Curbing Close Encounters: The Smear Campaign against Extraterrestrials

Ufo in the Desert

Hollywood churns out movie after movie about hostile alien invasions. Meanwhile human actions continue to threaten peace on earth. Yet real-life reports suggest ETs are peaceful, spiritual and concerned about humanity’s destructive ways and want to help us. Here we examine if a smear campaign is being orchestrated to block us from receiving their help.

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About Vida Narovski

Vida has always felt there is more to life than what is considered public knowledge. She is dedicated to helping re-establish spirituality in the world by uncovering and exposing the hidden agendas that are suffocating it.


  1. We must remember that all of this violence in the world is projection from those who see (and create) nothing but harm in the world: It’s not just the aliens in other words but everybody else who isn’t on their side. These are the type of people who destroy the world in order to protect it, draining its resources and polluting it, until life is barely viable. Paranoia sees violence everywhere because it goes about creating it

  2. From personal experience, they are very good beings, very spiritual and eminates much love and care for us and the planet.

    I was at another forum many months back and someone who was looking for et stories only wanted scary ones, due to a movie he was making, he said, fear sells more.
    True I guess.

    When a person don’t know what is happening the experience can indeed be scary and missinturpeted. Some beings look very different from us, and as a child and even as an adult things like that can be scary. So the experiencer might take the et visitations as hostile and bad. And with no one to talk to about these things, it’s even worse.

    I have experienced bad encounters too, not that the beings were evil, but, I did not like them because they treated me almost like a lab rat. This has only happened two times to my knowledge, otherwise I have only experienced very loving encounters with human looking beings and other beings.

  3. Peculiar article, exactly what I was looking for.

  4. your atek is too, too true, and in alignment with my own independant understanding, but I want to point out one area you may want to l ook at further.

    the Ashtar Command message was delivered by “Vrillon”.

    OK, two things:

    1. Ashar is possiblt “Ashtaroth”., or “Astarte” or Semiramis/Isis. You know all about that.
    2. Vrillon sounds an awful lot like “those of the Vril” if you will. Google this: “Nazi, Vril” and be amazed.

    I suspeect that message, although I like its tone and content, it may have been a practice run for a false flag yett to come. Do not know, but the terms, the names are suspect.

    All of this is explained in detail including the underlying motives and techniques of all sides in The Urantia Book. Please read it.

  5. Sincerely thanks for putting all this together. must check out all the links now. Those percentages speak volumes

  6. Hey Vida, what a great overview of the et phenomenon, I have seen Dr. Greers movies and witness testimonies and agree totally that most if not all et’s are benevolent and the only ones that aren’t are our own government and the black projects that they are involved in.

    For all those who have been conditioned into believing that et’s are here to not help our planet but to help themselves for their own benefit are way off the mark, just think for a second of the technology that they have, they could take our planet over in a heart beat, if that was their agenda, but they would never do that because if they would have, they would have self destructed them selves long ago (like our planet is doing at the moment) hence they must be only of love and peace and are here only to help us wake up to whats going on in this world of greed, corruption, deception, ect ect.

    As someone said in an earlier post, you only have to read some of their messages to us and you know that not many if any humans could say such words of peace, love and wisdom. Having said that how could they possibly come here with bad intentions (impossible).

    Going from some messages I have read and heard from et’s, ascended masters, archangels whatever one chooses to call them, they are actually our relatives that seeded this planet long ago so we are like their children so to speak and who would want to harm their children, so of course they only want to help us and see us happy and living in peace.

    We all have what they call free will and the law of the universe is that no one should impose on someone else’s free will, that’s why the powers that be (were) are so busy trying to keep us in fear of et’s
    because with that law of the universe they know that the et’s will not come down here to earth unless we invite them and enough of us will not be fearful of them as so not to create mass hysteria and panic. Truth of the matter is they (the et’s) want nothing more than to show themselves and help us in our journey as a planet with technology, wisdom and messages of love so we can all go forward as a planet instead of the greed, corruption and eventual destruction of our beautiful blue little planet.

    Great work Vida, the more people that know the truth the quicker we will all have a world of peace, harmony and prosperity and will be finally able to meet our brothers and sisters from the stars, because as soon as we are ready they will come.

    Love and peace too all.

  7. I agree if any human been are informed correctly are the best for our civilisations , because my self i believe totally in that Entity they exist even for sure they are in another dimension that we can see it , because those are mult advanced in anything ,even we got today computers etc we still are much behoind and maybe will take long time to get , thsat because today we got the most super power today are drived the must shit psyco of the planet , so if we replace those cretins with the healthy mind we got a chance to advance in the future , but for this we must send those idiots from the power this days directly to the HELL .

  8. It is so sad to see that this negative image of ETs is being created in people’s view all across the board. I really noticed it in the movie industry especially as of late. Movies such as Battleship, Iron Sky, Visitors and many other in recent years have been depicting aliens as these evil beings that come to earth for their own sinister purpose.

    I was talking to a friend in her early twenties and she said that she had this fear of the aliens engrained into her as a result off all the movies and I found it very interesting and upsetting at the same time. This really showed me how subconsciously someone is creating this image of aliens in the young generation. Now if we think about the new generation and how it is so hooked up on the latest movies, we can obviously see that the image that is created for them is no like other in the history of humanity. This truly worrying as this image is nothing more than a figment of imagination of some producer or really a part of a bigger plan of the elite few for their own sinister purposes.

    Thanks for extensive research Vida to bring this to light .

  9. I feel that this article is very one-sided.

    If a race travels vast distances in space, seeking to establish influence in other worlds, surely this is a good indicator that it is not spiritually advanced? Intervention is not something to be taken lightly. Loss of self-determination and sovereignty is a serious consequence of allowing others to establish themselves in a providing role.

  10. Thanks for putting that all together Vida. The parts that stand out the most for me are the messages that are actually sent from the ET’s… They are really trying to help us. I find it very difficult to believe that a hoaxer would be able to come up with such profound and beautiful messages for humanity. The crop circles and the content of the messages themselves are proof enough for me. They give such a strong sense of wisdom and care that I would not credit to an earthling.

  11. Thanks for the article, Vida. It’s amazing that “Out of over 300 movies I found only 37 that depicted extraterrestrials in a positive way.” So sad that this view of hostile extraterrestrials keeps being peddled onto the public over and over again.

    On that note, I was so shocked when I was reading the friendship case book — what I thought was the official book about the case, written by an alleged participant in the case, and called Mass Contact. There were parts to that book that were absolutely beautiful and truthful, but there were other parts that were just very odd and didn’t coincide at all with my experience with and knowledge of extraterrestrials. I really couldn’t make out why the book was written like that by someone who participated in the case. My initial thoughts were to just dismiss the whole book as a hoax, but I just couldn’t do that. The parts that touched me I am certain were truthful and reflect the spiritual and peaceful nature of these beings. The language used to describe certain experiences was of a nature that you could probably only relate to if you’ve had certain experiences in higher dimensions or with extraterrestrial beings. It’s something you recognize straight away if you’ve experienced it. So I never quite got why the book also contained odd things that were of a completely contrary nature alongside the truthful parts. I recently read an an account by one of the other participants in the friendship case who stated that the book Mass Contacts was infiltrated and intentionally distorted, with most elements of the case presented truthfully, but with some elements being added to distort the message and add bits and pieces here and there that would make the reader doubt the truthfulness of the case. When I read this person’s explanation of this, it all suddenly made sense. I could even mentally pick out all the parts in the book/story that seemed out of place and contrary to the nature of the case. It’s really sad that this type of infiltration takes place to deceive the public and to distort contact with extraterrestrials and create all kinds of misconceptions about them.

  12. The idea that every single individual of every species visiting this planet is 100% benevolent ignores thousands of victims’ anecdotes. If you think nobody has ever been harmed by an ET, look at lectures by Dr. Karla Turner or Butch Witkowski or any of the hundreds of victims who have spoken about being physically and psychologically damaged. I have great respect for Dr. Greer, but the idea that rogue government operations are trying to make people afraid of aliens whom they don’t want us to know exist, and then wiping their memories afterward, is nonsensical.

    • Regarding those anecdotes of abduction, there is significant testimony to indicate that those victims are actually victims of military programs who purposefully stage these abductions in order to create a kind of scapegoat/enemy, and they are not done by real extraterrestrials. Here is a video of Steven Greer speaking to this information:

      Obviously, people are free to investigate these claims for themselves, but I personally find it more nonsensical to think that an advanced intelligent species are traveling countless light years in order to abduct and probe humans in their sleep (to what end?).

      • To what end? To research us, so that they can better manipulate our behavior and breeding. The goal is basically to breed us as cattle and harvest us. And if we don’t realize that that’s what’s happening to us, that just makes it so much easier for them.

        By comparison: cows and pigs don’t realize they are bred and harvested by us.
        Really, it’s funny that many people assume that aliens will be benign, while we ourselves exploit absolutely every lower life form we feel we have a use for. It’s really quite silly to think that _higher_ life forms will not treat us in pretty much the same way.

        • Hello J-Dude,

          Many people don’t assume that aliens are benign and speak from experience.

          Can you offer any evidence that in thousands of years of humanity on this planet any one has ever been harvested? If that was their end goal it would’ve happened by now.

        • What you have said here J-Dude seems a logical possibility if one assumes that ET’s are not spiritually advanced, just as we are not, and if one assumes that the abductions are being done by them and not para-military groups like what Dr Greer suggests.

          So, how many people per year do you think get eaten by them?

          And why do they bother with the cattle mutilations?

          Why don’t they eat the cattle and pigs like we do and leave us alone?
          I mean, we walk around on two legs like they do, we are humanoid like them.

          If we were able to travel to other planets that had a lower intelligence humanoid life on it do you think we would want to eat them?

          I tend to think ET’s are not doing the abductions for whatever reason because they are vastly more intelligent and spiritually advanced and also because they are humanoid like us and not interested in eating us!

          Perhaps though they did help seed human life on this planet but not for some nefarious reason but due to fulfilling a spiritual purpose.

        • Hi J-Dude,

          My view on it is similar to David’s, in that I think for any civilization to reach the point where it’s capable of traveling the cosmos, it will need to reach a strong degree of spiritual development first.

          Any humanity lacking that is naturally destructive, and in my view is likely to destroy themselves before being able to develop enough technologically to do so. At the very least, the humanity will be divided, split into different groups and untrustful of each other, not working together with the level of co-operation needed to develop and in all likelihood having each group fear the progress of the others, attacking any that shows signs of standing equal to themselves.

          I think as a humanity we unfortunately share many of the traits above, and as those traits are the only ones we’ve known, it’s easy to see them as part & parcel to how life as a whole works.

          I think though that in the vastness of life, not only can other worlds and civilizations exist, but other ways of life as well.
          If we take our ways as a formula whose outcome is essentially how our world is, with all the mundanity, corruption and stunted growth – both inwardly and technologically – it seems for extraterrestrials to really have advanced, they would have had to take another road as a humanity.

          Perhaps it could be the case that a spiritual civilization would look at ours and wish to help us. Unfortunately, it seems as though we’re being manipulated by sinister forces out there to fear this, and in my opinion, the consequences of not accepting help with society as it’s going is likely to be our loss.

          • gota agree with what Nathan and David said really..

            Anyways, we are far more capable at doing all he bad deeds that Hollywood is wanting us to think of Extra-terrestrials.

            And it is also amazing how the word “Alien” has a negative connotation as well.. This is the term that is used legally to describe an immigrant in the USA… I had people look at me afraid as I exclaimed once at the post office while filing a form: “Oh darn it, I forgot my alien #” – the place went silent, stares – I was totally being ostracized – I only realized as something felt not right all of a sudden and I looked up and saw everyone looking at me!

            I thought that was funny at the time – but retrospectively, you can already see the ignorant fear toward even just the word “alien” has taken root among the common people – how sad..

      • I thought what J-Dude commented was actually a valid assumption considering the mass disinformation on this subject out there. If you don’t have an array of info from different sources, and even then, the subject matter is as clear as mud. I believe that’s exactly the point.
        J-Dude, I didn’t get from your comment that by breeding you meant they would want to eat us – for some reason, my understanding was more in line with us being some kind of slaves for them in the scenario that you’re painting, is that right?

        Anyway, what you said reminded me a lot of a testimony by Jim Sparks in 2007, who claims to have been an abductee for years, I think a couple decades even. He’s been seriously traumatized by it and it has alienated him from his family, friends, work, etc. He talks of being forced to work with their agenda, learn what they want him to learn, and if he refuses, he is tortured. It was obvious that any sense of free will was stripped away from him. They screen-image things into his mind to make him afraid or to calm him down, whatever is needed to get what they want. Lots of other instances of reality being manipulated for him – seeing what wasn’t there at all. He seemed to have developed Stockholm syndrome because when he’s not being tortured, he’s glad to comply with their demands, mistaking it for an act of inclusion or kindness towards him.

        What struck me as I was hearing his testimony was that he identifies a “worker being”, which are the ones that abductees presume to be aliens but they’re actually programmable task performers – half-robotic and half-biological. That’s exactly what Dr. Greer warns about, the trickery and deception of these covert groups. If, as he says, in the ‘50s they had the technologies to “take ET home”, it’s difficult to contemplate how far they’ve come in mimicking other ET technologies from back-engineering and using it for selfish and evil purposes. Jim even reveals he saw for himself inside of the crafts the things he thinks are ETs and military personnel. That was the key. I think this aspect is so important to consider: if these are “higher life forms”, what are they doing working with our military??

        Yet the message that Jim brings from the interactions he has with these creatures is that they are concerned for the welfare of earth’s environment and instill this worry into the minds of the abductees (of which there are several through mass abductions he claims to have been a part of). They’re shown images of earth, before and after, depicting the destruction we will cause if we continue along this same route of disregard for our home here. As the abductees are all watching this, they are probed with tubes that stimulate and heighten emotions. If he refuses to watch what they’re showing, they make him black out.

        Without the missing puzzle piece of accounts of evolved consciousness that extraterrestrial beings have – with multi-dimensional faculties, a command of existing consciously in higher dimensions which enable them to travel here in the first place, compassion, respect for free will, etc. – the view through which we see these abductions is incomplete and we jump to conclusions.

        I think another link that’s missing is the 7 or so decades of black ops research programs into advanced technologies that make what’s out and known to the public look like it’s from the Stone Age. When we don’t take time to consider that possibility and what they could have achieved in secret for this period of time, it makes it really hard to entertain the idea that humans are executing these abductions. In that case, it only leaves it to genuine ETs and it’s easier to believe they’re the culprits.

        I wanted to hear for myself an account of one of these abductees and what I got from Jim’s awful experience is how mixed and distorted the messages are. They want us to realize we’re destroying the planet but they’re willing to torture people over it. Something about that is incredibly suspicious. I believe that Jim and other abductees are telling the truth (who would voluntarily go through that much social ridicule over a lie?), but I don’t think they understand the full extent of what is happening to them and who is responsible. Greer, as far as I know, has come out with proof about these black ops relatively recently, so I don’t think many people have considered the even darker alternative: instead of evil ETs that come from light-years away, could it be at the hand of our very own evil humans?

        • Good points Zorana, this interview shines a lot of light on some of the topics you mentioned, re: “alien” abductions staged by the military and black ops:

          • Thanks, David. Yea, that’s the video that helped connect the dots a bit better regarding what was happening to all of these people and shine a light on who could be behind it and why. Without information like this, unfortunately there seems to be a plausible case against ET involvement with abductees.

        • Thanks Zorana, I think you are spot on here. I also felt from different abductee experiences that they were genuine, and that those people were not lying. What Dr. Greer brings to light now is great, as it makes a total sense in the light of secret military operations. I also wondered why are we still having a technology of a “stone-age” as you said… Including planes for example. They feel so archaic, unsafe and just not fit for this age. I just could not believe that we would not have researches and developers today to develop something much better. No research usually stops for like 100 years or so, usually things develop by a pretty rapid rate in technology field. But obviously, we are not informed, and deliberately kept in this “bubble” that we simply don’t have any advanced technologies yet. Now these recent revelations shed a lot of light on why this might be so. Thanks for adding this missing piece to the puzzle!

          • It’s been good to revisit this older post through the new flurry of comments.

            My personal feeling is that the kind of torture that this person Zorana speaks of is very possible in this world, where it seems human cruelty knows no bounds and that the means to achieve this mind control is scarily sophisticated. I feel ET’s are higher and gentle beings, from a few experiences I’ve had, from the astonishing Disclosure Project and the touching Friendship Case.

            On a slightly different topic, I wanted to mention crop circles. I visited these years ago and felt they had a very special energy. I was shocked at how delicate they seemed from inside -even when you can’t see the pattern the way the crop is bent and shaped into little folds looks like an intelligent design. This was in Wiltshire in England where there are record numbers of formations. I remember thinking that the land here is very special – Stonehenge and Avebury and Silbury Hill are all here – may be somehow it was spontaneously creating them, especially as they arise in summer, a time of heightened energy.

            Then last week or so I came across this article by John Burke who was a physicist who did some really interesting measurements of the electromagnetic energy of sacred sights and also explored crop circles. He suggests that the energetics of the area could create some of these circles via some physics I can’t understand enough to explain here! But the article is quite easy to follow for the layman.


            For me it doesn’t take away the magic of crop circles, or the probability that some are messages from ET’s. I find it quite incredible that these amazing patterns are inherent in life and could just manifest in the right conditions, the invisible beauty becoming visible momentarily.

            Or maybe it’s a collaboration between the special forces of this area and the craftsmanship of extraterrestrials?!

            For anyone who’s interested in this kind of thing I found John Burke’s work in series 2 “Higher Technology” of The Pyramid Code – a fantastic doco on the Egyptian pyramids.


          • Hi Ella!

            I remember also reading in the recent past that the tissue, the very molecules of the crop inside of these formations is entirely altered! That was interesting to learn. The ‘physics’ article you just posted goes more in depth. It pretty much debunks that they were man-made…which, just by looking at some of them, is obvious. Thanks for these links 🙂

        • Yes unfortunately there is negative propaganda and psyops against E.T’s by which folks like J-Dude have been tricked even despite this article outlining all that. I took their comment at face value, the analogy used adds up to eating in my opinion. If that is not what was meant, it was a poor analogy and is indicative of the lack of clear thinking on this issue in general amongst humanity including any kind of ‘harvesting’.

  13. Some time ago watching all this massive information and propaganda against ETs i had started collecting material for my records and some day to expose that somehow. It’s great you did that Vida in such way and thank you!.
    I haven’t realize that there are so many movies for example.
    Lately come up a alien jelly fish which US military forces where attacking it. This propaganda is so great and massive and in the same time is getting benefit so much from people’s sensitive fearful emotions, that can manipulate so easy people’s minds and behaviours.

    Not just with movies, but with any kind of mean of information. And specially with some of those which promote that expose realities and truth. I don’t know how much sensitive, picky or sceptical someone should be in order not get wrong influenced from this.
    What i know is that working on our own perception can improve our attitude at any kind of field and of course our critical ability.

    Thank again!
    I’m looking forward to any updates

    • Hi Fotis -thanks, I know what you mean. The amount of movies that portray ET’s in a negative light is astounding. I started researching that first, with the hope that I might somehow be wrong and that there might just be ET movies out there I didn’t know about that portrayed them positively. As I went down the list of films unfortunately it just wasn’t the case! And that is just one aspect of the disinformation and fear propaganda that is used against ET’s.

  14. Last night Daya and I watched the video “UFO Secret – The Friendship Case”. We found it very insightful and full of hope.
    Where would this world be today without the help of the Divine.

    Definitely a must watch. Thanks again.

    • It’s definitely a touching story that gives a glimpse into what it could be like if we could peacefully interact with ET’s. I was really inspired by it too.

  15. I’ve found that many people are now questioning the possibility of ETs, but sadly many still think that there are good and bad ETs. Articles like this are a great way to make a difference on the topic.

    Other than many eyewitness accounts of ETs and UFO sightings, there is so much evidence of their existence. As mentioned, there is the amazing Crop Circles and also there so many drawings and carvings from so many different ancient civilisations, which includes UFO drawings that can be seen on church glass art.

    What an amazing story about the W56. Looking forward to watching the video called “UFO Secret – The Friendship Case”.

    Great article I really enjoyed ready it. Well done, thanks Vida.

  16. Amidst all the amounts of ‘garbage’ information out there on this subject, this is a wonderful fresh breath of honest info and quality sources. !(relief)

    I think you’ve got many of the key issues well covered

    “…. if a smear campaign is being orchestrated to block us from receiving their help”

    I do think this is very much the case. Set in motion by those very groups and entities that feel their interests and control of the planet will be threatened by the teamwork of ET civilizations and the people on earth. And unfortunately the blockage from help is even further propelled by people themselves because of our fears, desire for sensation, …..pride etc.

    Thanks so much Vida, wonderfully put together. It would be useful for everyone stumbling across this to forget all the Hollywood films and such. And rather watch the Friendship case and the Disclosure project re-think with common sense what the reality of the situation really is.

    • Thanks Karim. It’s a big topic and there’s a lot more to be said on it but it’s definitely a start in unfolding the lies and deceit that are spread against ET’s.

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