Music Industry Exposed Part 3 – Black Magic and Dark Hidden Influences

The depiction of dark forces is almost omnipresent in today’s most well-known music industry acts. Why are these ominous messages promoted? Where does this dark influence come from? This article examines the hierarchy of evil influence in the music industry, delving into sources of darkness usually hidden from view.

Elite members of society sacrifice care to a giant owl deity in a ceremony linked to the music industry Source

Elite members of society sacrifice a human effigy to a giant owl deity in the “cremation of care” ritual of the secretive Bohemian Grove/Club, which has links to the music industry Source

“We have reached a period in the history of the world when ignorance is criminal and deserves the heaviest penalty. Ignorance is not black magic, but it is the greatest ally that the black magician has in the world today”.

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About David Arkyn

David has a deep interest in spiritual development, but has discovered there are many forces in the world working to keep people asleep. His recent interest has been researching the psychological tactics and techniques used to limit people's spiritual potential, writing about his discoveries here at The Conscious Reporter.


  1. Thanks for digging down into the rabbit hole of all this David, it’s shocking to see all these connections the modern music industry has with dark influences. Those quotes from Bowie and Osbourne are pretty scary.

  2. Yeah, thanks David, that’s a great part III of this series.

    Although being familiar with many of the concepts discussed here, you really fleshed them out in these articles. Did the research, compiled it all, managed to explain it clearly and shed some light on these sinister happenings!

    These dark forces having an influence, channelling through music artists and onto the huge masses of people in such strong ways through music….. it’s quite jarring. This music, these symbols, the videos, are played everywhere and have an influence on almost everyone.

    Although many just like the pleasure of the music/beats. There are also many who actually like the whole act or things the artists send across. They’re big fans! But ignorant of the more serious and real side of what’s going on.
    But being a fan of one of these artists can also mean being a fan (or in a way a supporter or worshipper) of the energies and forces that channel through the idols and come from behind the artists.

    To see how much these popstars are promoted in the media in such an unhindered way (without seemingly any voice of people with morals on it) is horrible. Just running free and influence teens and children.

    So I think it’s great that you did your deep research into this whole thing, and I wish everyone would know about this, or know more about this, especially teens/children and their caretakers.

  3. Thanks for all your helpful comments. Lucia, I agree with you – there seems to be a great deal of negligence and unaccountability from artists who knowingly participate in pushing this type of music/agenda out there and understand the adverse effects they have on their unsuspecting

    Ella, I felt the same way about the CDs from my youth and had a hard time letting go of them but it was the best and most liberating thing I did. It’s incredible to see so many variations of negative and subliminal messages that these poor kids are exposed to now a days. It’s worse then ever before.

    David I totally agree that vibrations from certain types of music have a huge impact on the emotional states. I remember times when I was upset or depressed, the first thing I would reach out for was my Radiohead albums (it’s mostly melancholic music) because I felt it was the perfect accompaniment to my misery.

    Roy, thanks for the feedback. That’s pretty frightening to know that so many people at those events are unwittingly exposing themselves to be hypnotized by those dark influences.

  4. You have gathered a lot of facts and done some thorough research David. Despite the long read, I feel very rewarded, it’s definitely worth it. When I was reading through your article, I felt guided. You describe the various celebrities and the symbols they use. Their producers, directors and choreographers, who set up their shows and performances, to the record labels who promote their music and their links to the occult groups and their rituals.

    It’s a real eye opener to see the information together. Having all these bits of information about the music industry can be confusing, like looking at various pieces of the puzzle which on their own don’t make sense but when they are put together they’ll display a more complete picture. A picture I find very disturbing to see and I question how have we let things come this far? I really wish people do wake up to this kind of information and be more wise to what kind of music and entertainment they consume.

    I like how you end with a group of people coming together to make others aware and I find this site to be an awesome platform to start off with. Thanks again.

  5. Nicely put together, David. I think you pieced a lot of things together that are so frustratingly hidden in plain sight. Like the owl trend — go into any store and it’s the coolest thing to sport an owl on everything, especially a one eyed owl/winking owl. Seems very innocent in a way and they are very beautiful creatures so it’s easy to love products that feature them, but it’s obvious that there is an agenda behind the saturated widespread use of owls as a symbol. Same goes for many others you’ve touched on here.

    I’ve seen the bohemian grove ceremony video some years ago and it really had such a strong impact on me seeing all these “powerful” people partaking in that ceremony. In a way it’s a public heralding of the very notable presence of these dark powers in politics, the art scene, and the finances of the world — all things that affect everyone on a massive scale.

    That Jay-Z masking video is just crazy. I can’t believe anyone would “innocently”/”unknowingly” include that in their work… Follow the money, as they say…

  6. Really interesting read! Some extraordinary discoveries you’ve made through your research David. I was especially intrigued by the fact that Napoleon created the company that now owns the music labels of some of the world’s most popular and influential (American) singers.

  7. This is the best article I’ve read on exposing the dark side of the music industry. There’s no conspiracy here – it’s quite clear that it’s an orchestrated effort to promote evil. The sad thing is that this is what’s loved and popular in the world.

  8. This is an excellent analysis of the darker forces in the music industry and what’s behind them David.

    The most remarkable thing about it all is how it’s hiding in plain site.

    It reminds me of a letter I’ve seen on a few different sites –

    It is the anonymous testimony of a music executive who attended a secretive meeting in 1991, where plans to deliberately influence the direction of rap music to promote criminality were discussed.

    One of the motives described was to increase the prison population for the benefit of the private prison industry and the individuals who own them.

    But it takes no leap of imagination to see the impact of glorifying crime and violence on an unsuspecting population, and furthermore it supports the claim that the trends in music are highly choreographed and centrally orchestrated with very specific and malevolent intentions.

  9. Incredible article David. The connections you’ve made about who’s behind all of this are startling. I think your point about being labelled a conspiracy theorist is really important. It feels like being between a rock and a hard place whenever trying to even just discuss the possibilities of what is really going on out there because of that potential label. Despite that difficulty, I feel like it’s really valid and important to try and get this information out there, so people can consider what they’re being exposed to, and why. So thanks for this series.

  10. This resonates with my personal experience with music. So much good music doesn’t make it to the mainstream and anything that can’t be controlled by the authorities gets shut down. It’s a crime really.

  11. David, your thoroughly excellent expose on the current music interesting is as interesting as it is confronting and shocking. I am truly amazed at how all this is just so ‘out there’, so open for all to see. There is no hiding of anything. And it is precisely this openness that normalises this behaviour and this imagery.
    I cannot begin to imagine the effect that this type of music and imagery has on impressionable young minds, let alone anyone else. I am still quite disturbed by some things that you have spoken about here. As for some of the artists that you reveal have certain links to satanic worship and the like I was not surprised as I had always suspected links. However, I did not know that they had actually written songs, or LP covers related to satanic worship.
    thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. I don’t really listen to this kind of music so would not have anyway of knowing the extent to which the darkness has taken over.
    keep up the good work!

  12. Really good expose..!

  13. I remember having a conversation with someone recently who mentioned that their sibling had been given free tickets to Katy Perry concert and had taken their children with them, albeit grudgingly, as they said that the children were crying during the concert, and wanted to go home, and that they suffered with nightmares that night. But funnily enough even this didn’t click with the person that there’s something very evil happening through music, even though the children obviously could feel the terror of it. Ironically, people are made to fear spirituality, through the help of the media, and yet have no idea what their children and they themselves are exposing themselves to and the ramifications it has upon their psyche.

    Sadly, it seems to me that a lot of people like the vibrations of darkness, otherwise it wouldn’t have gained the power it has. Embracing the animal within is becoming the new freedom of expression, and any embracing of the divine within is made to look weird and ostracized from society. The darkness has not only inverted esoteric symbols but it has inverted our perception of life, of good and evil and of truth and lies.

    An eye opening series David – thanks for digging in and bringing it out of the rabbit hole!

    • “Embracing the animal within is becoming the new freedom of expression, and any embracing of the divine within is made to look weird and ostracized from society. The darkness has not only inverted esoteric symbols but it has inverted our perception of life, of good and evil and of truth and lies.”

      Layla, I really like how you have expressed this idea, you have summed things up really well.

  14. Hi David

    Excellent article. Thanks for pointing out some disturbing facts about the music industry and its dark, hidden agenda.

    It’s interesting to read about the artists’ reaction to those negative influences, especially in last part of your article where they admit to trying to subdue the torment from their inner demons. I recently came across an article where a popular band I used to listen to, Radiohead, expressed a similar reaction to a well-known song if theirs:

    In addition to the subliminal messages and symbology used in the music industry, another important component is the sound of the music itself – the beats/tone/vibrations and how they respond to us internally. I find this to be particularly true with another genre of music that hasn’t been mentioned in the article but is quickly gaining a lot of popularity – house music. I find it interesting that this type of music uses minimal lyrics and doesn’t produce a lot of music videos but its’ “underground” appeal, exotic locations, massive crowds and hypnotic beats have created quite a frenzy. Even hard core rappers, pop artists and celebrities are getting into it. Personally I find that music chaotic and distracting and I have seen how it can potentiate and trigger certain low, emotional states out of people. Wondering what your thoughts on this are?

    • That’s really nasty what that singer said in the link you’ve posted Patricia. Basically, he is saying that he didn’t write the song, that some sort of outside force “wrote” it, and that its evil and that he feels sorry for people listening to it and letting it touch them. And yet, he still continues to play it and promote it. It even feels as if, by telling all about it, he somehow “washed his hands”. I think a lot would change if people became aware of how real these non-physical entities and forces are.

      • Great article, and really important topic. I wonder what kids now feel when they’re watchig MTV? This stuff is so constant, everywhere, it comes to little less than brainwashing through exposure from mainstream media outlets all day. I can’t remember it being so blatantly full of occult and dark symbolism when I was young, but still that I didn’t like a lot of the music on the radio and MTV.

        I knew of a crowd of people who were very interested in Crowley, it was so tied up with this image of cool, the clothes, the music, the dark-side. It’s quite amazing to me now how easily people unknowingly flirt with these forces.

        I can’t help but feel a strange loyalty to Radiohead and Thom Yorke! I remember when I first heard about the music industy and I really didn’t want to let go of some of my old favourite teenage favourites! I do think there’s a big difference between stars that have consciously entered into this pact and are promoting demonic practices, and artists that have their normal human battles with being controlled by the egos or the consciousness, and their music being part of that.

    • Hi Patricia,

      I haven’t really looked into house music, so it’s hard for me to comment, but the beat and vibration of music definitely has an affect on people’s emotions.

      Thanks for sharing the Radiohead link, it’s quite telling!

    • Hi Patricia,

      In the Netherlands and other European countries the house you mention is very popular. Although it has branched off into a much harder type of music called hardstyle with several festivals each month and throughout the year.

      I can remember back in 2004 going to one of those hardstyle events. I was completely in awe because of the show and the whole atmosphere in a large hall with at least 10.000 people attending. It was so massive and so well organised with concepts of time and truth often interwoven with the music and presentation. On this event the various DJ’s had their stage inside a large pentagram that changed color. I thought this was a bit odd until I years later discovered two large all-seeing eyes projected onto circles at the back, overseeing the crowd. It all started to fall into place.

      When you do an image search on the words “hardstyle”, combined with either “climax”, “defqon” or “iqon” you’ll get an idea of the setting and stages. Some of the symbolism and dark themes run right through those festivals. Combine that with a load of drugs and you have the perfect setting to invoke heavy and unconscious states. If you’re at one of these festivals and you pay attention, you’ll start to see it’s all in plain sight.

    • Thanks for sharing that link Patricia. It was shocking and heart breaking for me to read what he said about the song as I used to like it a lot in my teens! It’s heart breaking because his sadness and regret is so evident in what he says… I felt then that it resonated with my melancholy, but I would have never thought of what it really communicates. Gosh the things I’ve been exposing myself to unknowingly. I wonder if it has created some permanent twisting or damage in my psyche I’m unaware of, as I used to listen to a lot worse stuff too.

      I guess in the mainstream there is this feeling that nothing has real meaning, the symbols and things I mean. It’s all just ‘artistic expression’, so anything is accepted. It shocks me that people honestly admire these things as you can see for example in the comments for all the popular MTV artists on youtube.

    • Thanks Patricia for sharing that link.

      It’s very interesting to read that artist’s comments about his song. After having read it and listened to the song (which I hadn’t heard before) for me there’s repellence towards it and towards the low feelings that want to drag you into them. But I can see that there is a certain pleasure to that low emotion. It seems to me convey exactly what he said, like a feeling and knowing of all hope being lost, having no chance, and being lost to that misery forever. And like the article mentions I can see how being exposed to it over and over can make someone start ‘enjoying’ those low emotions.

      I agree with Lucia as well. If he feels this about the song why does he still play it? Still broadcasting it to all the people who might get caught in it or dragged down by it.

      Thank you also Laura for you comments, quite insightful. And I agree people are not aware of what’s going on, don’t believe or know anything more exists, they just take it all as entertainment or artistic expression that has no further impact on them or their spiritual life. But yeah, when looking back on my own teens the weight of mainstream music’s vibration was huge. Glad I’m not burdening myself with that anymore 🙂

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