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Image source: Truth Control

Image source: Truth Control

When we speak of interacting with ETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligence) , we are, after all, talking about reaching out to advanced conscious intelligent beings, and not the mere observation of some natural phenomenon or biological process. For this reason, careful consideration must be given to not only our view of ETI’s intentions, but more importantly, to our own intentions and attitudes.

The human tendency – well evidenced by both military and civilian reactions to ETS (Extraterrestrial Spacecraft) – for xenophobic, violent and even paranoid reactions to the new and unknown must be addressed and rectified. The human predisposition to view anything which we do not understand or control as intrinsically hostile and threatening must be overcome. The blind quest for personal gain, profiteering and an inclination towards viewing ETS/ETI in predominantly ‘acquisition’ framework needs to be altered. If we are motivated by a desire to ‘out-smart’ ETI and acquire their technology and energy source, then our efforts will fail. If we approach ETI with greed, fear, assumed hostility and suspicion, then we shall expend our efforts in vain.

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  1. “If we are motivated by a desire to ‘out-smart’ ETI and acquire their technology and energy source, then our efforts will fail.” Reading that line made me think how silly that is. To kind of take advantage of their good nature of never attacking or anything, using that time to try to acquire more of their technology to use as weapons against them, while all the time keeping keeping humanity dumb on the situation (or worse to demonise ETI to condone weapon use later.) How nasty really.

    On making contact. ”In this regard, it is likely that a novice possessed of noble intentions and equipped with only a flashlight would meet (has met?) with greater success than a governmental agency motivated by lesser intentions, even though it has advanced technology, personnel and billions of dollars at its disposal. ”
    So true 🙂 and isn’t that a great thing for the everyday man, in a way.

    I though the emergency room example was very good as well. Nice little, but important, paper.

  2. I really hope we’ll be able to change our behaviour towards ETs. Sometimes I dream of what our world could be like, and also imagine things I’ve read about in books, about how life apparently is like on some other planets. It’s almost painful to think about, to compare it to what we have here. And to know what we’re doing to each other and the planet.

  3. I love the example Dr Greer gives regarding the aborigine with a campfire and serene intentions being likely able to establish further contact that a government backed by vast technological capabilities and funds but benevolent intentions. This shows that the average Joe is able to make contact with ET beings as long as we have the right intentions and don’t let our emotions and thoughts like fear, greed, anger and so on drag us down.

    Life itself gives us a huge amount of situations where the above can be practiced and lift our level of consciousness. Contacting ETs should not be different than interacting with the people around us. For example, when going to work, talking and working with colleagues, or interacting with people while being in the city. When we keep our intentions, thoughts and feelings sincere and learn from our mistakes then we are already living in a way that is more loving and caring and in line with the universe. When reaching out to our family in space we have already exercised our standard and are in a much better position to interact with each other.

    Occasionally, I have used Dr. Greer’s CE5 protocol and I believe it was successful due to being combined with regular meditation, prayer and learning from life. For me ETs are real and I believe anyone who makes the effort to better themselves and is open, should be able to reach out with success.

    • I like the emphasis on “being normal” too. Not to take these beings as some omni-potent Gods, nor as the space ivaders, as Dr. Greer says. To me, its very simlar, in a way, to meeting foreigners for the first time, observing their habits and behavior, their culture… So extraterrestrials would be just a step up from this, and I can imagine a society where it would be normal to have extraterrestrials from other planets as our neighbors for example. Let’s say, in a block of flats, some Venusians would live on the second floor, and you would meet them every day when going to work, greet them, and take it as something normal, just like let’s say some people from India living near-by. A true, international/inter-planetary community. 🙂 Hope we can reach that someday, so we can learn quicker and progress.

  4. Given the human track record of hostility, oppression and violence towards “anything which we do not understand or control” as quoted by Dr. Greer, the need for humanity to develop a collective consciousness has never been so dire. We are in danger of threatening perhaps the only chance we have to transform ourselves from the path of destruction to that of peace if humanity doesn’t seriously change its biased perception of ETs (of higher consciousness) so that we can effectively communicate and, hopefully, learn from them.

  5. Great article, thanks for sharing.

    Imagine we went to another planet and met people living there. We start to get along intermarry and become friendly with each other.

    Then one day we say; “we’ve got this great idea; you’re going to love it, we’ve been doing it on earth for aeons. Everybody here is going to be forced to pay some of their income to a small group of people who will then spend it. If somebody doesn’t pay then that same small group of people will hold them up at gun point and lock them in a cage which will be paid for out of the income received”

    So after a while the people on this new planet start complaining that in one country people aren’t paying and this isn’t fair. We say; “don’t worry we have a solution for that” and proceed to nuke that country. As the people look on in horror we say; “you see, we can deal with these problems, we’ll look after you”

    Perhaps we should change as the article suggests.

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