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  1. Great Article thank you for sharing. Love Dr Greer’s work very pleased it is getting shared

  2. Thanks for digging up this paper, it’s a very important one imo. I think its content is for many a ‘truth stranger than fiction.’

    The information Dr. Steven Greer has brought to public awareness on UFO’s/ET’s is amazing, and his continuous hard work very inspiring.

  3. Great articall, thanks for that.
    Dr Greer and his team are doing such a great job to help others understand. Hopefully they can make a real difference for future understanding of ETs.

  4. Outstanding article! As relevant today as it was in 1996. Raises many important questions.

  5. Really insightful article, I am sure Dr. Greer knows what he is talking about…

    It always sounded suspicious to me that these abduction cases only started in 70-ties, almost as a “response” to some genuine and very interesting and revelaing extraterrestrial contacts in 50-ties. It seems like the dark forces had to come up with something to cover up the disclosure that started to happen in 50-ties, and decided to fight through inducing fear, chaos and mistrust among the general public, using those secret advanced technologies.

    Now what Dr. Greer writes about the principles that are being applied in this war caught my attention, as they really apply to everything that we see happening today – from false news, documentaries or crop circles, to staged alien abductions and who knows what else. He says the following:

    “One of the principles of good, effective disinformation is that you psychologically manipulate the environment so that people will not know what they are looking at, even if they see it. Another is that the creation of very similar, hoaxed decoy cases – if strategically executed and played out – will hide the real phenomenon, or at least draw peoples’ attention away from the real events.

    Everyone in counter-intelligence knows that really good disinformation contains some elements of the truth, thereby making the false information or events more believable to the targeted recipients.”

    Thanks for bringing this article to our attention, I don’t think I would find it on my own!

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