Total View Interview: Web of Deceit – Bilderberg and UK Internet Censorship

Jenny Alswinn interviewed me on Total View recently about my article ‘Web of Deceit: The Bilderberg Group and Elite Powerbrokers Linked to the UK’s Stealth Internet Censorship Coup‘. We discussed the deception, major players and elite connections behind the UK’s web filtering scheme, the threat of creeping censorship and spiritual suppression, and some issues and recent developments not covered in the article. Check out the show:

About Matthew Osmund

Matthew Osmund is a freelance writer with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, an open mind and a keen interest in defending personal freedom and uncovering the truth. He's been exploring spirituality and consciousness for 10 years and writes at The Conscious Reporter about issues that affect and suppress human potential, consciousness, alternative beliefs, and the right to free expression of spirituality in the world.


  1. Thanks so much for highlighting this issue once again. It really is important to keep an eye out for things like this, as they are subtly creeping into our daily life on a regular basis. So many policies we are influenced by are passed against our interest and our human rights, and if we don’t stay on top we just seem to end up under more and more laws and regulations that can easily stifle our freedom of thought, speech, and our fundamental right as humans to hold and share our own opinions and beliefs.

    I have heard of and spoken to many people who have been affected by these blocks by independent ISPs who voluntarily opted into the filtering, people from all over the world, and the sites they tried to access of course had absolutely nothing to do with child pornography or anything “unsavory” (unless the government considers content pointing out its back door policies unsavory, that is). In fact, I believe one person wrote on another article here that they tried to access Conscious Reporter (the site that published the article exposing the agenda behind this very policy) on a public WiFi network and were blocked from doing so. You can quickly see what the repercussions of these policies are from this example alone…

  2. Thanks Matthew, Jenny and everyone else behind the scene, for making such a big effort to bring this information forward.

    I find that it’s very important to speak out, especially on the internet which reaches so many people worldwide. We can also join groups who are petitioning against it, and even start our own.

    This is totally unacceptable and we must stand up for our human rights. If we don’t speak out and act today, eventually there will be no internet access for esoteric/spiritual information.

    It’s very clear that main stream media is completely controlled and if we don’t do anything, they will have total control of the internet. I also find that we can’t expect that someone else will do anything about it otherwise there will never be enough people to bring awareness to the world.

  3. Excellent interview and what an important topic. There is so much depth in this issue that’s hardly gotten out there in the world. And yet it also seems so many don’t see the hurling force of the censorship that sooner or later will hit us real hard.

  4. Nice work! Thanks for the breakdown of the issue. It’s so scary that these things are getting pushed down from unseen places and we need more fellows like you to help lift the veil on the sources of these policies. Thanks for your efforts!