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  1. Antonio, I’ve always wondered the same — why do we assume everything is according to how we are or how we think things should be? This was always especially so when the subject of interplanetary beings came up. For example the thought that there couldn’t be intelligent life on planet xyz because there’s no oxygen or water there — while this is true for life on our planet, why assume the entire universe is set up EXACTLY as our planet is. Who said all beings are made of the exact same matter — after all, even on our tiny planet the diversity of all living organisms is so completely vast… If I was a being on another planet, I’d probably not want to step foot on Earth either, nor respond to coded messages telling others a few insignificant basics about our species…

    I love the message of your article. A more spiritual, intuitive, conscious, and considerate way of life would probably help bring more peace to everyone and everything on all fronts.

    • Dear Jenny, thanks for verbalizing my thoughts. 3/4 of the universe is composed of the so called ‘dark matter’ which apparently is there but does not interact with light. And they keep using only light to try and figure it out. And what about the dark energy also? They are looking for humanoids where there aren’t any. Their foolishness, the most intelligent people on the planet (I am thinking Stephen Hawking).

      If you look at the wealth of varieties of insects for instance and how strange, weird, different they are, you can, or could, imagine and visualize new, diverse life forms elsewhere. Perhaps more evolved in every sense not only mathematically and technologically. But our scientists don’t think in those lines, they are empiricists, meaning, relying exclusively, absolutely only in their senses, material senses that is, because they discard the intangibles: consciousness, intuition, inspiration, thought, memory, imagination.

      We are few, Jenny, but we ARE. And that is what counts. If/when the time comes we will be prepared to face the mystery. Even the process of changing bodies, they call death, remains fascinating. Death is an illusion of the senses. Just another one.

      Greetings to all who gave their two cents here; deeply appreciated the interaction. Take care.

  2. “…upon closer scrutiny believing those mathematical hypotheses is not very different from believing hypotheses based on spirituality and consciousness.”

    That’s so true. I find I meet more science fanatics than religious ones, people completely indoctrinated in their belief about the world and the nature of divinity. Ironically, exploring consciousness through meditation, etc… can actually provide firsthand experience of the truths it sets about to explain.

  3. Dear friends, many thanks for your kind and valuable support to my views and reflections. Robert, you pointed out some other pertinent factors as well.

    Take care.

  4. Antonio Carlos Silva Rosa has hit upon a key word of why our world is seemingly heading towards total war. That word is CONSCIENCE.

    Globalization, computerization, the acceptance of pure capitalistic philosophy as dogma, the use of economic smoke and mirrors, the widening and ever-more obvious gap between the top wealth of the minority and expanding exploitation of the majority, corporate and wealth control of the political process and the media, and the exponentially increasing busyness of anxiety-ridden societies, among other factors, have all contributed to a disappearance of CONSCIENCE.

    Conscience is what separates us from the protohuman. Simply, it is the human ability to differentiate between right and wrong. One can easily find examples of it in our great literature, music, art; in the Humanities, which everyone knows are quickly being abandoned as fields of study and work.

    When our ability, on an individual, community, national, and global basis to reflect on our own actions is taken from us or is thrown away, then wrong is right and right is wrong. Everything begins to slide in all directions and nothing can be measured anymore. (from L. Cohen) The evolution of the Human Spirit reaches its terminus. The story reaches its whimpering end for the hollow men. (from T.S. Eliot)

    Here in Japan and Korea, and probably in many other cultures, the word conscience translates as “good heart”. Unless we find ways to recover our good hearts, to listen to that special and mysterious voice inside that tells us what we should or should not do, there really is no reason for human life to go on, for we will already be lost as an evolving species.

    Congratulations, Antonio, on a fine article that should make everyone stop, listen and reflect upon. The inner is the outer.

    “Beneath our Masks, One finds Peace.” (www.peacemask.org)

    • I agree Robert, Antonio hit on a key point: That our consciousness is what needs to be cultivated in life, so that its inner voice, the conscience, will guides us. I also feel that if we don’t do this then we are not really “advancing” in a true sense, no matter how much technology we develop, and in fact we become more and more dangerous by possessing such destructive technology without wisdom and empathy to guide us.

      I think human civilisation could be so different if cultivating consciousness was part of our social curriculum and values. And if we neglect consciousness and only develop the intellect, then its like we just strive to become highly clever and cunning animals fighting and competing for dominance and supremacy in a world without spirituality and virtue. I think Antonio put it very eloquently in regards to peace: “It all starts and grows within the individual and then manifests into society. Or not.”

  5. Excellent article! So many points in it that most people don’t usually consider..

  6. Great article well written and some excellent points. Thanks for sharing

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