Music Industry Exposed Part 1 – Misuse and Abuse of Esoteric Symbols

It’s hard to miss the increasing use of esoteric symbolism by popular artists in the music industry. Upside down crosses, pentagrams, all-seeing eye symbols… what does it all mean? What is the source of this symbolism and why is it so prevalent? This article explores the affect these symbols have on our lives and the global understanding of spirituality.


‘Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.’ Confucius

What would you do if you saw this symbol?

What would you do if you saw this symbol?

Symbols are a universal language, and such a part of our lives that once we are exposed to them we process them on a subconscious level, our actions guided by them without us having to think about it. We automatically stop at red lights and know which button turns on the TV because of the common symbols used to represent them. But the power of symbols goes far beyond their day-to-day to use.

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About David Arkyn

David has a deep interest in spiritual development, but has discovered there are many forces in the world working to keep people asleep. His recent interest has been researching the psychological tactics and techniques used to limit people's spiritual potential, writing about his discoveries here at The Conscious Reporter.


  1. Anonymous musician

    Pop artists using the symbols in order to create some sort of pressurizing effect… silly. It was done before. Having big time immunity to it.
    It’s not like I have millions of listeners – the most successful YouTube video with my music barely cracked half million views – but I experimented with this once too, being a chaos magician… it was interesting to sigilize and see the effect. My track containing the sigil ended up in some trolling video with hundreds of comments in 4chan-style trashing me and my sounds, hehe. Because of binaural rhythm I used in the track. That was unexpected, but I got result. Sigils, sigils, sigils… I don’t think it was the idea of those “pop stars” to use this stuff. You know – Ronan Harris of VNV Nation. My favorite band. They’re not that known, but they utilize a torch symbol in their logo and the music is pretty much esoteric, but very comforting and uplifting. VNV should be much more known instead… but yeah. Just a torch in the dark forest, here I have to agree.

  2. So what should we do now?

    • Hi Camilla,

      Good question.

      Sometimes when reading and seeing all these things and yet at the same time seeing that it still goes on everyday, but that the general public doesn’t seem to know or even care about it, all that can be a bit discouraging. But that low feeling of things seeming insurmountable just stifles and doesn’t actually help. So first off I found it useful to be strong and stand firm in the face of these things.

      About what can actually be done. I think educating people and sharing this information is amazingly powerful! When you know about the workings of these things they lose their grip on you and you know how to counter or avoid them. The same goes for any other person that is open to this information. If a substantial amount of people know you will see it takes away the effectiveness of such dark influences.

      A small example is how at first the ‘all-seeing-eye’ gesture perhaps seemed just a coincidence etc. but because people kept demonstrating the deliberate repetitiveness of it it became obvious to many that it’s a real thing. Light has been shed on it and it’s very obvious to many. Then afterwards you see a set of Star Wars posters appear where every character features a one eye sign…..
      Basically when the information and explanation and evidence is so blatantly obvious, then many people can more easily accept its truth and the forces trying to put this onto people lose their power to a degree.

      Also supporting efforts made to uncover these things is good so that more people can know about it, as well as to keep investigating yourself.

      Of course if you have young children then it’s best to prevent all this dark stuff from reaching them. But because this stuff is everywhere and unavoidable in the media, once they become teens it’s good to inform them, arming them with knowledge when entering that difficult teen period where they are most likely to engage in all this pop music stuff.

      Actually the main thing to do in my opinion is to pursue goodness in yourself, investigate the spiritual side of life, the white esoteric spirituality to help the forces of good and light in the world. This enables you to know what is best to do. But that’s another topic and this comment is already quite long 🙂

      Wishing you all the best Camilla!

    • That’s a big question in did…
      I couldn’t agree more with what Belsebuub says at this article

      that first we need to understand the causes of these issues in order to tackle them if we want to go further. Those 6 points that he is mentioning I think include so much work if someone wants to do something. And his web-site is full of guidance on that way.

      Good luck!!

    • I have a better answer. Stop looking at it. Shut off your TV, no radio or CDs in your car, put down the dumb phone and clear your head. Stop consuming trash and you will know what real food is eventually.

  3. l love to be a member

  4. Not all of the research was correct. Dont read one article and assume its correct. Although I agree with what you’re saying, get your facts straight before publishing. After reading about Jay Z and Kanye i decided to look further into these matters and in doing so I realized some of the content published was incorrect.

    • If possible could you share what info is incorrect? I’m sure everyone reading and the author would be interested to see.

    • Hi Josh,

      The research for this article was thorough. Could you please elaborate as to which information you feel was incorrect?


      • I’d personally love to see you explore the light side you were talking briefly about. It’s out there too. Empire of the Sun-walking on a dream depicts the hidden eye imagery, only he covers his left eye. But listen to the lyrics. NOT sure all celebrities abide by this/know but the left eye exposed is honoring horus in a way, but is REALLY covering up the truth (or what right eye signifies/Sun God). If symbols are used and there is negative present it will be obvious (cursing, provocative, negative influence, etc.) If the POSITIVE is present there will be an absence of these things! In videos they actually try to portray the truth. Even if symbols (covering eye, pyramid) are present if you notice a lack of negative, or the obvious portrayal of a power struggle between the two, these are directly from the light or positive trying to wake you up!!! A few more videos to get you started…avicii-wake me up. Lilly wood prayer in c, ellie holding-burn, Vance joy riptide, awolnation-sail, (also check out unofficial video for some), naughty boy-lalala, Sia elastic heart, of monsters and men-little talks, imagine dragons have a ton (believer and thunder videos are most obvious) as do Portugal the man. Spread the word!

    • It isn’t wrong, Ill probably be using this as a source for a documentary that I am making.

    • I think it this article is spot on. I’d guess some of these “artists ” are doing this to sell records. Unfortunately you cannot participate in these dark things without them negatively affecting you. A super bowl ad costs 1 million per minute because in 1 minute they can affect you’re buying is this crap affecting the mindless mtv viewer. It’s brilliant to make fun of sacred things while co-opting them. Ironically a Sign of the times…

    • Hi Josh, thanks for the FUD, tell your buddies in Hollywood Utah Maryland and Virginia I said hello.

  5. Very thorough, clear and well-researched article David!

    It is shocking how that rapper had his fans worshipping him like a deity, sounds like they had lost their common sense completely. Also it shocks me the mockery of artists portraying themselves as Jesus, the sheer craziness and arrogance to call themselves gods. It is also a bit hard to look at these images, maybe because of the depth of their evil influence on the subconscious level that I feel the need to stop reaching me.

    As I’ve been researching these things at times, watching documentaries or seeing a lot of dark symbols etc. I have to say it makes me feel physically ill after a time of seeing it. It feels like it poisons me inside somehow (then I have to do a mantra quickly or put on some uplifting music etc. 😀 ) Not to even mention hearing that music on the radio for example, it has a hypnotic quality and it’s difficult to stop it from influencing you if you can’t get away from hearing it, like a poison you can’t stop.

    As another example, I went to my home country for Christmas this year, and it’s a tradition to put big five pointed paper stars in your windows with a light inside. I guess because it’s easier to insert the light and the cord that way, the stars were hanging upside down more often than not. Without it being the intention at all, I felt they were radiating evil energy.

    Thank you for the article David, it’s so important to be aware of these things to be able to resist it.

    • Laura, in some ways music artists are look at like gods or a deity. There are people out there who literally worship them. If in fact the Illuminati are behind these people they are doing a damn good job and getting followers, though it’s indirect it’s still followers none-the-less.

      • Hey Kalyn I agree.
        If you consider that it’s actually these dark forces behind those pop artists. Then by idolizing them, their lyrics, the low vibrations of their music, the concepts in their music videos, the inverted symbols etc. people are actually fans and followers of something much darker…
        And with all the money and show used to broadcast the image of these superstars, no wonder many teens and people are susceptible to idolising them. I mean who didn’t have a favourite star or band as a pre-teen or teen, where the interest grew beyond just liking the music, who hasn’t been a fan of someone in some way? It’s quite disturbing though that most of the current ‘line-up’ of music artists are these pawns promoting very evil things.

  6. That’s pretty disturbing stuff. If people haven’t realized that this is a war on consciousness and spirituality then please take another look at the evidence presented here and ask why are these musicians/actors/entertainers insistently passing themselves off as a god figure? Why are they blatantly mocking and undermining revered spiritual belief systems, figures and symbols? Why do they continue to promote destructive and reckless behaviour and relationships, targeting the most impressionable and vulnerable – children and youth? How did they become so famous? The problem with the misuse/abuse of esoteric symbols in the music industry particularly is that it tends to reach a much broader audience and leaves a more lasting impression compared to any other form of entertainment. It’s obvious that this goes way beyond fame and fortune.

  7. A very good write up. Thanks for the research and sharing.

  8. By making all these dark symbols ”trendy” they manage to categorize people that are religious or spiritual as boring and any attempt to go against this ”trend” is considered as conspiracy that does not deserve anyone’s attention.

    That can definitely put young people off from anything trully spiritual.

  9. Thanks David your article reveals an unbelievable amount of proof of so many demonic activities which are occurring before our very eyes.
    I hope that articles like yours will help people wake up to this reality.

  10. Surely it’s time some of US wrote meaningful and uplifting lyrics to entertain and educate instead of all the
    examples you’ve provided. We are a free race, despite whatever “they” claim and we need to exercise our talent in more positive ways.
    Because the media, definitely including the music industry and Hollywood, are pushing so hard for their NWO agendas, we need to collectively move forward and demonstrate our need to oppose those agendas and to share all the good that we are and can be, whatever anyone thinks.
    Sheeple need herding in the positive direction as our world IS going to get better, and soon.
    We are ALL W U N.

    • Hi Royston,

      You’re definitely right that there clearly is a need for more meaningful and uplifting music and lyrics, especially when after reading this article, it becomes extremely clear that there is something quite sinister happening in “Pop” music in front of our eyes but also behind the scenes.

      I’m definitely looking toward part 2..

      All the best everyone waking up 🙂

  11. Christopher Blackwell

    Shock value is old hat in Rock. Remember most of the buyers are teenagers and want to upset adults. Lamebrain fans following the superstars are old hat as eel. The whole concept of fan do is that you own dull life is are exciting y being a follower. I have music that I like, movies that I like, and novels that I like, but I have never been mindless enough to become a fan of anybody. I have no desire to be a leader and I a just not dumb enough to be a follower.

  12. Hard to believe the shameless slavery these people have sold themselves into. Hard to believe their boldness in mocking God.

  13. The globalists are trying to set up a one world government and religion that will incorporate symbols to manipulate people from all faiths into surrendering their minds, bodies, souls, and all material possessions to the one world government. We can see Pope Francis trying manipulate all religions into joining a one world religion at this very moment. This one world government will likely have two branches of government; one branch for political control and the other branch for religious control. The one world religion will use the Eye of Horus to represent the Christ impersonator who will pretend to be Christ/Isa/Horus reincarnated, someone like David de Rothschild for example:

    Rothchild will likely use the Eye of Horus to manipulate people into worshipping him and the spirit of darkness that will control the one world religion and government. I suspect that people will be encouraged to surrender themselves and all their material possessions to the one world government and religion. The symbol of their enslavement will likely be the Eye of Horus. The one world government may eventually incorporate a skin microchip in the form of a Eye of Horus tattoo. Slaves will yield their tattoo of the Eye of Horus as identification, payment, passport, etc. Slaves will literally be yielding their minds, bodies, souls, and material possession to the beast:

    Enslavement to the one world government and religion will require that individuals literally prostitute themselves to the beast. The nwo will not call it prostitution though. It will likely call it self marketing, self promotion, self incorporation or something to that effect. We can already see the celebrities yielding their minds, bodies, souls, and material possessions to the nwo. This is becoming a mass movement that will encourage people to sacrifice themselves to the nwo; one for all (nwo), all for one (nwo).

    And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,
    The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:
    And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.
    Revelation 14:9-11

  14. I don’t believe that the symbolism has any inherent power. People today seem extra materialistic and egotistical and perhaps some of these symbols might inspire people to be even more narcissistic. I suppose since the Media industry (news and entertainment) is a Corporate entity heavily aligned with State Power one could make the point that the symbols are used to unify young people into being complacent consumers like cattle. The Media Industry is very organized but it is our wild minds that breath energy into it. As always we have to ask ourselves, what is my motivation in life? Compassionate goals or Selfish goals? Corporate Power seems to be trying very hard to capture our minds so they must see the value in subduing our compassionate energy. Compassionate minds cannot be controlled.

    • I agree, J.

      @David: I think you overinterpreted. While I agree that symbolism may have a strong effect on people in that it has the potential to bypass their own critical thinking, it’s still up to everyone to what degree they “follow” an artist. Before analyzing symbolism, I’d much rather analyze the use of language – or its decay, rather. For example, how many people are aware that the very word “fan” is an abbreviation of the word “fanatic”? If you see things from this perspective, then the battle seems lost before it started. Conscious use of language, semantics – anyone?

      Anyway – I still appreciate your meticulous collecting of references and the meanings that those symbols traditionally stand for. I don’t put much stock in symbols altogether. So I consider myself “immune” towards their subliminal programming…. 😉

    • It’s hard to see or feel the power of esoteric symbols in the physical world, but it does not mean it’s not there.

      Symbols do make us feel or act in a certain way – you could almost say that we can find ourselves under their spell without realizing.

      The example of the red / green light is a good example – one that is pretty much universal. The symbol of a circle, ring placed on your finger during a wedding ceremony is another one. It sends a message to the rest that you are married for life (with best wishes 🙂 ). And none of this is spoken yet it is understood. Now these are simple everyday symbols yet they have an effect on us – whether or not we want it or not, we gain information from them.

      For esoteric symbols it is much more difficult to gain the information from them, as they are ‘esoteric’ in nature – yet they do represent something and information is gained from them from the depth of our consciousness or subconsciousness. Light versus darkness simply put reaches us one way or another through these symbols.

      And being manipulated by symbols can become something easy by the people who know what these symbols mean and have an agenda behind it:

      Learning and uncovering how we are being manipulated through this type of music industry to accept more and more this type of symbols as a normal way of being, realizing how far things have come to see on awards dark ceremonies being performed we can ‘wake-up’ to some of it and if we’re interested learn more to free ourselves from these influences.

      • With respect, I would disagree that esoteric symbols have inherent power. Symbols may trigger our minds to feel something or to act but our minds feel and act only as we have been training and practicing in life already. In the case of the symbolism of a wedding ring for example, some minds may see the ring as bondage while others as love. I’m sure that the respective minds will feel that the ring itself has power to create happiness or suffering, as the case may be. Some may feel that the ring has neutral power which is also incorrect. The ring is just metal atoms in a round shape but our minds fabricate a name and a function to it. If the inherent function of the ring was ‘love’ it would radiate this to everyone but some people feel terror at this symbol. The power is our minds and because of ignorance we impute power to the ring or symbolism. We should well understand this or we will be at the mercy of ignorance in this most form filled and sensuous of worlds. At the present moment billions of minds truly believe that pleasure has the power to make us happy despite the contrary evidence. We must tend our minds wisely.

        • Hi J.

          I guess the example of the ring as a symbol was to use something that can be seen around quite commonly in everyday life – what you or I gain from it is information which is knowledge about the status of a third party. How we then interpret this knowledge further comes down to personal opinions, but we can’t change the knowledge we gained from the symbol of the ring.

          Esoteric symbols have another level added to that, they have a deeper knowledge attached to them, and they can be symbols of light or symbols of darkness. As these symbols touch us on the consciousness level, they have even a greater influence than a red/green light symbol telling us to go forward or stop for example.

          And because these type of symbols touches on the consciousness level (not just the mind) they are much more powerful, as the knowledge gained from them is much deeper.

          Yet the symbol can still affects us as this knowledge is hidden within a person.

          That is what I was trying to explain when I mentioned that we could find ourselves under their spell and this can happen with us realizing or not.

          And you are right, we can train our mind in many different ways, but the mind is only a tool that our consciousness can use, if it is trained for that purpose.

          • Hi Geraldine. Thank you for your patience and civility. I’m content to happily agree to disagree on this serious point. But I really can’t see the inherency of ‘light and dark’ symbolism. Inherency is an important word for me. I don’t even believe that objects of pleasure for example hold the inherent power to make me happy. They do not even have the inherent power to give me pleasure. If for example I eat chocolate I may feel that chocolate has the power to make me happy but soon my stomach may ache and then the chocolate becomes an object of disgust. I would actually feel pain at the appearance of chocolate because my ignorant and wild mind likes to impute value to things and then believe that the object really has this power. Reality cannot be understood with such a mind.

            I think we may also have to disagree on the meaning of the ‘mind’. Mind has very subtle layers to it. Consciousness is also mind. Our personal all inclusive environment around us is a direct reflection of how we have been managing our mind. I have spent much of my life believing that objects and people have inherent power to make me happy or to suffer. My mind is the true source for me.

  15. Great article. Crazy how far things have gone, and so in the open.

    I feel like most of the artists involved don’t know the full extent of what they’re involved in, but some surely must. In any case there are definitely people behind the scenes dictating this. There’s no way it can all just be a coincidence.

  16. Great article!
    It was like reading a well informed wikipedia page, exposing the fashion music industry in the same time. I’m looking forward the 2nd part of it.

    It’s really so obvious what a great propaganda is happening. It’s like they want people talk about conspiracy theories and to provoke these kind of reactions to people. Probably in order these symbols and theories become mainstream and feed the fashion industry. What is in fashion looks like it has a lot of power on people and it’s scary to see the results of it.

    I was wondering why you didn’t mention the metal rock industry (e.x black and death metal) in your article. It is where I first saw all this darkness to unfold and there it is so obvious too.

    • Hey Fotis,

      There’s a lot of pretty dark stuff that goes on in the metal music scene. The lead singer of Deicide has an inverted cross permanently carved into his forehead for instance. Musicians have been known to promote murder, burning churches (things which they have sometimes done themselves) and other nasty stuff.

      I wanted to focus more on pop and rap music where you might not expect to see that kind of symbolism. I included Marilyn Manson, because he is one of the only heavy metal musicians signed by a major label and there are links between him and some of the other groups / artists I wrote about like Lady Gaga and Die Antwoord.

      I might do another article about the metal music scene in the future.

    • I think what is disturbing is that this dark symbology is appearing in mainstream pop. You kind of expect to see it in the heavy metal scene, where it is done more for shock value (for example T-shirts like “nuke the cross”). They are not hiding the fact that they being dark and offensive, and the whole subculture geared to that.

      But mainstream pop is something that young kids listen to, that gets played on all radio stations because the music is “radio friendly” and it is part of the dominant culture. The symbols are more subliminal and hidden, unlike in heavy metal where it is in your face. It’s as if they want to influence people without them realising it using the most pervasive medium.

  17. Thanks very much for your research and findings David, it’s been really eye-opening. I’ve read a heap of articles on the Illuminati and the music industry, and found that you raised some really interesting points I hadn’t come across before, like musicians frequently elevating themselves to the status of Gods.

    I also appreciate how you pull together these symbols and their meanings which are relevant to anyone interested in spirituality, rather than just certain religions, as symbols don’t belong to any one religion or group but are a universal language used by them.

  18. waow – thanks for this article… It explains and depicts things very well.

    The more and more information on this subject can be found, the more and more (hopefully) people will start to see how they are being manipulated and enslaved and maybe will do something about it..

  19. Wow thanks Dave for the info, it really does seem that there is a real influence within the music industry to have people sub consciously, or even consciously, excepting and following the Illuminati.
    One thing that did stand out was how they do make it humorous and joke about people bringing up these topics to make people feel like there silly to even bring anything up of this nature.
    With the information you have presented and some of the lyrics in there songs it is plain fully obvious that there is a influence of some sorts within the music industry


  20. That image by Anton LaVey says it all…

    This is probably the best article I’ve seen on exposing this subject! Gosh, it’s hard to stomach so much darkness in one go, but even more difficult to stomach is the fact that it has gone so far that it is now embraced by so many people around the world as a result. It’s like these inverted esoteric symbols have made darkness more palatable for the masses.

    This perhaps belongs more in the inverted symbols in the fashion industry article, but seeing you highlight the prominence of the 3×6 hand gesture and the strong connection between the music and fashion industries, I was reminded of seeing this brooche promoted on one of the most popular fashion blogs out there:

    • The index and thumb touching with three fingers pointing up (as in your picture) is also a Buddhist mudra which signifies the Buddha’s teachings of compassion and ultimate realty. I think mudras and symbols can affirm the positive or negative in our mind depending on our everyday minute by minute practices of body, speech and mind.

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