope people will be prepared to scrutinize, question and be skeptical of any manufactured “Independence Day” type scenarios that, according to Dr. Greer, are expected to surface in the near future.

  12. I’ve been hearing Dr. Greer talk about this for a while now, but these videos layout a lot more detail and information about how this can actually occur, the technologies the black ops have in their arsenal. And it also explains a lot of the negative encounters people have had with ET’s and/or abduction cases. The strange mix of what is man-made vs what is ET in the systems and sightings does really outline how skeptical we need to be to find out what’s real. A little like how you need to make sense of the news and/or fake news. Everything needs to be assessed with sharpness & scrutiny.

    I still haven’t seen UnAcknowledged yet, but this has got me interested in taking in that film. You can stream it here – https://vimeo.com/ondemand/unacknowledged

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