Belsebuub and the Creation of The Conscious Reporter – An Alternative Media Site with a Difference

The Conscious Reporter is an independent media site examining the issues, agendas and forces driving the suppression of alternative spirituality and the freedom of consciousness in the world today. The concept for the site came from British-born author Belsebuub. Since its launch, the site’s independent writer-researchers have published unique in-depth articles investigating little-known agendas limiting human consciousness and the spiritual implications of current issues, trends and events.

The news provides information to help us understand our world, but there are many important subjects the mainstream just does not cover, or that it covers in a limited, biased or problematic way. In some cases, skewed media coverage is an issue in its own right contributing to problems1. With trust in conventional news media plummeting, it’s little wonder the alternative media landscape is larger and more diverse than ever, as people seek a broader range of information and perspectives.

News stories often report on the symptoms of problems in the world, but few reporters examine the causes of issues, and even fewer trace the causes to their ultimate root in the realm of psychology, consciousness, and metaphysics. While a number of alternative media outlets do provide different perspectives and cover matters often omitted in mainstream news, there can still be a missing dimension to its coverage. A certain sense of the bigger picture can be lacking in both conventional and alternative news, even when important issues are being addressed.

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