How Society is Manipulated to Fear Extraterrestrials [Video Expose]

In November 2015, Dr Steven Greer gave an in-depth presentation titled “How the Secret Government Works: The Most Explosive Expose”. In it Greer discusses a 60 year psychological war waged on the public by a secret government within the United States. Using targeted misinformation this propaganda aims to set the stage for interstellar warfare by creating a worldwide fear of extraterrestrial invasion.

In this hard hitting expose, Dr Steven Greer covers many important topics whose implications could change the face of society and how we look at both governments and extraterrestrials forever, including:

  • The existence of secret anti-extraterrestrial government projects funded by trillions of dollars in unaccounted taxpayer money that even the President and head of the CIA do not know about
  • Advanced scalar electromagnetic frequency (EMF) weapons that have been used for decades to shoot down extraterrestrial craft
  • Psychological warfare operations using man-made “UFOs” and “aliens” to conduct faked alien abductions and attacks. These false flag events aim to create a global fear of ETs and to suppress knowledge of their benevolent nature and advanced energy systems that could otherwise help revolutionize the fossil fuel industry and humanity’s conscious development
  • How the “implants” removed from “alien abduction” victims are actually man-made RFID chips
  • How the American military use alien reproduction vehicles to transport chemical weapons, arms and drugs
  • How to tell the difference between a man-made UFO or extraterrestrial and the real thing
  • How ridicule and character assassination are used to keep the truth about extraterrestrials quiet
  • How a government agency planned in 1995 to create a “global UFO cult” to create the illusion that humanity is facing an alien invasion
  • Plans to use a false flag 9/11-type cosmic event on a mass scale to provoke interstellar conflict
  • and much more…

Watch the full presentation here on youtube, and comment below to give your opinion on what Dr Greer is discussing.


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  1. Daniel Languiller

    I’ve been watching this bit by bit over the last few days. All incredible stuff if true. Although I’m skeptical of anything anyone says unless I prove it with my own senses. But it all makes sense.

    The overwhelming feeling I get from it all though, is how incredibly sad it all is. Not just for the average person who misses out on potentially life-improving and planet-saving technology (like clean energy), or how the masses are manipulated. But it’s more so incredibly sad for the perpetrators of all these black projects. How simple-minded and short-sighted all their aims are. But I guess this is what humans deserve; old, feeble technology; people in power who conceal, lie and manipulate; and exclusion from anything of a higher nature.

  2. I saw an activity for kids taking place recently where they could ‘help colonize Mars’ by building things out of lego and displaying their constructions on a big table stylised like the surface of Mars. Many kids came up with very original ideas 🙂 However I later spoke to one of the organisers who was there most of the time and she said that lots of the kids made all sorts of ‘weapons to kill aliens’……. To such an extent that after a while they didn’t allow those constructions to be on the display table anymore because it was eclipsing the other things that were built.
    I felt very sad.

    The effect that all the Hollywood and videogame garbage have is obvious and very real. It’s really a foul move that people and especially children are implanted with these ideas from such an early age. The emotions and fears that are already within a person, but attach themselves to ‘images’ in childhood are cleverly being linked to ”aliens”. What do you think this person’s reaction would be as an adult when seeing a UFO or actual ET?

    • Just wanted to share this link, showing just how real holographic images can be. To be honest I hadn’t really understood this until seeing this.

      Being able to project an image to an unsuspecting audience who don’t know it’s a hologram … that’s a dangerous tool in the wrong hands. I’m not sure if this video is more relevent in another conversation, but I thought I’d put it here!

      It was also interesting for me to note that it was shared by a FB friend in a positive light: “the stuff dreams are made of”…

      • Thanks for sharing that Ella, I had no idea hologram technology was that advanced either.

        And if that’s what they’re showing off in public, imagine what they have which is already being kept secret..

        Here is another example, apparently it’s called 7D holographic technology:

      • Woa, that looked very real! Interesting to see some of the comments below that video as well. People bringing up 9/11 and the idea of somebody projecting the second coming of Jesus so easily with this … definitely no bueno in the wrong hands. Thanks for the share, Ella.

      • Hey Ella,

        I actually think that is very cool :D! (hashtag #luvwhales, jk)

        However I think this video is not what it makes itself out to be. Rather, I think, it’s a video shot of an audience that’s been asked to look in a certain direction and shout ‘woow’ and afterwards in post production a whale has been added to it along with some holographic looking elements.

        The video David’s posted and others like it are also not what it may seem to be, I think. Those holograms (or in this case 3D cgi objects) are there in real time, however they can only be seen on a screen. So, for exmaple, a camera films you standing in a corner, you look onto a screen where you see yourself in that corner, but with added lions walking around you. These online videos are only showing the screen footage.

        However even such technologies can be implamented with VR glasses in the future in a similar way to the ‘augmented reality’ stuff. So you would look around your room with some glasses and see everything normally, apart from the Polar bear in your kitchen ;-).

        This doesn’t mean that there aren’t very advanced holographic technologies in secret black projects, that perhaps even use a very different line of technology to create illusions.

        • Good pickup Karim, I should have looked deeper before posting that video.

          Looks like the whale video is a promo for Magic Leap which is a technology being developed which will be similar to google glass, but that works by “beaming the signal directly into the retina itself, creating the same types of neurological effects as real objects around you”. From this article

        • Thanks for looking into it Karim. I thought the family in the video David posted were not touching those animals very precisely, sometimes “petting the air” instead of the animal itself. That makes sense if they were just trying to touch the animals that were on the screen with their “screen hands”. Still quite cool I think, as some people pointed out in the comment, why to keep animals in the ZOO, if families can just come to the holographic performance and learn about them that way. 🙂 One of the positives of such technologies I guess. Or find yourself in a war somewhere, learning what it must have been for the people involved, etc.

        • Ahhh … thanks Karim and David for explaining that further. Should have dug a bit deeper! Still, the idea of having things beamed into your eye to create holograms doesn’t sound like a great alternative either!

          • Still, the idea of having things beamed into your eye to create holograms doesn’t sound like a great alternative either!

            I don’t think so either!

  3. This is one of the best talks I’ve ever seen from Steven Greer. Wow… If you are a fan, you’ll love this video. If you are unfamiliar with his work, buckle up and get ready to become informed on what’s really happening on the UFO subject.

    Greer has been consistent and very methodical in his research and in his actions in bringing this information out in the public domain. With so much knowledge and facts it can be hard to paint a clear and whole picture, however, in this video he succeeds in achieving that. The gradual build up of information and adding a piece of the puzzle makes it understandable for anyone. He brings the pieces together of the history of the UFOs, the ways used to debunk and ridicule the subject, the involvement of Hollywood and the scientific community, which companies are involved and have access to the technologies, and later the darker aspects of group who is in control and what their goals are, including a staged alien attack.

    Towards the end Greer gives several suggestions in how to break out of the situation the world is in. In my opinion he’s right. As a society we have to shake of the fear that has been put into us regarding the ET phenomena, get passed the ridicule and make efforts to reach out to our brothers and sisters from the stars who are there to help us.

  4. Fantastic video! Thanks for passing it on.

    There is an amusement park ride that used to be called the Gravitron. It kind of looks like a classic Hollywood version UFO as it spins in a circular direction. Recently it was advertised at the Sydney Royal Easter Show as ‘Alien Abduction’ and had robots and Hollywood style aliens around it. It’s all becoming quite obvious.

  5. I think I definitely need to find the time to watch this, as it seems very serious and Dr. Greer is definitely a capacity in this field. I have watched some of his videos on some of the topics mentioned (for example about how the so-called “alien implants” are the man-made RFID chips), but to have everything together in one doco should make more sense. Thank you so much for sharing about it!

    • It’s fairly long, but it’s a very insightful viewing. Dr Greer speaks quite slowly, so I found speeding it up to 1.5x normal on youtube took less time to watch it but was still very listenable.

      • Haha 😀 That’s a funny way of doing it. I would personally just split it up in multiple viewings.

      • Thanks David – I think I’ll try that – I love Greer’s work but the video is a but dauntingly long!

        • It is long, but in my opinoin it’s defintely worth a careful watach. As one Youtube commenter says: 🙂

          Steve Gwilt 2 weeks ago
          Thanks a lot, Mr. Greer. I was suppose to get the lawn mowed today. Didn’t happen, LOL. This was very eye opening.”

  6. It is a compelling video with a lot of information from over the last 70 or so years that ties together the whole dark agenda of an ultimate fake alien invasion. Also touches on the murder of JFK and of Marilyn Monroe and the framing of Nixon to look like a bad guy. Its all related to the UFO issue according to Greer.

    Particularly disturbing is the document from 1995 produced by a US Army think tank which he shows on screen and he reads out most of it starting at the 2 hour 50 minute mark in the video. He doesn’t actually read out the first point in the agenda though (you can pause the video to read it yourself) which basically promotes the absolutely terrible idea to “raise one or two generations of children” in “government approved satanic cults” (one is suggested which was started by a retired military intelligence officer specialising in psychological warfare!) and subject them to horrible abuse in-order to turn them into compliant “dissociative automatons” and murderous “satanic cult graduates” who will participate in fake UFO abductions.

    The second point in the document is to “create a global UFO cult which will involve the abduction of citizens” to create fear of an “extraterrestrial invasion”.

    And on the document goes…not exactly light reading for the faint hearted. This is purely evil stuff! Who wrote this! I’m not sure I want to know actually.

    Greer goes on to explain that the technology mentioned in the document which will be used for this agenda has actually already been around and used for this purpose since the 1950’s. So although this document is dated in 1995 and reads like a plan to be implemented, it is perhaps an outline of the plan that had already been in place for a long time and was already well into being rolled out.

    So in light of this evidence you have got to wonder about the origins or influences behind certain new religious movement groups that focus on UFO’s and revere ET’s as “Gods”, more so the ones that end up in a mass suicides and murders like the Order of The Solar Temple which has had such incidents in their groups around the world in 1994, 1995 and 1997. Or the Heaven’s Gate group with its mass suicides in 1997, the founder of which spent time in the military and a six-month stint in jail (what could have been done to him during those times?). These cases have been instrumental in the whole negative “cult” hype in the media and society, and perhaps a subconscious negative association towards ET’s. Pile on to that so many alien attack movies and computer games, etc – you can see the propaganda in play.

    This document suggests that such groups could have been setup or influenced by dark controllers in the first place as part of the overall fake alien attack agenda to enable total societal control. But is it also an attack against any genuine innocent new religious movements with an interest in UFO’s and/or solar religious principles? If so, is that because such groups have the potential for peaceful contact with real extraterrestrials which – if such groups became popular and the peaceful nature of ET’s more known about and accepted – could lead to thwarting their diabolical plans?

    • Thanks for the summary David, this sounds utterly horrible, but makes sense. I have come across parts of it (like the satanic cults and their horrible abuse of children, with the whole organizations, government officials, schools and even churches, etc. being involved in it), and now I can see how these dark guys are preparing the ground for even more evil stuff. But some of these victims are speaking out (I guess the numbing and desensitizing does not work 100%), and I feel they deserve more attention, as they have directly witnessed these things and should be helped and taken seriously instead of being smeared.

    • Thanks for spotting that part David. I found the part where he spoke about people with an eschatological motivation (i.e to try to bring about the end of the world) for the dark things they do quite chilling.

      There definitely is this subtle presence of dark esotericism in so many of the agendas in the world, which this site has helped highlight the different avenues those agendas take. One thing I’ve noticed they all have in common is how they try to smear and suppress goodness and portray white esotericism as something bad.

      I know Dr. Greer mentioned the suppression of benign technology a lot, and this is doubtlessly a factor in why this suppression movement exists. I wonder though how much of the agenda is about keeping humanity from contacting spiritual and peaceful civilizations, not only ones who could help us from a technological sense, but help us develop as individuals and use this life we share together to help each other, and life as a whole.

      I get a sense that would really thwart those sinister agendas from the root up so to speak.

      • You are spot on with your comments Nathan. It’s so strange to see another common theme play out among those who support or propagate these dark agendas (i.e. anti-spirituality projects); they justify their actions because often they believe what they are doing is for the general “good” of humanity (i.e. instigating the “end times” to bring forth a savior, etc.). It’s a totally warped and destructive perception of reality.

    • I was intrigued by the same part at 2:50, David. I went back a few times to reread things because I was just so stunned. I’ve read about and heard of the false flag alien attack agenda and can see the propaganda playing out, through Hollywood but also through the ridicule of anybody who speaks of ETs as benevolent beings. It has an altogether different element to it when I have the opportunity to read for myself the ACTUAL document laying it all out. And that was only tidbits of 2 pages from 11, detailing the unbelievable endgame in the works. Genuinely unbelievable. I can only imagine the daunting task of trying to inform somebody about this without having the actual document at hand, because without seeing it, its contents and implications are just too horrific to fathom. How evil.

      I think it was the first time for me hearing about the religious fanatics who push for war in hopes of bringing about the second coming of the Christ. Killing people, suppressing a mountain of truth, destroying our planet and, therefore, humanity’s existence here all for the sake of a warped belief that it’s somehow the right thing to do spiritually is truly psychotic and scary.

      I did appreciate Dr. Greer’s hopes of having more people aware of peaceful contact with ETs and bringing about a larger event that can no longer be ignored by mainstream media – it was curious to hear of it in his lucid dream. Humanity needs more people tuning in and taking action.

      • I think it was the first time for me hearing about the religious fanatics who push for war in hopes of bringing about the second coming of the Christ. Killing people, suppressing a mountain of truth, destroying our planet and, therefore, humanity’s existence here all for the sake of a warped belief that it’s somehow the right thing to do spiritually is truly psychotic and scary.

        How strange is that attitude!?

  7. Cannot let a chance to sing this man’s praise go by 🙂 His ‘work ethic’ or perserverance in working to bring this information out is inspiring.

    Of course the revealing and eductaional information itself has changed the game in the ufo field, providing it with an actual genuine source. I’ve listened to a lot of his talks and such, but when everything is laid out in this history/timeline kind of way, the whole thing becomes incredibly clear.

    About society being mainpulated to fear Aliens, I’ve seen this implanted in myself and also in many others. Just two days ago I was speaking to a colleague and I mentioned something about the supernatural, that person went on to mention some theories on extraterrestrials. She basically mentioned some that are the ones propelled by the UFO disinfo & Hollywood campaign. TV definitely has a big effect on how people consider the world to be.

    So I’m glad this (rather long 😉 ) video has some views is received well.