Current Media Events and Hints of a Fake Alien Invasion

With hints of an alien invasion increasingly mentioned in the mainstream media, this article examines  the possibility the world is being prepared for a false flag  alien attack that would serve as a catalyst for military expansion. Is the world being set up for a fake alien attack? Talk of extraterrestrials, UFOs, and even alien invasion surfaces regularly in mainstream media stories. There are scientific studies, news articles, and late-night talk shows dealing with extraterrestrials (ETs), even while the White House officially claims there are no ETs, nor has any contact ever been made. So why would there be such a steady stream of conversation about alien visitors in current media coverage? Is it due to genuine public interest in alien contact, or could this be a case of predictive programming, with extraterrestrials sometimes being discussed or portrayed in a way that induces fear?

The Origin of the Hostile Alien False Flag

In December of 2000, former NASA scientist Dr. Carol Rosin testified as part of the Disclosure Project that she had been warned of a planned fake alien attack on humanity, slated to occur well in the future. The warning came to her decades earlier from Werner Von Braun, the German rocket scientist who was brought over to the US after WW2 as part of Operation Paperclip. During the period Rosin worked with Von Braun at Fairchild Industries, from 1974-1977, he warned her of a sinister, far-reaching plan to weaponise space, which would ultimately culminate in a staged fake alien invasion. Such an invasion would be carried out by powerful interests and ensure that all of humanity was on board with continued military spending against the false threat.

Preparing the Public

What could possibly convince the world population to believe an actual extraterrestrial takeover of Earth was occurring? It’s a pretty far-out story to sell, with great time, care and preparation required to ensure that the majority of people would fall for the fake attack. Besides needing a possible display of ET/ UFO technology to pull this off, there would also be an essential psychological state of widespread fear needed to make the deception really effective. A population already primed subconsciously to view aliens as a threat, through the movies, news and other forms of media they consumed, would be much easier to exploit with such a scenario. Over many decades, there has been a proliferation of media portraying ETs as threatening invaders, despite evidence suggesting they are peaceful and want to help humanity. This tactic of using constant reminders, hints, images, and insinuations to implant subconscious ideas about planned societal change is called predictive programming. If such a case of predictive programming for a false alien attack was occurring today, we might expect to see references to extraterrestrials in the mainstream media working to support this narrative.

The Current ET Dialogue

A quick scan of some recent media headlines reveals no shortage of ET and UFO-themed commentary. While some topics – such as scientists discussing the likelihood of life on other planets – are more benign, others do support the worldview of aliens being a menace to humanity.

Bill Clinton Weighs in on Aliens

When former US President Bill Clinton appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in April 2014, at the end of the usual interview banter Kimmel turned the topic to UFOs. Clinton expressed that he “wouldn’t be surprised if we were visited someday,” and he just hopes “it’s not like Independence Day–a conflict”. Interestingly, he went on to state that such a conflict “might be the only way to unite this increasingly divided world of ours,” and to “think of how all the differences among people on Earth would seem small if we felt threatened by a space invader”.

The fact that Bill Clinton appeared on major network television discussing UFOs,  Area 51, extraterrestrial visitation, and how humanity might react to invasion by beings from other planets is significant. This is, after all, a former US president, appearing on a popular late-night television show which holds sway with the 18-49 year old crowd. In one fell swoop, Clinton reinforced the threatening alien narrative, as well as the need for all humans worldwide to band together against an ET attack. Clinton is not the first senior figure to broach these views. His comments echo Ronald Reagan’s statements to the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1987 when he was serving as President. Reagan told the global gathering that, “Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat” to unite the world and said he occasionally thought, “how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world”. Reagan was clearly not speaking off the cuff at this important world gathering.

Clinton’s comments were eerily reminiscent of Reagan’s statements made more than two decades prior. We have to wonder why two people from opposing political parties, who have each held the highest office in the US, have both alluded to the threat of an alien invasion uniting humanity.

Study Concludes Humans Aren’t Ready to Meet ETs

Hollywood always has room for another tale of alien invasion

According to a recent study by clinical neuropsychologist Gabriel De la Torre, the average person is not ready to have an encounter with an extraterrestrial. These findings, which were based on a survey of 116 college students in Spain, Italy and the United States, are due to what De la Torre calls a lack of “cosmic consciousness”. De la Torre asserts that people have an insufficient understanding of life, space, and the order of the universe which contributes to a missing cosmic consciousness, or awareness, which would be useful for making positive ET contact. Interestingly, while De la Torre laments humanity’s lack of “conscious perception of reality” which would be needed to overcome states of anxiety, fear, and hostility towards any future alien visitors, back in North America, Hollywood is busy churning out its next apocalyptic tale of war against alien invaders.

CNN’s Alien Survey Plant

CNN managed to mention ETs in tandem with Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 when they polled online readers in early May 2014 about their opinions and views of the tragic airline disappearance. The international poll covered topics ranging from whether respondents thought there might possibly be survivors, to whether they thought the search for the missing plane should even continue. They also asked for reader opinions about what happened to the plane, barring a mechanical failure or accident. Respondents could choose from multiple choice answers about who might be responsible, with some of the potential culprits including terrorists, hijackers, and SPACE ALIENS.

Twitter via @aedwardslevy

The fact that “The Most Trusted Name in News” has included “space aliens, time travelers or beings from another dimension” right next to hijackers and terrorists is highly significant. This grouping of potential culprits encourages fallacy association on the part of the audience. In other words, if humanity were exposed to ETs in the future (whether in a real or staged scenario) another layer to the societal narrative has been added: ET visitors should be grouped alongside dangerous hijackers and terrorists and viewed accordingly. Headlines quickly spread around the internet that 9% of Americans thought it was at least somewhat likely that aliens were involved in the disappearance of the airliner, and this of course fueled further denigrating commentary about ET contact. So why exactly were extraterrestrials included in the list of possible suspects for a missing airliner? While the Clinton interview could be played off as laughs and late-night comedy, this survey is about a horrific situation involving the disappearance and likely death of 239 people. Surely “space aliens” wasn’t listed as a joke in this serious poll.


Considering the points in Clinton’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel, along with De la Torre’s study and the CNN poll, it seems the efforts to portray extraterrestrials as hostile has been effective and already affected people at a subconscious level, with the media playing a vital role in re-enforcing this viewpoint. The higher the profile of the news outlet or public figure discussing ET topics, the more we the public can be sure that the angle has been carefully considered to serve a particular purpose or produce a certain outcome. For this reason, objectivity is needed when assessing media dialogue related to extraterrestrials, as there is the potential for this issue to be compromised by those who benefit from long-term planetary war, strife, and weapons-spending. Ultimately, if a false alien invasion were to be perpetrated, a population conditioned to fear interplanetary visitors is exactly what would allow manipulation on this issue. So, are we being prepared for a false flag alien invasion? The rhetoric supporting an attack has been around for decades, and even today repeats in an eerily consistent manner.

About Dara

Dara Hayes has a long-held interest in esoteric spirituality and ETs, and a strong wish for alternative spiritual subjects to remain visible and freely accessible to people all over the world. She writes and creates graphics for The Conscious Reporter, and occasionally posts spiritually-themed graphics on


  1. I found it eerie to see this article in the UK Guardian. Supposedly a paper that deals in objective journalism, I’ve found whatever crops up here, (and in all the mainstream press) is basically what we’re being drip-fed to accept, think about, prepare for …

    • I guess the British journalists of the UK Guardian seem to have forgotten to report that we have already made contact with ETs using binary codes and that they have effectively responded back to us (minus the Hollywood storyline and special effects):

    • I’ve been following this subject for over 40 years. What really surprises me is that a HUGE unscientific assumption has been made that these beings are extraterrestrial. Where is the proof? Did someone ask to see their passports? Have the sent an ambassador? Then why speak of them as as “extraterrestrial”? I mean if history speaks of them living here thousands of years ago.
      Personally, I have held to the belief that when the rapture of the church takes place the world governments will have to come up with an excuse to why so many people have mysteriously disappeared. An alien “invasion” would be a good method of explaining it away.
      Our governments are very aware of biblical prophecies and what is about occur. The wisemen were aware of Jesus’ birth through astrological signs. The book of Revelation is loaded with them. Just maybe the stars are lining up?
      It’s not a secret that several government and religious leaders recently met in Antarctica. For what?

  2. On the subject of media events relating to this subject. It seems that sometimes in news reporting and the media, it is made to seem like a ‘balanced’ view is given, i.e. taking multiple sources, experts’ opinions and viewpoints into account. I think that on a subject like this though, the different sources can all be part of the same group or under the same influence and can therefore present the picture or view they want while appearing to give a balanced or all-round view.

    Then again, outside of that ‘balanced’ view’, there are also a few people who come forward with truthful information, which can help a person to know what the situation is about. I think Dr. Steven Greer is one of these people. As well as the many Disclosure project witnesses. Their accounts are really staggering and extremely solid, they are first-hand in the know insider testimonies and if you add them all together it starts to form a very clear picture.

    This is one I watched recently from a DIA information analyst, and there are so many others! Each of these 60 plus testimonies are really incredibly amazing. Often these high ranking people pass on all they learned on the UFO/ET subject from their whole career.

  3. Another update, apparently, a fake alien invasion could happen as soon as on the US election day on November 8th.

    Anonymous has leaked a document that is a communication between the Benenson Strategy Group and the Clinton Foundation which goes into detail about the upcoming elections. Hillary and Trump supporters were asked what would prevent them from voting with one of the answers being an “Attack by Extraterrestrials”. To this question a high number of Trump supporters answered not to vote. Near the end of the document various ways to influence voters and its pros and cons are discussed. Suggested is to use option FIRESIGN, which is a staged alien attack using holographic technology to project in an attack the sky and the use ELF waves to augment the experience.

    I’m unsure of the validity of the document and how Anonymous obtained it, however, this does raises an eyebrow. With Bill Clinton commenting on the ET subject and Hillary Clinton running for president, it could well be the next card that is played. Whether or not it will happen, this is definitely a time to stay alert.

    • Here’s the link to the youtube video which goes over the content of the leaked document. In the description field you’ll see the link to the leaked document itself.

    • Thanks for sharing Roy, I am sure things will get interesting around the US elections. The number of people the video mentions who don’t follow the alternative media is concerning, as they would be the most vulnerable and willing to act upon whatever false flags the government/elites bring up.

    • Thanks for the heads up Roy.

    • I find it interesting to see the number of Internet “news” sites that have quickly surfaced to debunk that leak by Anonymous, passing it off as a conspiracy theory set off by anti-Clinton supporters. As soon as I started to research Project Firesign, the first list of articles that popped up on the screen were the ones to discredit it. Although we don’t know for sure whether or not such an incident will take place at that time, based on the facts posted in this article, I think it’s safe to say that it’s no coincidence that two US Presidential figures have gone on record and made past statements, years apart from each other, on camera that alluded to such an incident.

    • Yes if someone is not aware of a possible false flag alien invasion, they will fall for it similarly how the media will pick up the event and repeat it over and over again. What most concerns me is the fact that apparently there is technology out there that can give someone any type of experience which they think is real, to the extend that when they are hooked up to a lie detector they would pass. I guess here it becomes important to know your own thoughts and feelings as well as the fact that this scenario could potentially happen. Maybe on November 8th, maybe at a later point in time.

  4. I listened to a talk by Stephen Greer the other night where he went into more detail on his latest documentary Unacknowledged which aims to expose black projects developing ET technology. He mentioned that as a result of bringing the truth out through this documentary he suspects that those who want to host a fake alien invasion are ramping up their efforts to make it happen. Because of that he hosts a talk on November 13th on the Cosmic False Flag, where he’ll cover a variety of different topics on the subject and the technologies involved. If anyone is interested, more information is available on his site Sirius Disclosure.

    Let’s hope enough people become aware of the reality we live in and see the value that peaceful contact with our brothers and sisters in space can bring, cosmic war is just not an option.

  5. So I guess Nasa’s new announcement about finding water on Mars, thus the conditions for life, may be part of pathing the way for this event. A lot of people say they’ve known about it for a very long time. The news also filters through while there’s adverts on all the buses in the UK for the new Hollywood film” The Martian. Coincidence?

  6. Any right thinking aliens out there would steer well clear of this place. We have created quite the polluted stink hole here. What would they possibly want with this mess? Taking a long journey through space to arrive at a spinning garbage dump? I don’t think they would bother, it just isn’t worth having.

  7. Carolin Rosin neglects to mention the “aliens”. She is speaking of are in fact earthlings with a secret agenda and always have been… how can you believe that we have to technology to build space weaponry and rockets…. but not to build space ships of varying shapes and sizes… wake up people….. it’s so obvious why there is so much mystery surrounding UFO’s…

  8. Another media alien invasion hint. This month The Guardian asked its readers, “How would the world react to a threat of alien invasion?” It posed the question:

    “What would happen in terms of world stability, co-operation etc, if there was reliable information that there would be an invasion by forces from another planet happening in the next couple of years? Post your answers – and new questions – below or email them to Please include name, address and phone number”.

    Interesting how there is more and more talk of alien invasion in the media huh? Is this just a joke? Coincidence? Or is this some kind of disturbing social experiment to see if the propaganda has worked and test if people are ready for the so-called final card (false flag alien invasion)?

    If it is perhaps the latter, lets hope no “reliable information” about a forthcoming “invasion by forces from another planet” eventuates in the “next couple of years”.

  9. Thanks for the informative article Dara.

    When you look at the ET subject from various angles you’ll see that people high up and the media are playing a game here on humanity. On one hand their are ridiculing the ET subject and on the other hand it is presented as a possible and real threat, like you show in CNN survey report, associating ET’s with terrorists.

    Positive news is always brought out by small groups or individuals and their message is often unheard because of the massive presence of mainstream media. A good source I find is the cropcircleconnector website which lists crop circles found in the UK and other EU countries. The messages their makers leave us are often beautiful art and coded messages. One cropcircle appeared recently in Winchester, UK on the 6th of June and reads in morse code “NO MORE WAR”.
    It makes you question why they would create a cropcircle like this in the first place? It is as if they are responding to the various attempts to portrait them as violent, while their are not.

    I’m grateful you put up this article as it offers people at least an alternative view so they can question what really is going on. Thanks again!

  10. There is a nice short compilation of ‘fake alien threat’ at 58:30 in the below interview. It includes footage of the radio ‘test’ on the public, the 1938 mock news broadcast of ‘Invasion from Mars’.

  11. I hadn’t realized how much the issue of an alien invasion was being subtly and casually pushed. Especially by political figures and in the news.
    One area I have noticed it was through television programming. In the last 5-6 years there has been a huge push with this idea. I use to watch this show V about an alien race coming to visit earth and pretending to be friendly, giving out technology, then secretly behind closed doors doing human experiments. It’s sort of reminiscent of our own governments.
    The main and big show now is Falling Skies. It’s done by Speilburg and its really pushing these ideas hard about being violent towards aliens and us being violent toward them. There are multiple alien races invading earth but the intention is still somewhat a mystery. It has an aspect of a human friendship with one of the alien races but everything is hostile, aggressive and violent and just recently I noticed them using the term “terroist” referring to the aliens and the aliens using it toward the humans.
    Just thought I’d share that and thanks Dara for this article.

  12. Why was my comment censored?

    • Hey Seth,
      I just did a quick search for any other comments from you and it looks like there was one on another article that got buried with some spam comments. No censorship intended. It should be published shortly, if it’s not already.
      Thanks, Dara

      • Thanks Dara! Nope no spam here.

        The most compelling thing about this particular article is the part about Bill Clinton. As someone pointed out to me, there is NOTHING a president (current or former) says that he has not been scripted on and made aware of well in advance. I would not be surprised at all if something like this happened within our lifetime.

  13. another perspective –

    “They” are aware that a benevolent “intervention” is afoot and are priming us to respond to that intervention with guns and fear, to retreat into our shelters, close our minds and doors, and ask LOUDLY for the government with its armies to save us from “them” the aliens.

    IN fact, I have good reason to think kjust such an intervention is looming, and that the false-flag meme is in support of misunderstanding that thing.

    watch for it.

  14. Thanks for this great article Dara.

    I just found this clip on Youtube of a CNN anchor suggesting the Govt shutdown in US last year was a time to be concerned about an alien invasion or an asteroid hit:

    I also found another time Reagan mentioned about an alien invasion unifying the world:

    During the week I became aware of a very popular DC comic from 1985 and 1986 called Watchmen ( where part of the plot includes one of the characters called Ozymandias (who has an all-seeing eye on his superhero costume!) orchestrating a fake alien attack in order to unite world superpowers and bring them back from the brink of nuclear war with each other and usher in world peace. I wonder if Reagan was a reader of these comics or perhaps its another example of predictive programming? This comic was also turned into a video game and a movie although it seems the movie did not include the part about an alien attack but did suggest that deliberately killing off millions of people to save billions of people was reasonable.

    • That’s an interesting find David, it seems this narrative has been around for a long time. And Hollywood keeps it going too. The film “Edge of Tomorrow” mentioned by Dara is another example of a one-world super military uniting to fight an alien threat.

      I’m glad you brought this to light Dara. I hope this propaganda is never put into action.

    • I saw a comment about this recently too David. Seems like one of the reasons for predictive programming stuff is that people go ‘oh yeah, I’ve heard about that in a comic book / movie’ so as not to take it seriously or like a kind of fiction.

      Edge of Tomorrow that Matthew mentioned actually has a lot of stuff about a globalised army to fight an ‘alien’ threat

  15. Interesting article Dara. Just when I thought people were becoming more receptive to the idea that Aliens might be kind, loving and more advanced Beings than us.

    So the US progaganda machine is up to their old tricks – it’s a terrible shame that people are so gullible.

  16. Thanks Dara, good to get this information out there.

  17. Thanks Dara, great to read this article and I hope more people can see the ‘predicted’ future before it happens and change it.

    If people’s contact with Extra-Terrestrials is only through horrifying movies, ‘abduction’ stories and negative association with ‘terrorists’ by the media then I wonder what there experience will be when the ‘powers that be’ launch a fake alien invasion? Especially considering that most of these are engineered to suit a sinister purpose.

    Unfortunately the fear of the unknown is something that we all have and yet don’t know we do. And our ignorance allows others to control us, to use fear to create outcomes and scenarios to suit their purposes.

    Is there any wonder that the sages of the past avowed the wisdom of ‘know thyself’? How can a person who is aware and knowledgeable about their inner most thoughts and feelings, be ruled by the trappings of ignorance that most of us succumb to?

    The use of media in all its forms to portray Extra-Terrestrials as harmful, dangerous, invasive are tapping into our ignorance, fear and gravitation towards negativity. First we need to become aware of this, then we need to overcome our ignorance of ourselves, that yields those in control their power.

    If we look at those in power who speak of uniting humanity are they the same ones who divided it through wars, etc? Which brings to my mind the crop circle with binary coding found in 2002 which was decoded to mean:

    “Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises.
    Much pain, but still time. Believe there is good out there.
    We oppose deception. Conduit closing. 0x07”

    • That’s a powerful message from that crop circle, Layla; it’s always struck a chord with me, and seems especially appropriate nowadays in the current world climate of mass surveillance and growing censorship.

  18. Thanks so much for this article Dara. I have heard of a false alien invasion before. Your totally right it does seem as though the masses are being primed for it looking at media exposure on the topic. Good to be aware of what could perhaps be playing out.
    I guess it would coincide with apparent plans of the elite to depopulate the world if attacks begun.

    I hope that many people come across your article and are aware of this. A shame the main stream media & those behind it have so much influence on society.

  19. Just a couple of days ago I was discussing extraterrestrials and the Malaysian Airline supposed abduction with my brother. I explained to him that I believed ET’s had nothing to do with any abduction etc and I’m glad to now have this article to elaborate on the topic.
    Also, for some time now my nephew has been very interested in spirituality and I’m sure he’ll be able to enjoy this article with his partner as well.

    Great to see people such as Dr Rosin and Dr Greer at the forefront informing humanity of the true intentions of these in control of our world.
    I can see that from everyone’s effort to put this type of information out there we are spreading the word of truth until hopefully it will one day reach everyone who wants to wake up to spirituality.

    A quick Google search using “malaysian airlines abducted ufo” will come up with endless nonsense stories.

    Thanks Dara, great article! much appreciated.

  20. Interesting updates. Thanks for that.

  21. Thank you Dara for the informative article! It’s great to have this information out there. It is concerning indeed the lengths that the powers that be are ready to go and have gone in order to plant this idea in people’s minds about evil and violent aliens ready and willing to attack us.

    Another aspect of programming humanity agains extraterrestrials is fake alien abductions. Even if there were people open-minded and curious enough that they seriously wanted to research people’s experiences on UFO’s, the two main experiences they would come across would be plain sightings and abductions. Reading about abductions would instigate fear and confusion towards extraterrestrials and would be the more convincing coming from the experiencers themselves.

    The experiences of the abductees are terrifying and portray the extraterrestrials as evil beings who kidnap the person at night from bed, bring him/her to the UFO, and conduct scary and painful experiences on their body while they are strapped down unable to move. They might be brought back with visible injuries and sometimes implants.

    I think it’s pretty clear that these abductions are done by the “shadow government” both to use the persons for mind-control and other experiments, at the same time spreading fear about aliens.

    For example Dr. Richard Boylan who has significant experience with extraterrestrials as well as working with abductees, states,

    “It should be noted that virtually all of the lurid reports being palmed off on the public as examples of “alien misbehavior” are actually secret psychological warfare operations by human rogue military-intelligence units.

    These renegade military-intelligence units kidnap civilians without legal authorization or justification. These units drug those they kidnap, (often experiencers). These renegades deliberately intimidate, interrogate, physically abuse, and even gang-rape the civilians they kidnap. These covert-operations military-intelligence units then use brainwashing techniques to make the civilians they kidnap forget about the military kidnapping, while the renegades hypnotically implant a false memory about the horrific experience as an alien abduction.” (

  22. Wow, throwing in “space aliens” alongside terrorist hijackers. Of course.

    I know there are many other cases of high-profile types bringing up the whole alien invasion thing as a means to “unite”; US General Douglas MacArthur and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to name a couple.

    Isn’t it strange that the focus is always on ETs as hostile enemies. I guess that’s just how we as a humanity see others by default?

  23. David, I think it may be this sensationalist piece by the Daily Mail: (link:

    About video games:

    “Speaking about the cultural impact of aliens since the first widely-reported cases in the 1940s, he said: ‘It is interesting to note that we are all in some ways equipped to deal with alien invasion – games such as Resistance: Burning Skies on PlayStation Vita help acclimatise people to the reality of extraterrestrial life – and in particular that they might be hostile.

    ‘It is a widely held belief that classified information about weapons and tactics useful in combatting alien occupation are embedded into such gameplay.”

    And on the ETs obviously only coming for dark purposes:

    “He added: ‘Aliens may possess weapons or advanced technology we’ve no idea of. Aliens may have invisibility, a death ray, teleportation, force fields and other things we can’t even guess at.

    ‘Beyond this, unity is key, but as history dictates, this is not so easy.

    ‘The logical course is to unite the world against the alien threat, combining our military strength and fighting under the United Nations. But some countries might not fight.

    ‘We saw this type of treachery and cowardice in the Second World War. Though some brave people joined the Resistance, much of France accepted Nazi occupation.

    ‘The final and perhaps biggest flaw is preparation. With the summer of mass events we are all on high alert for terrorism. But we must also cast our eyes further afield and be prepared for even the most seemingly unfathomable.’

    So not only this propaganda is appearing in video games, and anyone who think that ETs are friendly are described as traitors – Nice touch..

    That person speaking is Nick Pope, and per the article, “Pope’s role in the government was once described as ‘working on the the X-Files of the UK’, and he has since published Sunday Times top ten non-fiction bestsellers, such as Open Skies, Closed Minds.

    His final role at the MoD, held until 2006, was Directorate of Defence Security, and since leaving he has given lectures and TV interviews about his views on the existence of UFOs.”


    I also just stumbled upon this older news article (2012):

    Nearly two in three Americans think President Barack Obama is better suited than Republican rival Mitt Romney to deal with an alien invasion, according to a survey released Wednesday.

    National Geographic Channel contacted 1,114 adults across the United States last month for its fanciful opinion poll ahead of its new cable television documentary series “Chasing UFOs.”


    • Thanks Geraldine, yes that’s the one.

    • Thanks for the link to that Daily Mail article, Geraldine. Even a quick scan of the article’s images leaves no question about the agenda.

      And it, too, follows the standard “we’d need to unite the world nations to fight the alien threat” script.

  24. Thanks for sharing all that stuff Dara, a bit concerning..

    That segment with Bill Clinton is kind of weird – it doesn’t seem natural at all – like he was just looking for a way to put out the message he did. I wonder if it was planned in advance for that question to be asked by the host?

    It’s pretty telling that the same techniques are being used in the media to associate ETs with hijackers and terrorists as in the UK censorship drive where esoteric material is being associated with terrorists and other harmful subject matter in the same way.

    I remember reading a news article around the time of the London Olympics that was saying a lot of people were expecting some sort of UFO craft to appear as it was such a public event. About half a line was devoted to positive sentiment about ETs, and the rest of the quite long article was filled with stuff about experts saying we should be preparing for an attack, and talking about how video games are used to train kids in tactical warfare to better prepare them for an alien invasion. It was a serious news article and I was almost surprised there wasn’t some form of staged attack at the Olympics because the article seemed to be cementing the idea in people’s heads so strongly.

    I couldn’t find it when I just had a quick look, but came across this instead:

    It both connects the idea of an alien invasion to fixing the world’s financial issues (similar to WWII apparently), and also manages to demonise anyone who would suggest that there might be some sort of planned event.

    • Yeah, the alien invasion rhetoric comes up quite a bit in the media; I hadn’t seen that article in conjunction with the London Olympics but it’s not surprising.

      I thought the Clinton interview seemed forced, and my guess would be that it was a scripted question. I watched this interview recently: where the interviewee (around 18:25) comments on knowing that Bill Clinton has been briefed on the ET issue, and knows that it’s real, but is unwilling to come forward publicly. Certainly a different story than what was said on Jimmy Kimmel’s show.

      • Yeah, I felt that too.

        Kimmel: If you saw that there were aliens there would you tell us?
        Clinton: Yeah
        Kimmell: You would?
        Clinton: I would.

        It’s pretty sad if that’s the state of honesty and transparency that can be expected from world leaders.

        • Agreed. Sadly, most will leave off watching the show believing that to be the case since Bill Clinton said so…

    • You should watch Kimmel and Obama..Obama states when pressured “I cannot reveal anything” his smile fades a bit and his eyes has no laughter at all in them..

  25. I went to a talk by Dr. Greer who has done some major research and brought forward testimonies from high ranking officers in the military who have had peaceful interactions with ETs & UFOs, and he also mentioned as well of a possible black OP based on a fake alien attack, also stating that the US military has ‘fake’ UFOs that they use to manipulate people into fearing ETs.

    But that 2 US presidents would go on, and talk about uniting against ‘aliens’ and with the Hollywood propaganda regurgitating scary movies about alien invasions one after another, it is just too fishy to be a coincidence.

    That the media supports a government’s propaganda is no longer surprising to me either by starting to drop hints such as this survey, since both government and media are no longer independent but run by lobbyists / corporations. It is always about who is pulling the strings.

    I hope that many people can realise that this fear is fake, that they are being manipulated for some dark reasons, and that this type of black OP somehow can be exposed before it even happens.

    Great article Dara, it’s good that you put this out-there so people can stumble upon this, and perhaps think twice about what they are being forced-fed in entertainment and infotainment.