Suppressed History

The Suppressed History of New Zealand [Video]

In this compelling documentary, an alternative perspective to the accepted history of New Zealand is brought to light. Evidence is provided of ancient Pre-Māori civilizations that appear to have influences from cultures as wide-ranging as India, Egypt, Peru, China, and even the ancient Celts. This evidence however is being largely ignored and suppressed by the mainstream. But for what purpose?

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Forbidden Archaeology: A Hidden History of the Human Race? [Video]

Researchers Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson have uncovered an incredible amount of archaeological evidence which indicates that humanity’s history has been completely misunderstood, even calling into question Darwin’s theory of evolution. In this series of compelling interviews, Michael Cremo discusses this evidence and the subsequent suppression of it over the last 150 years. *Feature Image taken from Michael Cremo’s Book, ...

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Forbidden Archaeology: New Evidence of Early Man Suppressed [VIDEO]

In the early sixties, archaeologists in Central Mexico discovered artwork, animal bones and spear points that they determined to be over 250,000 years old, shattering the theory that man appeared in the Americas just 13,000 years ago. This documentary explores how this incredible discovery gained ground in the media, but was soon mysteriously suppressed; artifacts were lost and careers sabotaged. 

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