‘Edge of Tomorrow’: Latest Hollywood blockbuster pushing false flag alien invasion agenda?

Hollywood’s latest alien invasion blockbuster ‘Edge of Tomorrow,’ starring Tom Cruise, shows humanity uniting in a global military force against an alien assault, while extraterrestrials and spirituality are demonised. Discover how the movie embeds ideas in the viewer’s psyche conducive to a future false flag alien attack scenario and one-world military agenda.


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Storytelling has long been a powerful way of conveying messages. Stories can be retold for thousands of years, helping to shape a society’s values whether for good or ill. Storytelling is so powerful in fact that there’s not much difference for our brains between participating in events and learning of them through stories. Movies are one of the most compelling and immersive forms of storytelling we have, which means they can have a powerful effect on our world-view.

So if you are one of the millions of people who have just seen Edge of Tomorrow, the latest movie starring Tom Cruise, then at some level you have been positioned to view extraterrestrials as evil. You might think that if aliens ever came to earth they would be coming to destroy humanity. While watching the film you may have even felt you were playing an active part in the war against aliens. And to make matters worse, you may have absorbed subtle subconscious cues that linked and associated spirituality with “evil” aliens.

Before we start discussing how Edge of Tomorrow might be influencing us to:

  • accept a false flag alien attack;
  • support a New World Order-esque global military force and increased military funding; and
  • associate extraterrestrials and spirituality with evil,

let’s first go through a quick breakdown of some important plot points. Warning: spoilers ahead.


Tom Cruise in a fight for his life against “alien invaders” Image source

Edge of Tomorrow starts with a confusing collage of news clips reporting an “alien invasion”. We are told we’ve “suffered millions of casualties” and that “all of humanity is at stake”. This war is apparently taking place in the near future as press conference footage shows an actor who closely resembles Hilary Clinton as the US President.

The story follows Major William Cage who is thrown into battle as part of the NATO-led “United Defense Force” (UDF) sporting a weaponised mechanical suit to fight against alien invaders known as “Mimics”. When Cage kills and is doused in the blood of an “Alpha” Mimic he takes on their power to “reset the day” every time that he dies. At important points related to re-living the same day his eyes turn pitch black.

Cage lives the same day over and over again, developing his skills as a soldier each time. He is trained by Rita Vrataski, who previously had the same power and is the UDF’s most decorated soldier due to the number of aliens she has killed. Together they prepare to destroy the “Omega”, which is something like the brain of the aliens. They eventually succeed in destroying it under the Louvre’s glass pyramid in France, dying themselves in the process. After the destruction of the Omega the day resets once more and they live happily ever after – or so we’re led to believe.

Someone wants you to think that extraterrestrials are evil

Despite many instances of extraterrestrials (ETs) helping humanity despite our violent attitude towards them and numerous reports of spiritual experiences with ETs, there are many movies that induce fear towards ETs by depicting them as violent world destroyersEdge of Tomorrow takes this narrative to another level.

“What you’ve got to understand is that this is a perfectly evolved world conquering organism. For all we know there are thousands, millions of these asteroids [that’s how the aliens got to earth] flying around the cosmos and they’re waiting to crash land into a world with just the right conditions” – Edge of Tomorrow scientist

Concept art for one of the "Mimics. They look even scarier on screen. Source: Fandango

Concept art for one of the “Mimics. They look even scarier on screen. Image source: Fandango

In Edge of Tomorrow the “Mimics” look like a cross between a demon, a piranha and a black-tentacled octopus. They are fast, merciless and deadly, with one reviewer describing them as “nightmare creatures that look like razor-tentacled squid” (source).

In a Huffington Post review by Dwight Brown the film is compared to a “graphic nightmare” where the ETs are described as “predatory demons” and compared to the devil.

It’s a common narrative tool to make the film villain appear to be lacking in human qualities. Edge of Tomorrow achieves this by contrasting the darkness of the Mimics with the humanity, pain and love of the two main protagonists. Beyond this, Edge of Tomorrow adds a whole new dimension to the demonisation of ETs when Cage’s eyes turn pitch black when he uses the alien’s ability to reset time.

Pitch black eyes? The alien’s eyes aren’t black in the film, so what would that have to do with resetting the day? Maybe it has more to do with drawing upon other instances of black-eyed beings, and creating a subconscious perception that these features are associated with ETs.

Here are some other movie depictions of black-eyed characters; they are all related to demons or horror in some way.

From left to right we have:

  • The White Witch from the Chronicles of Narnia whose eyes turn pitch black after killing Aslan, who is an allegorical representation of Christ;
  • A demon from a Hellraiser film;
  • Ghosts from Paranormal Activity; and
  • A person possessed by a demon who uses psychic powers to leave his body and kill people in an 80s horror flick called Out of the Body.

Notice how these depictions all associate pitch-black eyes with evil?


Depictions of movie characters with black eyes – they all somehow relate to evil

Negative entities in nightmares, lucid dreams and out of body experiences can often have pitch black eyes

Negative entities in nightmares, lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences can often have pitch black eyes

Depictions of black-eyed beings are not uncommon in movies, but we can trace such depictions back to their roots in other dimensions. If you’ve ever had a nightmare, a lucid dream or an out of body experience where you’ve seen a negative entity, often their eyes will have the same pitch black colour. These entities are demonic in the most literal sense.

Is that what someone in Hollywood wants us to associate ETs with so that we hate and fear them and do not look to them as a source of spiritual guidance?

The movie ends in a final showdown at the Louvre glass pyramid in France. This pyramid was widely reported as having the ‘number of the beast’ enumerated in its glass tiles and was said to be dedicated to the demonic Beast from the Book of Revelation.

This myth has now been debunked, but it may be a continual association for many. Given that pyramids are increasingly associated with the Illuminati and darkness, could the glass pyramid be another narrative technique to further link extraterrestrials with evil?

Aliens vs a “United Defense Force”

In Edge of Tomorrow we’re not just supposed to fear ETs, we’re being programmed to actively want to take up arms against them.

We see this as another major theme portrayed through the film’s global “United Defense Force”. We learn that the US are fighting alongside the Russians and Chinese along with over 70 nations who have joined the battle call.

If this sounds like a familiar storyline, it’s not just because you’ve seen it in another movie before – this kind of depiction of a worldwide defense against an extraterrestrial “threat” has increasingly been gaining popularity in the news media over the last few years.

During the lead up to the 2012 London Olympics the Daily Mail posted an article full of fear mongering towards ETs warning people to be alert against a possible alien threat. The article claims:

“The logical course is to unite the world against the alien threat, combining our military strength and fighting under the United Nations. But some countries might not fight. We saw this type of treachery and cowardice in the Second World War. Though some brave people joined the Resistance, much of France accepted Nazi occupation”.

Subtitle here

Seems like the idea of us vs. an invading force is everywhere. Image source

So ETs should be compared to the atrocities of the Nazi regime and anyone who chooses not to fight against them is a treacherous coward?

As recently as April this year Bill Clinton went on the Jimmy Kimmel show and spoke about how he thought that an alien threat would unite the people of the earth in response. The very same message was spread by Ronald Reagan in 1987.

With these repeated messages of threats from outer space, you have to wonder – are we being set up for a false flag alien attack that will boost military funding and enslave humanity in a new world order?

A hoax alien threat?

It seems that even calling the invading ETs “Mimics” could be significant in this respect.

According to research by UFO investigator Dr Steven Greer, black projects in the military-industrial complex have successfully reverse-engineered extraterrestrial technology for decades, and now they use this technology to conduct cattle mutilations and faked abductions. They may even be covertly developing space-capable weapons in preparation for a hoaxed alien threat.

Image attribution: Ebay user ez_design

The “United Defense Force” concept is making its way into popular culture. Image source: Ebay user ez_design

Is it possible that the “Mimics” in Edge of Tomorrow are representative of sinister humans masquerading as extraterrestrials to embed a false fear of alien invasion, and provide a pretext for the formation of a global military?

Such a world-view would certainly be limiting if an extraterrestrial presence could help us in our physical and spiritual evolution.

Is that why the logo for the United Defense Force looks like an eagle with clipped wings and its head in a cage sporting an upright pentagram on its chest?

Symbolically the upright pentagram represents humanity ascending towards the light in a spiritual sense, and the Eagle represents the highest part of our being, while a bird in a cage is symbol of enslavement and control. Hence this symbol shows humanity being trapped and its spiritual development suppressed by a giant global cage.

Would our spiritual progress be stifled by a United Defense Force, just as Cage is forced to repeat violent acts day after day in a trap signified even by his own name?

The link between Hollywood and the Military-Industrial Complex

Tweets between Tom Cruise and DARPA. Image from: Gizmodo

Tweets between Tom Cruise and DARPA.
Image source: Gizmodo

It would be easy to believe that this is all just science fiction or conspiracies, but history paints a different picture.

Hollywood has a long history of relying on government agencies to support their productions. Government agencies then use their influence to change Hollywood scripts.

In creating the mechanised exo-suits for the production, director Doug Liman looked to real-life prototypes from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Techcrunch reports:

However, Liman, explaining how rapidly military tech evolves during wartime, told me: “We looked at what DARPA is currently building and envisioned if we were five years into a war, and everything else just stopped, and the best minds in the world and the manufacturing prowess focused on building these suits of armor, where would we be in five years.”

In the lead up to the film, Tom Cruise also managed to promote DARPA to 4.2 million people when he tweeted

@DARPA getting closer to real-life #EdgeOfTomorrow exoskeleton…amazing! http://www.darpa.mil/NewsEvents/Releases/2013/08/22.aspx … #TeamTC

Who would benefit from a boost in budget provided by an alien threat and a global defense force? Would it possibly be DARPA as the advanced research and development unit for the military-industrial complex?

“The only thing missing is you”

A promo poster for the movie, liked by 12,000 people on facebook

A promo poster for the movie reminiscent of the Uncle Sam ‘I want you to join the US Army’ posters. Image source

Edge of Tomorrow could practically be seen as a recruitment drive for a global military presence.

As military figures espouse the glory of war and victory we are told, “The only thing missing is you”.

The opening sequence includes an advertisement for joining the UDF which includes an almost subliminal representation of qualities we are supposed to associate with fighting against aliens including; STRENGTH, CHOSEN, DOMINATION, TRAVEL, FAME, DYNAMIC, FEARLESS, INVINCIBLE, PRECISE, UNSTOPPABLE, SUPERIORITY, FLAWLESS – qualities which I’m sure are attractive to many people.

This is just a movie you might say, it’s not really going to affect people’s behaviour. But did you know that after Tom Cruise starred in Top Gun recruitment into the air force jumped by 500%? What about the shark cull initiated by the film Jaws that drove almost one third of shark populations to the brink of extinction?

And if the movie itself isn’t enough to spur you into action, the themes in Edge of Tomorrow are already making their way into popular culture. Take for instance the paintball location with an authentic UDF branded helicopter, or the Edge of Tomorrow smartphone game where you can spend time practising killing aliens.

Edge of Tomorrow promotes a confusing view of spirituality

A classic depiction of Ouroboros, signifying eternal return

A classic depiction of Ouroboros, signifying eternal return

It’s pretty clear the view we are expected to take on aliens, but a more subtle aspect of Edge of Tomorrow is its depiction of spiritual concepts.

As Cage relives his day again and again we could essentially be seeing a representation of reincarnation (on a macro scale). It wouldn’t be the first movie to follow this structure: Groundhog Day and Source Code are two other examples which follow similar principles.

Can we relate to these movies because we have an innate understanding of the process of reincarnation, which is explained through many spiritual traditions?

In a spiritual sense being born again gives us the opportunity to gain experience from life and to grow from difficulties, correct our errors and become better and more selfless people. This was the theme in Groundhog Day. In Edge of Tomorrow however reincarnation is associated with evil as Cage’s eye turn black in important moments related to resetting the day.

Rather than becoming better people, the ability is used to become more efficient killers.

I’m not a soldier – Cage

Of course you’re not, you’re a weapon – Rita

From the Edge of Tomorrow trailer

This may not be the first time spiritual principles have been warped in military circles. Take for instance the increasing use of mindfulness in military training. While supposedly taught to help soldiers deal with stress, critics fear that mindfulness divorced from its background of non-violence might be used to make better killers.

There are many other references to religion and spirituality in the movie:

  • At the beginning of the film, when looking at the map of advancing armies, a General tells Cage that the Russian and Chinese armies will push the enemy back allowing them to meet the US forces in the middle while “exterminating the Islamic scourge along the way”. Given that religious extremists are portrayed as a global enemy and have underpinned military spending and engagements since 9/11, is this a symbolic reference to the eventual replacement of the “war on terror” with an “alien” conflict that will sustain the military-industrial complex in the future?
  • Cage is harassed by a platoon commander who tells him it is “judgement day” and that he will be “baptised and born again”.
  • The aliens are referred to in different aspects as the “Alpha” and “Omega”, which are biblical terms used to describe the Christ.
  • In the final sequence, a soldier on a mission with Cage to kill the “Omega” comments, “Let’s blow this new age piece of b******s back where it came from” [emphasis added] and shortly after this his friend says, “I’ll see you in the next life”.

By relating reincarnation with spirituality, religion and demonic alien forces at the same time, the viewer receives a confusing message. Is reincarnation just something that happens in the movies? Is it a religious belief? Is it a bad thing?

Like the negative portrayal of the extraterrestrials, are viewers meant to associate spiritual concepts with evil?

Will you support the agenda?

As of writing this article, Edge of Tomorrow has grossed over $340 million in box office takings worldwide. With a conservative estimate of $15 per ticket that means the film has been seen over 22 and a half million times in cinemas alone.


Is this the world you want? Image source

Do all those viewers now have an increased perception of extraterrestrials as evil? Are they more open to the possibility of accepting a false flag attack and whatever military spending is required to “repel the invaders”? Do they see spirituality as fiction at best, or an evil to be avoided at worst?

One thing is certain: Edge of Tomorrow has definitely added to the overwhelming depiction of extraterrestrials as an enemy that must be guarded against at all costs.

And as the world’s forces march on screen again and again to claim a victory for the “entire human race”, we are further being programmed to internalise an isolation from our universal brothers and sisters who could otherwise help us make a better world and truly understand our purpose for existence.

About David Arkyn

David has a deep interest in spiritual development, but has discovered there are many forces in the world working to keep people asleep. His recent interest has been researching the psychological tactics and techniques used to limit people's spiritual potential, writing about his discoveries here at The Conscious Reporter.


  1. If you really think that the government is able to fake an alien attack, you are exactly the type of weak individual the government would prey upon. There’s no way we have technology that could compete with any civilization that finds us. If aliens are able to get to Earth, their technology will be so far superior to ours that no Independence Day-like scenario is possible. Think about this: If we went 200 years into the past and had a war with ourselves, how close would it be? We have planes, advanced warfare and tactics, advanced machinery, tanks and machine guns and nuclear weapons…against…muskets and early rifles? Cavalry? NOW imagine that we come across an alien civilization that’s 1,000 years more advanced than us. Or perhaps 100,000 years more advanced. Or a million years more advanced! It’d be like Godzilla coming across an anthill colony! And if humans could travel the stars and we came across a planet with intelligent beings…what would we do before going down onto the planet? Send probes down to the planet; stay in space and study the intelligent life. Chances are, when we meet aliens…it’ll be machines they’ve sent and not themselves. They’ll see we’re a war-like species and immediately be defensive. So…all alien movies in Hollywood are unrealistic in this respect. Every civilization we’ve seen on the big screen is within a few hundred – or at most, a few thousand – years ahead of us.

    • If you think the government doesn’t keep advanced technology from the public, you’re a weak individual. They wouldn’t need much to trick most people anyways, you see what they can do with main stream media and all the lies and b******* that spits out. Plus, all the NWO pushes in politics would need something such as an “alien threat”, which over 60% of people believe in aliens now, to make a one world government and religion possible. If you think this endgame is conspiracy BS, you better do some research.

  2. Alex Vanderveen

    After 1 minute of this movie on Netflix I couldn’t even continue to watch. This is PURE propaganda, and it makes me so sad. Aliens are coming, and they’re gonna be faked. And how do I know when good ones are coming, or when they are actually the secret government agents in disguise?

    I continue to pray, and to focus my spiritual energies, in hopes that truth WILL guide me, and that when I need it, I will have the revelations necessary to progress, and to live. For my sake, and my loved ones.

    • Hey Alex,

      Same here. At one point I was planning to watch this movie to get some insights, see what’s going on, like the things this article wonderfully reveals. But after 5 minutes even that reason could not justify it, I know all these movies all to well and (in this particular case for me) I felt it would just be a waste of time.

      It’s very worrisome to get to know about some of the dark agendas unfolding.
      But in the past I’ve often caught myself being in low and depressing sort of states, worrying for example about the agenda of subjugating people and nations through the creation of the “war on terror”, worrying about a possible WWIII (there is so much scaremongering of that going on on the internet, how this and that event are the sign of it). Deeply worrying as well at times about the persecution of spirituality in society (and by it of me.) Etc.

      Anyway I found it best to step out of such inner states or mindsets as I found it wasn’t helping me. Keeping me down and imprisoned a bit, perhaps similar to what you say regarding spiritual energies. But yeah that doesn’t mean that those things are not real though! Or that we shouldn’t act, we should! In a conscious way and to the best of our knowledge.

      I really like what you mention about pushing through with prayers and such, very inspiring.

      Just to quickly mention. (Although to fully elaborate would take up a lot of space 🙂 ) I found out-of-body experiences paired with getting knowledge of myself/my psyche to be a key tool to find out the truth about things which I would not otherwise have thought I could even get answers about.
      – All the states such as various fears, hatred, the hidden goals of pride, etc. within us make us actually very subjective. Getting to know ourselves and our reactions we can see things very objectively and our perception opens up.
      – Out-of-Body experiences are a way to start to explore supernatural phenomenon through our personal experiences. Such as are ET’s real? What will happen in the future? Getting guidance on what matters most in life and much more.

      Anyway wishing you all the best and sterkte in your journey.

    • Why can’t people just watch a movie to be entertained? Why do they have to analyze it to the point that they dislike every little nuance? Of course directors and Hollywood are going to push an agenda in their movies! It’s the same as if you were going to write a story…your opinions about whatever you’re writing about would be reflected in the tone; your word usage and style. So next time, instead of watching a movie to see if it matches your opinion of something, try watching it to be entertained! Forget how or why it’s being done. Forget whether you agree or not. Try to be immersed in that world and see if you enjoy the story. Certainly don’t complain about it. And anyone who watches just 1 minute and then quits is an idiot. That’s like reading the first page of a novel and stopping. You essentially judged it by it’s cover.

      • Hey AJT – for me, my time is way too precious to watch movies ‘just to be entertained’. It makes me feel pretty awful thinking how many hours of entertainment I’ve clocked up in my life, especially in those teenage years. Now, if something doesn’t feel right, I’ll turn it off straight away too. It’s partly about saving my time, partly about choosing what I expose myself to. If a film has a violent flavour for example, and you can often tell in very quickly if it does, or even from the title, I know myself well enough to know I don’t enjoy watching that kind of film. Images from movies stay with you – they run through your mind often for days after. Either I don’t want that at all, or I want something inspiring.
        But there is a deeper reason for not wanting to support these kinds of films in this topic – if something is really promoting a view that you believe is harmful, why would you support it with your time? It’s far from idiotic to turn the telly off or put down a book that doesn’t resonate with you.

        • Well said, Ella. And I think people watching for pure entertainment is the exact reason the possibly skewed message circulates and gets further embedded in the fabric of society. Would be nice if the truth circulated so efficiently…

  3. If the trailer for Independence Day 2 ‘Resurgence’ is anything to go by it’ll be the worst propaganda film yet.

    • Yes, it does seem to be going in that direction.

      And of course you can’t just make the film exactly the same. It seems they’re ‘updating’ the information a bit. Much like many other films where to make it more realistic and scary they use real current (or plausible-near-future) information, and then obviously put their spin on it. This can really cloud people’s actual view.

      For example (if I remember correctly from the trailer) they mention the government has been working in secret on projects and reverse engineered alien technologies for when ‘they’ would return.
      I mean yes it is true there are huge secret projects going on behind the scenes, where vehicles and weapons are being developed. Many of these do use technology from downed spacecraft.
      But the point that the ET’s are here to destory us or whatever is completly false and ridiculous! It is in fact those black projects that are such a crime against humanity.

      I even heard something like “I see them in my dreams…..”. I surely hope that’s just meant in the general sense.

      When watching that trailer for me it didn’t feel like “oh this anti-ET agenda is such an injustice” neither surprise or disbelieve at seeing yet another film like this. This recurring theme is just so overdone, outdated and obvious that I felt very little at all, apart from some sadness.

  4. This movie is predictive programming for Operation Bluebeam, a fake alien invasion were we are all supposed to “come together” to fight off the aliens. It is supposed to be the final card in bringing about a global government. Serge Monast exposed this is 1995 and subsequently died of a “heart attack” a few days later.

    • It was interesting that the president in the film appears to resemble Hilary Clinton. If she becomes the next US president then it would be predictive programming indeed and definitely foreboding of a false flag alien attack.

  5. The hollywood media arm of the Matrix is in high gear. ALL new movies are doom porn and predictive programming, getting us ready for……well, exactly what they are showing us – a bigass conflict, worshipping cops and soldiers and accepting them on our streets and in our lives, and that we have to be controlled – for our own safety. The enemy is all our neighbors and friends who accept this and even call for it. THEY are the problem. Help your frieends wake up – but do it slowly and intelligently. dont preach. be a friend, SHOW, don’t tell.

    • I know what you mean… Hollywood is even bringing the concept of “citizen purge” – how to become afraid, suspicious of friends, neighbors..

      I just cannot believe the garbage that is put out there, sold as entertainment, and yet that conditions people to build up these sentiments that they would never have in the first place.. It is terribly sad..

      I can only hope more people come across this website, yet it is hidden by most default filters under “adult category” – so it is really up to us to spread the info via grassroot channels, through sharing and so forth..

      But even through that, many people are now afraid of sharing information via social media out of fear of falling under the NSA radar…

      How absurd and dangerous that is to see the extent of the control over people and information on the internet in so-called “free world”..

  6. I believe that satan is the ruler of this world and he knows that Christ is coming down soon with his Angels’ So he has to convince the human race that Christ is a alien coming to destroy the earth or human race, in order to unite the world for one purpose, and that is to destroy the creator , who is Christ him self. So you see,
    that has been his plan from the beginning of his down fall. His power was destroyed once before at the flood along with satans angels but this time God (Christ) will destroy him once and for all.

  7. Thanks Dave. After your brilliant expose I just had to watch it. Well what can I say? I want to be a hero as well, so if monsters invade I definitely want to join in and be part of the action! My life’s too boring as a couch potato … I need to be a hero.
    Hollywood’s been hijacked…
    What happened to ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’, ‘ET-The Extra Terrestrial’, ‘Starman’ and even the ‘Taken’ series? Or are they just the warm up?
    This latest psychotic computer generated fantasy starts as if it were ‘real’ news. What’s disturbing is that it could easily be these days, well real in the sense they would broadcast such rubbish – very reminiscent of the ‘fake alien threat’ broadcast on radio in 1938.
    The abysmal entities they created remind me of the revolting street art that populates the streets these days. Most of that is designed to engender horrific emotions.

    • Was that broadcast war of the worlds where people thought it was real and there was mass hysteria? Seems like the same techniques have evolved to new media. I wonder where they’ll go next..

  8. Thanks for he great article David. It is one sad thing about movies, the “entertaining” aspect of them can make them seem somehow separate from other spheres of power in the world, like politics and so on. Even looking back over history though it’s easy to see how they’ve been a mouthpiece for a bigger agenda, like how during the Cold War communists were portrayed as the constant villains, and even in more recent times with ‘rogue states’ like Iran & North Korea.

    It definitely does have an influence on people. When Olympus Has Fallen premiered (an action film about a North Korean invasion of the US) I remember seeing a long string of messages by people on twitter talking about how they felt like “beating up Asians”.

    It gets worse when you think about things like infrasound being added to the music in movies to deliberately stir up the audience’s emotions. It seems that to do something like that, you need to have a really serious lack of respect for other people and their psychological integrity, and be cold towards the things that lift up society, especially towards presenting the truth.

    • Some good points you’ve made there Nathan!

      You reminded me of a time when I was watching a suspenseful movie. I started getting a bit anxious and realised the music was kind of jarring. I blocked my ears so I could see the images still but not here the music and all of a sudden it wasn’t suspenseful at all and the anxiety went away. So I think you’re definitely right in that sound in films is used as another way to manipulate us.

    • Good show. Check out the preconditioned programming in the new “Godzilla”.
      It’s all there: Fukushima (deemed as safe). EMP threats as a constant grinding upon the brain,
      complete with Fema and relocation camps (sports stadiums) near the end. Take a look.

      • Thanks for the comment Alice, sounds like it’s worth checking out. I also noticed in the latest Captain America film there was a disconcerting amount of predictive programming and references to real government operations and objectives

  9. Aliens are the perfect enemy in movies since they involve metaphysical aspects, superpowers, and the fear of the unknown combined.

    That fear in things metaphysical usually fades after the unknown becomes known but in these movies this fear is cultivated by misrepresenting the truth.

    We are being manipulated to believe that only mundane living is safe. Anything we don’t know and understand is unsafe.

  10. Thank you David for writing this article and putting these information together.
    I’m a bit confused about Hollywood’s agenda since not all the movies are like this one. LOTR, Matrix and Star Wars some of my favourites for example even their violent scenes had a nice message.

    Obviously its a huge industry and it can include possible many kind of agendas. For example Doug Liman the director of this one has made quite a few similar ones. Possible this sinister agenda have its own “cast” and key role people in the production offices.

    I think what helps a lot these productions are the triggers which like pattern they use to “feed” people’s perception and emotions. Fast action scenes, adrenaline triggers, justice, threats and danger, casting people according to their origins and so many more. Giving that to the people during their entertainment time, when they are relaxed and most receptive.

    Informing people is something is needed for sure.

    • I agree with you Fotis that it’s such a big industry there are probably people / studios / companies maybe that have an agenda while others may not.

      Watching television and movies actually changes your brainwaves putting people in a much more receptive state, so it’s definitely when they’re most relaxed and receptive and can easily have their ideas and subconscious manipulated.

  11. Excellent review David! Well done for going past the simple understanding many will see in such a movie and instead present in a well-researched way and explain all the subliminal messages that are being pushed onto people.

    At the end of the day, people need to realize what they are being fed through this entertainment, and how it affects them, and makes them think..

    One can only hope that more and more people start to see what is happening in the world, and see the reality for what it is, not what the elite wants us to imagine and accept to believe it is..

  12. Thanks David, a really thorough breakdown and analysis of the disturbing themes and messages in this film. Seemed to have the usual Hollywood evil alien invasion treatment with the weird addition of layers of dark esoteric symbols and insinuations.

    I wonder if the notorious Louvre pyramid is a symbolic hint about who is really behind and controlling the “mimics”, given that pyramids are these days most often associated with a shadowy elite who may have an interest in forming a global military through a false flag threat? Interesting that DARPA’s Information Awareness Office (IAO) used the pyramid with the all-seeing eye as its logo, and the exo-skeletons in this film are also DARPA-inspired.

    • That’s a good point about the Louvre pyramid and the DARPA logo Matthew.

      I thought it surprising too that there were more darkly esoteric layers to the movie than just the usual ‘aliens are bad and we have to fight them or else’ kind of theme.

  13. Hello Dave,

    I’ve seen a cattle mutilation in the past and thought that due to the way the cow was cut that it must have been an alien technology that did the precise cutting, it looked like lazer precision cuts, the belly of the cow was cut open with the chest rib structure removed also the lungs , heart & I don’t remember any internal bowels either and there was no blood! not on the cow, the rock the cow was slung over or within the carcass of the animal, it was like the blood had been removed. It was a weird experience, My friend and I who witnessed the animal didn’t know what to do so being young my friend seeked the advice of his grandfather who didn’t have an answer for us but did go on to try to explain an experience he had with blue light but now I don’t believe aliens did this and really do wonder if these mutilations are actually done by humans through the black projects that are carried out.

  14. Great review. Now you’ve convinced me not to see this movie… just kidding.

    It’s very sad that Hollywood has so much power. They combine what the mainstream wants (action, excitement, explosions, etc.) with the agenda of the ultra-elite (demonize ETs, trash spirituality, get people psyched about being heroes in a made-up war and probably dying in the process).

    • It’s a bit scary what people are subjecting themselves too in the name of entertainment nowadays.

      After the first time I watched this movie I actually had dreams about fighting extraterrestrials. I consider myself fairly open minded about them but that’s how much movies can affect the psyche.

      Like you said people are subjected to all sorts of degraded values through TV and movies and I’m certain they manipulate people’s world view and actions.

  15. Great article, thanks David I found it very informative.

    Unfortunately, these types of movies will send the wrong messages on ETs, but hopefully articles like yours will bring awareness to the truth.

    I find that the internet can be a great tool to peacefully speak out in defense of the truth. A good example was last night while visiting my 2 cousins and the wives. To my surprise, they were well informed from the internet on many topics related to the Illuminati and all their wrong doing.

  16. Nice Article David! I was wondering what all the promo was about with the #livedierepeat hashtags. Thanks for the summary and breakdown of another terrible production from Hollywood. Hopefully articles like this will wake up some folks who leave this movie questioning why these idea’s are so prevalent these days.

  17. Thank you David for this review. I noticed there are not many reviews out there that would be taking the whole picture, including spirituality, into consideration. I think this kind of demonization of extraterrestrial beings and spirituality in emotionally charged movies clearly has a very apparent goal – to turn the public opinion against these beings and everything that could potentially help people to reach higher internal level and see through the deceptions that are going on on Earth. Now the question we should ask is who would profit from this…