Facebook is Working on a Smartphone That Can Read Thoughts

Facebook announced that it assembled a team of 60 people to develop a technology allowing users to “think” commands and messages at their smartphones. The system would be able to literally read your mind … constantly. What could go wrong?

Regina Dugan, head of Facebook’s hardware innovation division Building 8, speaks at F8 – the company’s annual developer conference. Photograph by Stephen Lam/Reuters

The people at Facebook are going down a path that can only be described as post-Orwellian. Not satisfied with the fact that their users willingly share their most intimate information on a daily basis, Facebook is looking to reshape the world and decipher thoughts that haven’t even been verbalized.

In February, Mark Zuckerberg released the “Facebook Manifesto” which, under a thin veil of altruistic vocabulary, hid a dystopian vision of a “connected world” where the flow of information was overseen and propagated using artificial intelligence and elaborated algorithms. But that’s not enough.

On April 19th, the company revealed its most ambitious (and scary) project to date.

Facebook has assembled a team of 60 people, including machine learning and neural prosthetics experts, brain-computer interface engineers and neural imaging engineers, to create a “mind reading” smartphone. It’s system would be capable of typing one hundred words per minute – straight from one’s thoughts.

Read the full article on the Vigilant Citizen website.

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  1. As Roy mentioned, it’s not just Facebook who wants to ‘read’ your mind..

    “Elon Musk’s Secretive Brain Tech Company Debuts a Sophisticated Neural Implant”

    Link: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/elon-musks-secretive-brain-tech-company-debuts-a-sophisticated-neural-implant1/

  2. J Duane Robinson

    Do I have to “buy” a cell phone so they can use this technology against me? LOL!

  3. Very scaring scenario!
    Total slavery if they have the ability not only to read our thoughts but also to put inside us their willing as our thought. We ‘ll become lived robots!!

  4. It’s a scary development, this continues encouragement of new technology that is making people more and more dependent on it. If facebook was this trustworthy and highly ethical company there might be a chance to trust this, but as we all know how they treat our data, this will be used for their own benefit not ours.

    I’ve read Elon Musk is developing something similar with this company neuralink. His vision is that to keep up with AI development, we has humans need to have a better connection/interface with tech and his company will be developing just that.

    With several major high-tech companies involved in rolling out AI, VR, AR and a brain to pc interface, we can only hope for the best and keep ourselves grounded in reality, the real world.

  5. The plans Facebook is making are extremely disturbing. It seems like there is a sinister motive behind these so called innocent plans! Hopefully they will not succeed for the sake of our humanity…

  6. This is complete madness, hopefully they will be unsuccessful.

  7. Just some questions I’m asking myself, which might seem extreme, but in a way might actually not be.

    – What is the potential harm of technological advancements here on Earth? Can we handle our own technologies?
    – What is the downside of a humanity entering the matrix?
    (and taking the matrix analogy further) – What would be the fate of the character Cypher who decides to go back into the matrix? Who controls that?
    – Are we not already in a sort of virtual reality world here anyway in the physical world? What is its function? How does it operate? What does our own psyche have to do with it? Is humanity at large aware of its purpose? Can this purpose still be fulfilled in a matrix created by man himself?

    – Could technologies exist that would be able to control people globally (frequency, thoughts, energy) to such an extend that fulfilling the spiritual purpose of life (of which people at large are totally unaware) would become impossible?
    – How can people wisely decide things when missing vital understanding, and without knowing they’re missing it :-)? How does the world operate now and could there be hidden groups that have a great influence behind the scenes?

    Aside from these questions I also just want to say, from having a quick look at some comments on the vigilantcitizen website, that I believe such mind reading technology can totally become a reality if it not already is. For example in the documentary ‘Sirius’ and the soon to be released documentary ‘Unacknowledged’ there are witnesses who talk about technologies which people nowadays would consider science fiction and impossible. Yet some of these were already in operation by secret government operations 50+ years ago!

  8. Wow, those are definitely some Orwellian developemnts. Still, technically speaking, its hard to imagine a machine being able to read all the intricate and quick thoughts that haven’t even been formed into exact words yet. Maybe simple commands like “I want to have a break” will work, but not sure about the more complicated mental activity. Maybe they will have some “sensors” to detect what KIND of thoughts we are having. Like – spiritually oriented, food-related, etc. That in itself would probably be a good enough start to a closer surveillance…

  9. Thanks for sharing this info. Every day technology is being refined to reduce us to slaves of the electronic world, and Facebook always seems to be at the forefront of this push. That they package it just like candy — all sweet and innocent — is the horrific part of this story.

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