Spirituality in the New World Order: Is a One World Religious Authority in Formation?

Last September, Israel’s ex-President Shimon Peres asked Pope Francis to head a future “UN of religions”, a proposed organisation with “unquestionable” authority to proclaim God’s will. Peres argued globalising faith under a single world authority is required to combat terrorism. Is this concept, which has major implications, really about peace, or is there a darker agenda behind it?

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Pope Francis with Shimon Peres in June 2014. Source: UltimasNoticias

For some time now, political and economic decision-making power has devolved away from citizens and the nation-state to global multilateral organisations. As these organisations shape a new global order favouring corporate and financial elites, local populations have a diminished say in economic decisions affecting them – especially when represented by careerist politicians more aligned to the global elite.

Lately there have been signs of a top-down push for the globalisation of religion as well, with calls for global political authority over the world’s spirituality.

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About Matthew Osmund

Matthew Osmund is a freelance writer with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, an open mind and a keen interest in defending personal freedom and uncovering the truth. He's been exploring spirituality and consciousness for 10 years and writes at The Conscious Reporter about issues that affect and suppress human potential, consciousness, alternative beliefs, and the right to free expression of spirituality in the world.


  1. The Universal Church, instituted by Christ, was and is intended for all mankind. It doesn’t mean its members are perfect or intended to control the world….because the Universal Church is of the world but not in it, not in its intent.

    If anyone wants to know what the Universal Church teaches and practices, it is very easy and most transparent, our liturgy open to the public. You can go online and get yourself a Catholic Catechism of the Catholic Church. It has footnotes for every doctrine, the majority of them from Sacred Scripture. There you can see the beliefs of the Universal Church, He Ekklesia Katolika so named by St. Ignatius of Antioch on his way to martyrdom in 107 AD.

    I have no desire whatsoever to be a member of anything else.

    • Hi Kathleen, your comment didn’t really address the issues raised in this article, which is not about a praising or critiquing a particular religion.

      I respect everyone’s right to follow whatever religion or Church they choose. But these political development’s, whereby an elite powerful few have an expressed desire to create a central political influence of over all major religions, could impact on religious liberty for everyone, regardless of their faith. Not to mention change the character of religions radically.

      There are a number of Catholic’s who are not happy about such developments by the way (one is quoted in the article), who don’t want their Church used for political machinations by globalists who don’t really care for anyone’s religion, but have another political agenda they want religions to serve. Seeing as you obviously care about your religion, perhaps you should pay more consideration to these issues.

  2. If that scenario is true, we are already in big troubles…
    I’ve heard before that high scaled evil is coming from the Vatican but looks like none can touch them and reveal it in front of the justice court.
    It reminds me what someone said “…darkness is griped from the other side and taking control of the way that society works”

    In that kind of sense looks impossible to turn down this kind of mechanism Vatican uses that have roots everywhere and mainly in the western society.

    But I think that even just expose some information, us you did may rise some people’s awareness and make us explore our own darkness inside and make use of the light to get rid of it.
    So, thanks for that!

  3. A religion etched out by politicians? How inspiring — where do I sign up? 😉

    This one world religion plan has been concerning me for a long while now. It’s amazing seeing time and time again all the different ways this agenda is being pushed out…

    On a semi-related subject, Matthew, have you ever considered how interesting it is that UNESCO has exclusive authority over so many sacred or ancient sites around the world? I know it’s for “preservation” and protection, upkeep, and study of these places — but something tells me there’s more behind this need to control access to all these sites…

    • Yes, especially when ISIS/Islamic State forces have been carefully targeting and attacking renown museums and archaeological sites found in several UNESCO “protected” cities such as Palmyra (Syria) and Hamtra, Nimrud and Mosul (Iraq), openly destroying priceless ancient Assyrian artifacts that could perhaps provide humanity with some important clues and insight to its’ historical spiritual heritage.

  4. I read this article with interest. If you wish to research the topic further you may like to check out the work of Ken Wilber, an American philosopher who has to date flown largely under the radar of the alternative movement. He is working non-stop to try and integrate the world’s contemplative religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism etc) into a single all-encompassing system, which could be used as a template for a one-world religion. He’s even started as institute to promote his vision (visit http://www.integrallife.com for details). Some very big names (Deepak Chopra, Al Gore, Bill Clinton etc) have cited him as an influence. Very worrying!

  5. Won’t that be great, a world wide Taliban!

  6. We hear a lot about how the threat of terrorism is used to justify various laws that allow more and more surveillance and monitoring of people, but virtually no examination of how it’s used to justify control of spirituality or religion, which is alarming given that the majority of people on earth subscribe to some form of faith. Thanks very much for such a detailed and much-needed investigation into this topic.

    I am also amazed at the intricate web of wars, mass murders, the anti-cult movement, and religious authorities linked to governments and political leaders. Whether we like it or not, powers beyond our control are shaping the world and everyone in it. Gone are the days when you could trust authorities to always do the right thing by you, and live your life with confidence that the future for your children and forebears will be better and brighter. Things certainly seem to be to be on a downward trajectory, and all it requires is our complacency. I hope that everyone who sees and is alarmed by the state of affairs is galavanised to action and can come together in defence of all our freedoms.

  7. Thanks for that Matthew. It seems like they’re trying to create a new worldwide version of the Sanhedrin from the Bible. Quite the hidden agenda going on behind nice words there, or even if not, it would inevitably lead to repression and likely far worse if such a body were put in place by the powers that be in the world today.

  8. Thanks for a wonderful article on a subject that I think is very important.

    There’s something terribly unsettling to seeing people and society being unjustly pitted against you.

    The current “war on terror” has so many negative consequences, one (only one of them) is that it’s horrible as a Muslim living in a western country to be painted as a terrorist. To be painted as a threat to society, and living in that environment/society. This also gives those who love to hate the opportunity to discriminate. Which only breeds more hate and sorrow. And in the same vein it’s horrible to see that society is being pitted against spirituality. That people are have been implanted with these mindsets, prejudices and psychological blockades. It is a true pity, as it shuts people of form things that could be so beneficial for them.

    This whole current “war on terror” and the conflicts, I’ve often thought about it: What is the real goal behind it? I think it serves multiple purposes, but the main one is to gain control over the country’s own population(or western world) by these elite groups and dark forces.

    Anyway there’s a lot to comment on this article, but this following part stuck out to me as it puts into words what’s going on so simply and clearly.

    “- There are shady government connections to major crimes committed by heinous villains, and these crimes are then exploited to galvanise a response.
    – The crimes of the heinous few are invoked in fear-based propaganda to fabricate the perception of a broader and existential threat menacing society, which fuels a moral panic.
    – This results in the public calling for authorities to rectify the problem, and manufactures their consent for the imposed solution, which, though it involves stripping freedoms away, people believe is in their best interests.”

    Would be great if that was printed onto tomorrow’s daily newspapers. 😉

    Btw. I really liked reading that last rather uplifting point you mentioned Matthew, about freedom.

  9. Are Y O U kidding?!

    That’s nothing new! Where have you been all thse years?

    1- christianity and judaism is one and the same. jesus brought in a Way of living way from the selfish, insular Pharasism in Judea, but only a few years later, Saul the Pharisee of Jerusalemk changed it all in a U_TURN – right back to Pharasism, and RELIGION. The scum changed his name to Paul, to distance hmself – a big front to fool the sheep – that this religion wasn’t the same ole same ole.

    But christianity is – I S Pharasism aka Talmud judaism. ANd the Jerusalem Pharasees /priests changed their name to rabbis, to make people think there are no more Pharasees, but it’s all the same.

    And Sheep is EXACTLY what christianity calls people.

    During their control of the Roman Empire, the church owned slaves, and brought in the system of “latifundias”= prison farms where the inmates lived and died there, without anyway to escape.

    As christianity advanced, spreading to Europe, they hunted and SLAUGHTERED – whatever ways of thinking rivaled christianity. – they did away with true love and compassion, philosophies, ways of thinking.

    And the same with the ” New ” World.

    And brought in the prison camps again, rounding up all the tribals around the farms, called now, ” Requerimientas”- but they were GULAGS, and the system of control was Communist. THese internment camps were guarded by soldiers, and as the prison population died like flies under the harsh treatment, the soldiers kept going out further and further, rounding up more and more tribals.

    And as the christians had done in the Old WOrld, they hunted and slaughtered shamans, priests, teachers and adherents of other Ways of living.

    So Communism is nothing new- even though christian priests today pretend to be against communism.

    • What a world we live in huh? Although its interesting to see this ‘New World Religion’ unfold right before our eyes in the present time, and in such precise and political fashion, its true that those in power have used religion to take control of society and destroy faith for centuries.

      At the same time, in my opinion, all religion is linked together, carrying a similar thread, a way to reunite with the divine, just retold in different tongues and for different times. The original message is not so blemished as man has made of it.

  10. Any organization yielding an authoritative power to dictate what God says is right or wrong is already a fallacy and opens the door for more witch hunting and more extreme fanaticism coming from such governmental body.

    No one has the power and ability to dictate the internal connection of an individual with the divine; however, if such body exists, it will have the power to yield externally and in society how people can behave, which temple, church, mosque, synagogue and so forth they can attend, which deity they can pray to and religious attire that will be accepted and which will not.

    This is not progress. This is not a step forward. This is going back in time of the Middle Ages, and it certainly is NOT about providing a solution against religious extremists.

    Another great expose Matthew!

    The point you made about dividing and conquering is also extremely important. People have already been fed and made to believe in evil-cult and be made suspicious of people living together through the horrific murders that took place in Jonestown and in Wacco. The campaign of misinformation and manipulation by the media is extreme in what concerns any type of alternative spirituality.

    If people started to realize the intensity of attacks toward alternative beliefs, they would realize it’s only a matter of time before they come for their supposedly more widely accepted spiritual beliefs.

  11. Seems like a one world religious authority would really bolster and perpetuate the ‘war on terror’ (not to mention the war that is currently taking place against alternative spirituality). I’m sure any visible effort by a body of this kind to influence religions would be seen as an attack that needed to be violently opposed by religious extremists and might even encourage people who are not currently violent or are sitting on the fence to take up arms.

    And for the majority of people who would not violently oppose any attempts to have their religious freedoms stifled what would be the outcome? Would it become illegal to have a spiritual practice that differed from what the ‘unquestionable authority’ declared was the will of God similar to the current environment in China?

    It’s scary to contemplate, and seems pretty fishy after reading all the history and intrigue behind it.

  12. A UN of religions… How can we trust any measures to fight “terrorism”? So much of the war on terror has been a sham. Whether or not they pull off this “religious authority” at this point in time, it seems it’s obviously on the agenda of some power out there.

  13. It’s helpful to consider this broader view of what may be happening all around us.

    In the day to day flow of events the bigger picture and the goals they might serve are difficult to see.

    But taking a step back like this and you can clearly see how the creation of a religious extremist bogeyman and the cult bogeyman are two prongs of the same pitchfork — both strengthen the position of “safe”, mainstream versions of religions that can easily be controlled, or drive people away from religion altogether.

    In both cases, the freedom to explore spiritiality is curtailed.

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