The Intolerant Church of Scientism

“It is pretty obvious that most scientists in every field are what I must call knee-jerk materialists, meaning that they accept philosophical materialism without question, as axiomatic, often without being aware of their own beliefs.”

Original article found in Atlantas Rising Magazine.

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  1. J Duane Robinson

    Watch the short video here:

    Forbidden Archaeology: A Hidden History of the Human Race? [Video]

    THank you!

  2. Great article – and the site Atlantis Rising has a bunch of interesting subjects on there too.

    It really is such a shame that science has become equated with materialism. I love the thought of a society that doesn’t divide science and the arts so starkly as the current western world.

    There have been a few modern day minds that have been able to bridge the gap between the two disciplines Fritjof Capra’s The Dao of Physics really impressed me years ago, showing the bond between Buddhism and quantum physics. More recently I’ve found the investigations of John Burke into the electromagnetic energies at sacred sites – he’s a self confessed ‘dense’ physicist, but open minded enough to explore sacred sites, and with very simple devices has shown they have unique geological and energetic properties.

    I guess it’s for us to find a spiritual scientist within us!

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