Forbidden Archaeology: New Evidence of Early Man Suppressed [VIDEO]

In the early sixties, archaeologists in Central Mexico discovered artwork, animal bones and spear points that they determined to be over 250,000 years old, shattering the theory that man appeared in the Americas just 13,000 years ago. This documentary explores how this incredible discovery gained ground in the media, but was soon mysteriously suppressed; artifacts were lost and careers sabotaged.ย 

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  1. Great story, they really are trying to cover everything up.

    Loved the shapes of those Diatoms.

    • I did too Martin! Thinking it’s another aspect in nature that shows universal spiritual geometry.

    • The diatoms were arguably my favorite part of watching this! I’ve never heard of them before, but they are so beautiful. Nature is just full of surprises.

  2. Interesting information on this doco, I still can’t get over all the cover up in our world. Well done guys this information needs a lot of exposure.

    I appreciate all the comments, great stuff.

    Thanks again to the Conscious Reporter team, keep up to great work.

  3. I just watched this documentary, it was moderately interesting for me.

    A brief summary for anyone who’s considering watching it.
    First there’s an introduction to the story with the mention of the first finds. Then it continues by telling about the initial professional excavation in the 60’s where the science started pointing to even older dates of very early people present on the ‘new world’ continent. It also briefly mentions how that ended.
    It then continues in more modern times where this case is picked up again by Marshall Payn. Here, and this much takes up a lot of the total time, the documentary is actually explaining the archaeological scientific case for this site (which from a scientific viewpoint is very solid imo.) It mainly researches and aims to show that the layer of soil where the objects are found is indeed very old and not a newer layer created by river erosion reaching that level (a theory proposed by one sceptic scientist, who it appears doesn’t want to believe rather than the evidence not being correct.)
    From 01:01 onwards it tells of how when the new team were getting very close to completely proving the case by going back for another dig they were mysteriously thwarted by ‘someone up high.’ (This has got a very reminiscent feel to it of cases in other fields like UFO disclosure and ‘new energy’ cover ups.)

    But great work by these quite senior people to get this evidence to be considered!

    My view of history has certainly changed a lot recently ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Perhaps the sceptical scientist was influenced to make that statement during the interview given the number of people involved in revealing the incredible truth about the archeological discovery who suddenly went missing or mysterious ended up dead.

      It’s pretty amazing to find out about the collection of evidence out there that exposes humanity’s true age. It’s just a shame to see how much of it is being oppressed.

    • Thanks for the summary Karim. What I found interesting was how the woman archeologist in the 60-ties was smeared because of her findings, people in her team accused on “placing the artifacts into the soil”, and accused her of “not being professional enough” to recognize the fraud, etc… all kinds of very creative accusations to just undermine somebody’s work, especially if it dared to be a woman. The second team of the marshall Payn then did a great job, so great actually that “somebody up high” had to thwart it. So I guess here we see how this system works – at first threats and smearing, then if nothing “helps”, things are simply stopped “from above”.

      I just hope that with so many new findings being unveiled today, with a great number of different pyramids found all over the world, artifacts, sacred sites and so on… that it will simply become impossible to supress this information, as it will start leaking from all different channels and sources until it becomes one big stream of truth. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I like your “moderately interesting” rating, Karim ๐Ÿ˜€ I know what you mean — it’s not one of those super exciting docos, but I still found it highly interesting. Maybe it’s just because I can be a bit of a history nerd sometimes ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Anyhow, I really enjoyed watching it, especially because they went into the methodology quite a bit and made it approachable.

      What I thought was quite interesting is when they got to the Smithsonian exhibition part — I knew the artifacts were going to mysteriously vanish at that point, and sure enough they did… I don’t know what the deal is, but the Smithsonian has quite a vast track record of controversial artifacts and important archaeological finds of this sort “go missing” under mysterious circumstances… not to mention some strange beginnings as an organization entrusted with some of the world’s most significant archaeological work.

      For a museum network allegedly established “for the increase and diffusion of knowledge,” the amount of “controversial” knowledge or new unconventional finds that seem to be “erased”, confiscated, lost, or vanish without explanation is quite alarming…

      • Wow, thanks for sharing this bit about Smithsonian Jenny. Reminds me of Zahi Hawas being the head of the Ministry of Antiquities in Egypt, who has been accused of hiding the true age of some artifacts found in Egypt, as well as other crimes. In Slovakia, we have a saying “when a goat is the gradener” which seems to ring true in these cases…

        • Yes, he’s an interesting example. I tuned into the whole thing a few years ago when researching finds of skeletons of giants in North America, which the Smithsonian a history of “disappearing”. I then noticed a pattern across the board with quite a few ancient artifacts that go on exhibits there or that somehow involve the Smithsonian and then are lost without trace. This was happening more obviously in the early nineteen hundreds, but there’s quite a lot there once you dig in…

          • Speaking of artifacts, I have recently came across the work of Klaus Dona – originally an art curator from Austria, who started researching the so-called “out-of-place” artifacts, which are the ancient artifacts that should not exist according to current science. And while his initial interest was artisitc, he quickly delved into something more profoud, the possible signs of an extremely advanced civilization that once reigned globally on Earth. This video shows some really neat ones, interesting how much emphasis many of them place on the stars, especially the orion constellation:

      • Yes I say โ€œmoderatelyโ€ ๐Ÿ™‚ because although I think this documentary is done well, in my opinion It only tells part of the bigger story.

        For example if everything they point to in this documentary is true. With humans more advanced than previously thought living in way earlier era’s and on a different continent. What does that mean? Perhaps it points to civilised societies being able to emerge much sooner than is now believed? What does that mean? That history is wrong and civilised societies existed long ago, which came and went? So what does that mean? Who were those people and what was most important to those possibly very spiritual societies? Did they know things that we at large have lost knowledge of? Things, such as the meaning of life, relations with extraterrestrials? Things that could benefit people’s understanding greatly today?

        Basically the closer it gets to the deeper questions the ‘juicier’ it gets for me. But I still think the more of these documentaries there are the better. This group of pretty senior people are quite the example with their activeness to pursue this issue!

        • I think these people are seniors now, but when they started their researches they were not. Many of them have probably spent all their lives trying to get a recognition for these facts.

  4. Wow, this so reminds me of what’s going on today with the Bosnian Pyramids. The furious attampts of the archeological establishment to discredit it, despite the overwhelming numbers of serious scientists and researchers that went there, made the precise measurements and published the reports confirming the genuinity of the site, as well as its very old age.

    It indeed seems like there are some forces watching out, having the jealous and rigid people as their faithful puppets. And as soon as a discovery that shatters the established status quo about our history (or a greater reality, including extraterrestrials, etc) is announced, they all come in and start heavily smearing the new findings, using the mass media and all sorts of institutions, until at least a good portion of the general public turns to their side. I really hope that this game is becoming old, and that people will let the facts speak for themselves rather than the negative skepticism and bullying.

  5. 250k years, wow ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to watching this soon!

    From the description it also appears to be quite educational not only about the subject itself but also (as is often the case with ‘revolutionary’ discoveries and information being presented etc.) about the opposition this causes and the inevitable struggle to try to get the truth out there.

    • Yeah, sounds super exciting! This sort of discovery, if scholars gave it credence, could be totally profound.

      Maybe I’ll have time to watch a documentary this evening…

      • And I of course realize the academic world may shun this idea, perhaps what the documentary is getting it, but it would be awesome to see openminded academics provide a careful analysis of the evidence.