Music Industry Exposed Part 2 – The Agenda to Promote the Dark Side

It’s no secret that the music industry has a huge impact on the direction of our culture. When the industry’s biggest stars are “obsessed” with the macabre, and their performances and music videos promote evil acts, demon possession and darkness, what kind of culture will be created? Will spiritual values survive in a world where darkness is increasingly embraced and glorified?

Nicki Minaj depicted as a dictator and flanked by figures of darkness in a still from the videoclip from her song "Only" Source

Nicki Minaj depicted as a dictator and flanked by figures of darkness from her videoclip “Only” Source

Music directly represents the passions of the soul. If one listens to the wrong kind of music, he will become the wrong kind of person ~Aristotle

The first article in this series investigated the huge amount of dark esoteric symbols being promoted in the music industry. This article explores how references to darkness in popular music extend well beyond the use of symbols, creating a culture where the forces of evil are celebrated and practically worshipped by proxy throughout the world.

Music makes up a huge part of our lives. We listen in our spare time, to entertain us while we’re going to work, to motivate us – we might even have songs from our favourite artists stuck in our head all day long! Popular musicians undeniably hold a powerful position in our lives, having a big impact over the direction of our thoughts, emotions and actions. For many people they are life’s biggest role models.

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About David Arkyn

David has a deep interest in spiritual development, but has discovered there are many forces in the world working to keep people asleep. His recent interest has been researching the psychological tactics and techniques used to limit people's spiritual potential, writing about his discoveries here at The Conscious Reporter.


  1. Many entertainers do this because they think there is no hell or heaven,shock upon you when that day comes,many will gnash their teeth in regret most have sold their souls to the devil thinking it so cool..and unfortunately once sold that’s that,no turning back…I pity those lost souls..I wish you knew the implications of your actions..The devil himself will be defeated,what makes you think you will be an exception?These people choose to turn a blind eye in ignorance

  2. Full on. Its like the deeper you dig the more dirt you uncover. Thanks for the time and effort to put this together. This site is fast becoming something very unique and special. Bit of light in the darkness. Thankyou

  3. It bewilders me how people denounce spirituality or make it out to be as a figment of someone’s imagination, when evil is openly trampling humanity underfoot and hoof. When the existence of evil and demonic forces are so blatantly flaunting their rituals, ceremonies and agendas, how can people deny spirituality. Surely if darkness exists, light does too, just like night and day.

    This situation brings to mind an interesting quote I read in the book, ‘Proof of Heaven’ by E Alexander M.D:

    “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” (Soren Kierkegaard 1813-1855)

  4. Those Manly P Hall quotes are gold.

    Great article David, sounds like some of these celebrities need help from the light.

  5. I wanted to mention a lil of what i have read over years i believe that these artist make fun of christianity bc in a way is a man made religion the cross is another symbol were not to worship, nd they must knw somthng more nd we r unaware when jesus walked did he belong to a religion? He didnt say im the chosen one so all of the rappers are depictin lucifer he boasts about it, nd music all together was nd originated from guess ….. He commanded nd sang nd was the most beautiful angel it was gods favorite one till he got expelled he has used music as a way of catchin the soul have u ever thpught that the beats are meant to synchronized the hearts beating nd it has a magical effect
    Well this i have learn through out years please research it yourself never believe until u yourself have read it with ur eyes im only givin a piece of my knowledge that i have read nd i put it in my own words nd my understandin history is amazin nd whem you really start lookin it will open your eyes

  6. The mention of the movie The Ring is interesting in this context — its premise is that innocent people (particularly curious teenagers) who want to feed their curiosity and get entertained by daring to dabble in something dark end up being killed in horrific ways by the demonic girl (pictured in the article above) that comes out of a television screen (a curious parallel to what is discussed in this article, isn’t it?).

    Interestingly, their choice to invite this evil into their lives as a fun activity is always filled with a mixed feeling of a false sense of security (i.e. disbelieving the rumours about the video’s dark powers could be real because we are brought up to believe occult stuff is all nonsense and tales), and yet they are also gripped by a strong sense of fear of the possibility there might be something occult to it after all (“what if it’s for real?”). Ultimately, the draw to experience something supernatural overpowers the rational to keep away (very much to the tune of the Manly P. Hall quote in the article above about the appeal of the dark arts to the masses). Those who choose to play the video (the portal to inviting the demonic girl) for entertainment end up being consumed by the evil they had just allowed into their homes (hint?).

    Gosh, in retrospect, I can go on and on analyzing all the disturbing connections in this film to the dark agenda of modern day entertainment, but the main thing I’ll say is that it is likely that The Ring was one of many works alerting us to the reality of what the entertainment industry is doing to its audience — a foreshadowing/bragging commonly practiced by the dark side. And we (as a society) play our part in allowing this to happen by being mesmerized by the display of evil in music, films, art, by mimicking alter egos, enjoying dressing up in demonic outfits, basking in abysmal tunes and lyrics, glamorizing gore, and blurring the lines between darkness and light. By tuning into the music industry promoting this agenda, people are essentially playing The Ring video in their homes, at a cost unsuspected and unbeknown to them… The performance on Jimmy Kimmel seems to be a strong clue of that.

    Another interesting aspect of The Ring is that when the mystery about this demonic girl is unraveled at the end of the film, the audience is encouraged to be moved by her sad history and empathize with her suffering in life (traumatic emotional and physical abuse because she was different and an outcast, and which led her to experience rage and feelings of revenge, hence the consequent demonic state). The normalization of the drive to embrace evil when there’s a cause, compassion for the villain, and the idea that the dark side is equally a normal part of life and that there is nothing wrong with accepting and strengthening this part of you (i.e. “loving who you are no matter what”) — these are all concepts that seem to be heavily promoted via various entertainment channels these days, though that’s another article in it and of itself! 😉

    • Lots of many great points there Jenny!

    • Hi Jenny those are some good points indeed, I was looking into some similar things recently that slightly touched upon these things. That topic is definitely worth an article sometime, especially since it’s something that is not looked at often from a spiritual perspective.

      Some research questions you might perhaps want to add. Why are young children often central in these horror films? What consequences do these films have emotionally, spiritually or even real world consequences or is it just entertainment as people think? Is there an agenda behind those films? Do the makers of these films perhaps use symbolism. Not only specific symbols, but because of their interest to make this dark and scary and because working with those infernal emotions, create story elements that naturally are dark? Why do people like these film, what compels someone to even watch them? What’s behind people’s fascination with darkness?

  7. My gosh. I am so far removed from this insanity I had no idea that it was going on. It is truly frightening to have read this account of the modern music industry. I am left speechless and mortified for the impact these performers must be having on society and the youth of today, it is unfathomable that they are aggrandised by the media.

    Thank you David for bringing this to light. It has become even more apparent having read this article how important it is for spirituality to stage a comeback and light to return to this world.

  8. Excellent article, thanks for putting so much efforts to exposed the evil in our world.
    I hope that people will wake up to this information and understand why it’s so important to go against these dark forces.

  9. Thank you David very much for researching all this and putting it into a spiritual perspective. As others have mentioned here, I can also feel how difficult it must have been, to go through all this evil material, watch videos, read articles and so on. I have looked into a similar stuff before, and it has left me with the words, images, melodies and so on stuck in my head for a while. What a load of heaviness and evil we are living in. For people not interested in this kind of stuff or music, it is easy to just shut the eyes and ignore it as something that has nothing to do with them, or their way of life. But the youngest generation is so much influenced by popular music, just as we were when growing up, and all these evil influences are going straight into their hearts and minds.

    I also find it very unsettling that a supposingly “spiritual” figure like Deepak Chopra would give such an evil advice to Lady Gaga – to make her nightmares into videos. This can only indicate 2 things: Either he is very naive and does not know about the workings of darkness (which would be very surprising for somebody claiming to know spiritual realities), or he is consciously working for the dark side.
    The new “perfume” of Lady Gaga sounds like a black magic in daily life really, where millions of people have no idea what they are spraying themselves with. After reading this, I am wondering if I am ever going to buy a commercial perfume again. Who knows how many big perfume producers have some darkness behind them and unidentifiable substances added to their products. Maybe better to just get some essential oils.

    At last, some great quotes from Manly P. Hall. They really show the Light of truth on these phenomena. It inspires me to read more from this author.

    Thank you David again for writing about all this in a down-to-earth, easy to understand way.

  10. This is disgusting, really how did things get so bad glorifying serial killers, murder, human sacrifice etc. I really feel for our children what hope do they have?

    Great article Dave, I also really had trouble reading this I felt sick to see how bad ting have become, in truth it is really hard to believe people are doing this and whats more it is popular

  11. In recent years a number of pop music artists have died after revealing the extent of the dark side manipulation. I think of Michael Jackson , who toward the end of his life, became very vocal about certain record companies. Bob Marley, who sang about love and freedom and a world without hatred, and died of an extremely virulent and fast spreading cancer after trying on a pair of boots sent to him by a “fan” . A small spike was hidden inside one of the boots and it jabbed his foot when he put it on. John Lennon who sang “Give Peace A Chance” and spoke of the insane people who run the world was gunned down on a New York street by a guy who began calmly reading “Catcher In The Rye” by J.D. Salinger right after shooting the singer. Several rap artists who revealed too much died young and violently. The list goes on I’m sure, and many others in the entertainment industry have met the same type of end. Too many to be just coincidence, and it shows the depths the manipulators will plum to keep their soul degrading agenda on track. We have to hope for a mass awakening – soon !

  12. This looks very much like the MK-ULTRA mind control program – which it most likeliy is – this has been on going since the 1950s (at least) – it’s just a bit more blatant these days.

  13. Exactly as planned all along. If you look at the ORIGINS of the music industry you will see it was founded by a bunch of Rothschild front men. That family ultimately financed the modern music industry into existence. Further, if you research it deeply enough you will see that the Rothschilds are a SATANIC family. Technically, Frankist Satanists (patriarch Mayer Aschel was a disciple of Jacob Frank, the Satanic “messiah”). The plan has ALWAYS bee to destroy Western civilization as revealed in their own inner writings.

  14. Very sickening indeed. A different type of shock was Deepak Chopra encouraging Lady Gaga to make a music video of her nightmare. Just shows the dark agenda behind many of the New Age celebrities as well. I recall reading of another recurring nightmare Lady Gaga was having, where she was bound up in a room and some monster either approaching the room or going to attack her or something, and her feeling unimaginable terror, and when asking Chopra for advice he told her some similar nonsense. If anyone has ever had a nightmare, just think what kind of a person you must be inside to be inspired to make it into popular music.

    I watched an interview of Marilyn Manson, and despite his slightly dark appearance and rude way of speaking he seemed like a regular guy in the talk. But when they showed clips of his concert it was very disgusting, the way he looked, acted and sung (or more like growled/screamed), even seeing those clips of only a few seconds gave me a nightmarish sick feeling. So to think how it must affect the audience, and I can’t imagine that people would go there and feel like they are enjoying themselves! It was showing young teenage fans queueing up for the concert and members of the local church standing on the other side of the road, holding up candles and praying for them, and of course the fans mocking them. A pastor was saying that he thought Manson’s music was satanic. It was supposedly shown neutrally but you did get the feeling that the religious people were fools. Elsewhere on youtube I’ve seen in some comments for Manson’s music videos people saying that he liberated them from religion. It seems extremely sad to me.

    Like Justin said, it must have been tough for you to go through all this sick material to put this article together! Thank you very much for the effort to bring this all to light.

  15. Whether these musicians are fully conscious of what they’re doing, or they’re just morbidly addicted to all these dark things, it’s still pretty sickening. And yet there are crowds of people cheering acts like Kesha eating a heart while singing she’s a cannibal.

    Looking forward to the final article David!

    • Yeah I agree. A lot of them may just be feeding on/enjoying doing “bad” things and feeling cool doing them thinking it’s all just an act, etc., while at the same time, further the agenda of real/actual dark powers behind the scenes and perhaps beyond them even knowing it.

      Good reseach David! Sheesh – terrible stuff.

      • And the industry seems keen to prop up, promote and put money into those who are willing to do these dark things. So whether or not the artists do these things consciously, it seems undeniable that the industry wants to push this stuff on the public.

        Thanks for pulling all this together David, highly disturbing.

  16. I found it really hard to even read this article. It is profoundly shocking what is going on in the music industry today.

    As a society, I feel we must be completely desensitized to it as it’s so embedded and celebrated. But if I imagine hearing about a civilization on another planet where the most popular celebrities and musical figures revered serial killers, glorified human sacrifice and dark magic, portrayed themselves as demons with negative symbols, and so much more — what would we think of that society’s values? I know that society would seem unimaginably wretched and spiritually impoverished to me, and yet in reality, this is what we have today all around us.

    It’s also interesting to note the creeping normalcy of this type of awfulness, where society slowly becomes accustomed to it. It’s been quite a few years since I “tuned out” of popular music, and it’s incredible how much worse it has become in the interim.

    I am so saddened when I think of what kind of inner world these celebrities must live in and help create for their millions of fans. Living in a mindset of nihilism, violence, and hatred, where pleasure is the only good and ugliness and gore is the only beauty — what a terrible thing to bring into the world!

    Lastly, it is beyond shocking to see one of today’s most celebrated commercial spiritual gurus like Mr. Chopra consulting with and even encouraging Lady Gaga. Somehow this little detail just puts the icing on the cake.

    David, I actually feel bad you had to drag yourself through this mess to bring it all to light, but it is very good to have it all presented as clearly and completely as you have here. Hopefully more people will see it and scratch their head about what we are feeding ourselves as a society.

    • While watching one of the music videos this article mentions a similar thought came up in my mind. What if someone from another planet would see this now, what would they think?

      But also closer to home. Even just an old sensible man living in the mountains somewhere, far removed from media, what would he think. Or imagine showing this to a 3/5 year old child? Then the nature of such videos becomes obvious in my opinion.

    • “Lastly, it is beyond shocking to see one of today’s most celebrated commercial spiritual gurus like Mr. Chopra consulting with and even encouraging Lady Gaga. Somehow this little detail just puts the icing on the cake.”

      Deepak Chopra also said this:

      “A cyborg future is coming. Man’s relationship with machine is merging and machines are an extension of our own intelligence. I’m so into it. I wear all kinds of bio-sensors to tell me what’s going on inside me. It’s the future.”

      A cyborg future is coming, and that’s meant to be a good thing?

  17. Thanks for investigating all this David and writing these two articles to expose it. It is terrible what is going on in some areas of the entertainment industry particularly the music industry. Music should be for the upliftment of mankind but there is so much out there in the music industry to drag man down. Why any sensible person would revere Dahmer or give him more notoriety in their lyrics or make themselves look demonic I don’t know, it is all very sick and a very sad reflection of how degraded society is becoming.

  18. Another brilliant expose. Thanks Dave.
    It is so horrendous to witness the delightful innocence of young prepubescent children being exposed to such evil trash. Young children are extremely impressionable and the TV holds them captive and spellbound.
    The owners of the media are purposefully creating hell in the home.
    It is evident that a small group once again is in power and mashing up all other races and religions for their own gratification and supposed preservation. Fanatical religion rules the world, and enables psychopathic immunity. Evil becomes good and good evil.
    With your reference to world war two, one has to wonder if the greater evil won. After all when ‘real’ historians are persecuted it is evident George Orwell’s vision is reality and fictional history enforced with punishment until it is believed fanatically, such is the mind control.

  19. Thanks for the great article David.

    It really does become clear that there’s an agenda being pushed through the music industry once you start to look at it. I guess it’s an understandable avenue for an agenda, considering just how far a message can travel through it.

    It reminds me of a book I once read which said that for the aims of propaganda to work, a new morality has to be introduced into society, which definitely seems to be the aim here. Propaganda always uses a few stereotyped formulas to promote itself for the sake of repetition, which is needed to imprint something correctly at a subliminal level.
    I hope people can at the very least become aware of the different methods being used against them so they can see through the efforts to manipulate, and walk another way than the one they’re being led.

  20. Great follow up David.

    “When we start to look deeper into the popular music industry we can begin to see an undercurrent opposed to the values of spirituality and inner development, in which popular artists in their own words are “fascinated” and “obsessed” with things of darkness. This then spreads throughout society due to their influence.”

    Well said and very true.

    Die antwoord is good example. They use dark symbols like you mentioned, and also promote many things that are the opposite of goodness. If you look at their videos you’ll see chaos, sexual degeneration, violence, egocentricity etc. appealing to people with the usual formula of catchy beats and lust, plus some freaky entertainment.

    They are quite extreme and their bad/vulgar-ness is part of their style and a way to get attention. However even at the top of popmusic there is very often the dark undertone nowadays.
    Randomly picking a popular video just now I saw a song about a rich pretty girl in a mansion meeting a handsome guy, things seem to go well. But then everything turns bad, she goes mad and in the end she kills him or scares him away or whatever. The video finishes with a new guy arriving (so as to do it all over again). And this craziness is being presented as being cool, sexy, wink to camera. Being good is ‘boring’ and being bad is ‘cool.’ The controlled industry has set up this game and it seems popstars are in a race to show who is coolest a.k.a. who dares to take the standard even lower.

    Btw. After seeing that video it really appears to me how in a lot of videos the male popstars are ‘woman-hating’, and how the female popstars are ‘male-hating’. Going against the sacredness of the relation between man and woman, which should be a most beautiful thing.

  21. This is really insane, horrific and such a weird choice to live under such an umbrella.

    To enjoy such darkness, it feels like you would need to do some pretty dark stuff first. This reminds me of a scene in Star Wars before Anakin fully turns dark, he must sacrifice all the pupils (which are children) but before he is able to do so, in a fit of rage and revenge in the name of his mother, he destroys and kill the village where she was a slave.

    It seems to me that it is little by little that people get darker and darker. And to emulate all these stars has led some to commit horrific acts. How disturbing to see that the line of correctness, of right and wrong seems but just a blur for more and more.

    Indeed as more and more spiritual values are ridiculed, tarnished, what type of society are we becoming?

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