Consciousness: Why Materialism Fails

The most urgent issue we humans face is how we conceive ourselves — whether as complex lumps of matter guided by the so-called blind, meaningless laws of nature, or as creatures who, although physical, are also imbued with something more.


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  1. Thank you for posting about this very deep question “Who are we?” I agree with you that what we believe we are, dictates what we are being, doing and having and therefore our collective level of consciousness when answering this question dictate the future of our planet

  2. Haven’t yet fully read the 17 page article 🙂 But from what I read it seems very well researched and thought about.

    I did however have a look around that website and found more content in a similar vein, which I was personally happy to see. Because sometimes (perhaps a very generalised example) fanatic atheists and such use bits of science (as well as whatever sounds ‘logical’ at the moment) to try to disprove non physical things. And as a listener you feel it’s incorrect because of your own experiences, or because something about it just feels off, but it’s not so easy or quick to formulate it into something considerable in the jargon of science or of debates etc.
    So it’s nice to see a website like this!

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