Manipulations & Mind Games: The Secret Battle to Control How We Think

Throughout history the mechanisms of persuasion and influence have always been manipulated by those in power as a means to maintain authority and legitimacy. In more recent times the overall manipulation of the mass public mind has become less about overt spectacles of fear and obedience, and more about subtle forms of media propaganda.

TV mind control

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By Kingsley L Dennis PhD

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  1. I believe that it’s so important to bring more awareness about the control of humanity, and hopefully many will wake up and take action to ensure they’re not affected.

    Great article, thanks for your efforts to help others.

  2. An excellent article, thanks for re-posting. I’ve often found some excellent articles in the New Dawn magazine.
    Quote: “Another form of individualism is corporate-media centralisation masquerading as diversity and choice.”
    This supposed diversity and supposed empowering individuals with ‘choice’ seems at the root of a lot of deception. Choice indicates many things, and often infers ‘importance’, ‘responsibility’ and ‘accountability’. If there is no real responsibility or accountability, it is simply like a fake title given to an employee, so they continue working and forget about the low pay, but they have been given a choice, and choose the feel good carrot distraction, rather than risk losing their job by demanding the pay rise. Choice is being provided by a controller in the first instance, but the fixation on choosing, makes one forget that the options and outcome may already be predetermined and fixed. The feeling of being empowered with choice easily makes us feel content and important, we are satisfied, resign, become compliant and passive. The big picture is no longer out of my control, I have value and have made my important decision. I am not being controlled, I am not a slave, and I have free will. I made the choice, no one else did. Again it seems to take something good, like encouraging choice, action, independence, autonomy and manipulating it for evil.
    I think it was Stalin that once said words to the effect of: ‘Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.’
    This Tedx talk has very interesting changes at play in families re choice.;search%3Afamily

  3. Excellent article, thanks for sharing.

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