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  1. Bit late to the party on this but this is absolutely awesome. To see the information researched and presented here passed on like that is very encouraging to see.

  2. Now would be the perfect time to start investigating why satellites are equipped with holograms’devices.

  3. Amazing thats great news, now hopefully people do take notice of this and do ban weapons from outer space, next step would be good to ban them from planet earth ; )

  4. Incredible! Conscious Reporter is not only on Wikileaks but it’s also linked to by Edgar Mitchell! Just wonderful. Congratulations guys.

  5. Wow, Dr. Mitchell using an article from the conscious reporter as a source to brief John Podesta on space based weapons. It’s fantastic to see the exposure Dara’s article got. Keep up the good work!

    “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” ~ Francis of Assisi

  6. Great news!
    I hope it will have an impact on Hilary’s decisions in case she becomes president of US

  7. Wow. I’m happily amazed that an article with such integrity and scope for expanding people’s understanding of the spiritual issues of space weapons is circling in such places. Incredible. Not only does it carry hope that it will be listened to, but also through being part of a Wikileaks disclosure, that the topic will reach a new, wider audience.

  8. Awesome to see the ripple effect of The Conscious Reporter articles reaching so far and wide! This is fantastic.

    I hope these efforts bring more attention to the issue, and lead to a proper disclosure one day. Or at least make more people pause and see there’s so much kept from the public on matters of space travel and ETs and that what we are being shown / told / made to believe is far from the truth.

  9. Well done Dara, you’ve certainly done a brilliant job. News like this is very special.

    Great work to all involved in The Conscious Reporter.

  10. That’s really cool to hear, great to see that the information presented on this website is contributing to such efforts as ET truth and disclosure!

    Dr. Steven Greer is heading a great movement in this field, but I think it’s vitally important for everyone who knows about it to also step up and become active in this matter. I think it’s great Dara and the consciousreporter.com put their informed and sensible voice out there. Also through such things as this interview: Current Media Events and hints of a Fake Alien Invasion

    I’m sure people like Steven Greer very deeply appreciate such efforts from other groups of people, and I’m sure ET beings do as well. It’s also hugely beneficial for humanity, and even for Hilary Clinton herself. Who I’m pretty sure knows a lot more than some people might suspect, but has her hands very much tied. The more common this knowledge becomes the more political leaders are forced to deal with it.

    Thanks for you guys’ work and great find as well.

  11. Great news to help get the truth out there about this very serious and looming issue and many others important topics that are well researched on Conscious Reporter!

    The fact that Dr Mitchell (a man who probably knew a lot on this issue from the inside) linked to the Conscious Reporter article (first on he’s list) to me is an important verification that CR is spot on and I hope more people hear the alarm bells.

  12. I agree, it’s fantastic to see that people who are quite influential in the field of disclosure have taken some guidance themselves from the work on this site. It’s great to see such an important topic was discussed at a fairly senior level of society – at the very least, it takes it away from that derisive ‘conspiracy theory’ wrapping that’s been used to keep it hidden from the public’s eyes.

    • I’m also really glad to see this article reaching out to key people who can help influence and hopefully persuade more political leaders, scientists, and military personnel worldwide to support the need to ban the weaponization of space. Thanks to Dara for bringing the facts about it to our awareness.

  13. Don’t ever think you’re too small to make a difference! Try to sleep with a mosquito in your bedroom to realize it only takes one to make a difference!

  14. It’s wonderful that Dr Mitchell considered the Conscious Reporter article a top source of information on the need to ban space weapons, listing it above all those other articles. It’s amazing to think that the article could help to influence the direction towards Peace in Space (http://www.peaceinspace.com), at the top level of US government. I know that sort of outcome is what the article writer really hopes for, for the planet and so humanity can have contact with our ET brothers and sisters.

  15. Nice to see The Conscious Reporter getting some exposure through sites like Wikileaks. Goes to show the information reported through this website is spot on. I can’t help but feel proud of you all. Keep it up.

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