The Suppressed History of New Zealand [Video]

In this compelling documentary, an alternative perspective to the accepted history of New Zealand is brought to light. Evidence is provided of ancient Pre-Māori civilizations that appear to have influences from cultures as wide-ranging as India, Egypt, Peru, China, and even the ancient Celts. This evidence however is being largely ignored and suppressed by the mainstream. But for what purpose?

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  1. I really enjoyed watching this documentary a few weeks ago. What struck me as most incredible is the megalithic stone-erecting “surveyors” apparently encountered by the settlers who arrived on the scene. Now that’s something I’ve not heard of from anywhere else, but seems an interesting bit of connecting information…

    It’s incredible that modern science officially still tries to explain things like sweet potatoes (a crop native to the Americas) being brought to places like NZ prior to the currently accepted dates of cultural exchange as “having floated across the ocean”… Every time I think about the fact I’ve read this as an official proposed explanation, I can’t get the image of a poor lonely sweet potato detaching itself from its pile, floating all the way across the ocean’s salt water and waves, arriving intact, and then being picked up by a person who’s allegedly never seen a sweet potato before, who then knows what it is and just how to plant it and turns it into a local staple… That’s the official explanation we are meant to accept πŸ˜€ Not sure what’s sillier — that, or the rat that ate carbon that’s thousands of years old (hence ancient dating) or the artifacts that drop thorough imaginary magical crevasses in the earth to explain anomalous artifact dating deep in the strata… I’m really beginning to think science is turning into a bad comedy sketch.

    Sad to hear about the cultural narratives of the New Zealanders being tossed into the “fiction” pile :/

  2. Great documentary! Well worth a watch. They do seem to cram a lot of information into a short amount of time; it’s a lot to take in.

  3. Really looking forward to watching this! It’s amazing to me how much evidence there is for ‘human devolution’ rather that ‘human evolution’ – I guess the fact that the truth is possible to cover up and that people are so unable and even hostile to new discoveries, that change the paradigm, is a symptom of it!

    I really enjoyed the chapter “The Lost Civilization of the Sun” in ‘The Path of the Spiritual Sun’ by Belsebuub and Lara Atwood that brings together a lot of the evidence for a wide spread, spiritually evolved peoples that once populated the four corners of the earth – including New Zealand.

    Thanks for the share.

    • Me too! It seems a bit like hobbiton, meets avatar, meets ancient stories and myths, meets New Zealand’s beautiful nature. πŸ™‚ From the few minutes I watched it seemed very ‘open minded’, but I think that might be good because sometimes you need to open up to some new views in order to reach a more balanced total view. But maybe I should actually watch it first before commenting on it πŸ™‚

      • Well, I was well off the mark there with my fairytale estimate based on the first few minutes of the video. πŸ™‚

        I would say that it’s actually a very good documentary! And in this case the evidence is right there, in the people still alive today, in the surveying stones still standing all over the place, scientific evidence through DNA testing, skeletons, cross culture symbols, archaeological finds etc.

        Gabbi Plumm and those who helped have done a really good work in making this documentary in my opinion. Some really solid people who were interviewed as well. One of the ‘subjects’ Monica Matamua of the Ngati Hotu is also particularly cool.

        The New Zealand part of the world (as well as those remote pacific islands) has always seemed like a very special place, maybe because it’s so far away and was settled by the modern west so late. The very diverse nature is still so pristine and it’s as if you could still have a sighting of a Moa if you’re walking in the forest on your own on a quiet morning.

        However this documentary, along with a chapter from a book I recently read (the Lost Civilization of the Sun) have kind of blown my mind a bit. Making me question what I really know of history. Opening up this very different view of the past, which can be a bit much to take (not just in its difference in view, but also simply the amount of new information.)

        Interesting that just as the alternate religious viewpoints facing opposition, so too it seems that the alternate history scene also faces a huge opposition of vested interests, though the form it takes is bit different. Yet if you’ve seen this pattern once it becomes very easy to recognize it again.
        But one of the aspects surprised me and that was racism. In my opinion it’s obvious this research is way beyond and not about racism or cultural superiority or whatever at all. But it is able to be dragged into that very dirty pit.

        But all of this investigated history in that area is very intriguing! A new book for me, looking forward to learning more.

        • I really enjoyed the documentary too – seems there are many credible voices out there who are working together to bring undeniable evidence forward to challenge official history. It must be incredibly hard to risk your academic respect by speaking against the status quo and I have big respect for the people who put their expertise towards doing just this.

          It makes me wonder about why this isn’t more well known. I suppose the early education we recieve has a lot to do with it, and so long as that is controlled by the state, once we are programmed to see the world in a certain way it’s very hard to change this. Once people are adult and go out into the world, life becomes so all-consuming we loose or smother the natural wonder of ‘who are we, where do we come from, what is our history’ and investigation stops. Then the systems of control have done a very good job – they’ve created a whole army of people that will just parrot their conditioning and fight anyone who wants to challenge it to uphold it.

          • Well thought out Ella, I agree. Once we’ve been given a certain established mindset (and most of the rest of society, including the experts, has also got that same view) then introducing something different can be difficult to take. Often only very slowly do mainstream ideas on things change.

    • Great information, so much suppressed information of the true history of man.

      I very much agree Ella, I’ve also been enjoying that particular chapter from ‘The Path of Spiritual Sun’. The part called ‘The spread of the civilization and religion of the sun’ on page 55, has a lot of excellent information on New Zealand. The evidence brought forward in this book is very hard to dispute.

    • I agree, this was a pretty good documentary and The Path of the Spiritual Sun is a great source that references a lot of this knowledge. It’s incredible to see the amount of evidence that’s been surfacing lately which tells us a very different story about the history of humanity and it’s early ties to the ancient religion/spirituality of the sun celebrated by so many different civilizations throughout time. It’s the common thread that connects all of us to it and I’m so thankful to see more courageous people bringing forth the truth about it.

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