Why Are Extraterrestrials Visiting Us? [Video]

Over the years numerous witnesses have come forward to give testimony of the presence of extraterrestrials in our skies and even on Earth. But the question remains for many, why are they here? Should we be afraid or are extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth to help us? Dr Steven Greer answers these questions and more in this insightful interview.

Originally found on Waking Times

Within the past few years, dozens of governments have admitted to allocating resources to study the UFO phenomenon. Thousands of UFO related documents are now available in the public domain (here’s just one example). Dozens of whistleblowers have come forward to reveal that we are no alone in the Universe, as for example the Former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer. Given the vastness of the Universe itself, odds are we are not alone. Here, Dr. Steven Greer, founder of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and The Disclosure Project, explains why extraterrestrial beings might be here on Earth.

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  1. We Haven’t Found Aliens Because We’ve Hardly Started Looking https://www.debates.life/2018/10/we-havent-found-aliens-because-weve.html

  2. What a great video – and no wonder they are worried about us – the only reason our scientists want to get in to space is to start mining and making money – how disgraceful. Haven’t we caused enough harm on our own planet?

    It is tragic that so much disinformation is around to intentionally deceive people – and moreso that people are sufficiently gullible to believe it. But I do love Dr Greer’s last comment too, about how people view this is “a reflection of their own inner state of knowledge and consciousness”. So, it is wonderful that there are people like him to set the record straight.

    Thanks for getting this out there, and with some wonderful imagery too.

  3. A very enlightening summary by Dr. Greer.
    It really hits hard at the profound effects of negative propaganda.
    It seems so difficult sometimes to break down the ‘conditioning’ and keep an open mind, particularly when fear has been bred and nurtured for so long, just like history written by the victors. It’s just one side of a story, sometimes distorted and malignant.

  4. When you look at the way us humans go about our life and you see all the disharmony in the world you can only imagine how these Extra terrestrial beings view us, interesting how he talks about fear and how it is used for a controlling force

    Simulated alien abductions?? What measures will these people go to to set there agenda, this is sad

  5. This is a great interview with an inspiring visualization! 🙂 Its great that Dr. Greer does this education on these secret government programs that try to confuse people about the nature of the ETs. I hope many more people watch this.

  6. Thanks for sharing this,

    It’s interesting how he talks about the involvement of lunatic religious fringe groups.

  7. It’s certainly great to read and listen to videos in support of ET’s and what a great job from Dr Steven Greer and his team who bring awareness on Et’s to the rest of our planet.

    Thanks, great information.

  8. This is such a beautiful and inspiring interview, it really makes me hunger to better myself to be of use in some way for a greater plan. To think there are beings out there that are able to travel through space and have such benevolence they would help us really snaps out of my little petty world and helps me have the motivation to try to maintain that perspective.

    Also important to hear how advanced technology is on this planet … and how it’s being used for insidious means.

  9. What Greer mentions about taking every case on its own merits I thought was important. When I’ve read about some contact experiences people have had, there’s often an element to it that doesn’t quite fit with the overall “message” or purpose of the contact. It seems that these military groups really do go after people who have had genuine contact and they stage pseudo-contact events to utterly confuse the contactee. I’d say it usually works, unfortunately. Even reading about it and having a detached perspective, it’s still hard to discern sometimes where the truth of the experience lies. The genuine element gets tainted by the rest of the nonsense especially since you, as the reader, are learning about it through the eyes of the contactee, who has lost track of what was “real” and what was staged. If more people knew of the sinister forces influencing these military operations, it would do a lot to give them clarity, peace of mind, and even the power to distinguish for themselves. Like Steven quoted from the Bhagavad Gita, “Knowledge is the greatest purifier.” Thanks for the share!

  10. On National Public Radio yesterday, the show ‘On Point’ with Tom Ashbrooke, a daily news roundtable, they spent an hour covering ‘New Clues in the Search for Intelligent Life’ – http://onpoint.wbur.org/2016/05/19/new-clues-in-the-search-for-intelligent-life

    The whole show made anger rise up in me at how terribly, un-informed it was. How perfectly mundane it was. One of the main guests was the Senior Astronomer at SETI. After hearing him talk I understood he’s most likely a paid mouthpiece of the black ops projects to continue disinformation (and he wouldn’t have a job anymore if ET’s were already here on the planet so of course of he dismissed this idea thoroughly with very trite anecdotes). What a shame.

    I tried to call in and share some information from outside their perspectives but couldn’t get through, and so I posted in the show comments (receiving some ridicule for it too). Such a sad thing, that 15 years have passed since Dr. Greer’s press conference and the information has still not blown up.

    But how lucky we are to know what we do! And the Sun also rises. Thanks for sharing this audio interview! Very inspiring animation too.

    • That’s such a shame Andrew… I can imagine it’s not nice to hear such a “show” when there’s so much good and credible evidence out there, such as that brought forth by Dr. Greer. Too bad you couldn’t get through to the show and share your views, that would’ve been nice!

      “The Sun also rises” 🙂 hehe. Very true. One good thing I noticed in the last few years is that there seem to be quite a significant higher number of people who are aware of and support Dr. Greer’s work.

  11. What an excellent audio record of what is really going on. Thanks very much for sharing this. Steven Greer explains everything in such a clear way and so matter of fact, you can tell he has been carrying out this research for years.

    I liked what he says at the end…’the way people view this is a reflection of their own inner state of knowledge and consciousness’.

    It is indeed very scary to think that our entire culture is being brainwashed into fearing that extraterrestrial life is out to destroy our world. When you think that this kind of misinformation and deliberate skewing of facts has been going on for decades then it is easy to understand why the Fear Agenda has taken root as it has now. We are constantly being bombarded by mainstream media, movies, series, books etc that portray ET life as a risk to our life on this planet.

    I really appreciate you sharing this information with us. It is so important to counter the effects of the fear agenda being carried out to this day.

    Thanks again.