The Matrix of Conformity – Top 9 Traps for Today’s Youth

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  1. I wish I knew about some of the traps laid out here when I was in my teens. Some hard lessons I had to go through because of my ignorance and the lack of understanding of how society is run and by whom. I hope this article reached lots of young people so that they can make better decisions that will lead to freedom, knowledge and a better world.

  2. That’s an interesting point Shane, I remember reading about some cases in the Chinese People’s Revolution when children handed their parents over as dissenters.

    I can see a huge shift in just a few generations in my family, from when my parents grew up to my own upbringing. I am certainly closer to my parents than they were to theirs, and then there is the Victorian cliche of ‘children should be seen but not heard’. But it does make me a bit uncomfortable to see parents and their children (often mothers and daughters) who are ‘bezzies’. Still, if it’s somehow better for parents to make the decisions, it kind of relies on them being good ones!

    A trend that I can see happening in the UK is that parenting is really being handed over to the state. Mothers are made to feel like ‘just being a mother’ is just not good enough or fulfilling enough, and financial support is offered to families now through childcare, so the mother can go out and work, rather than simply financial support. With education i.e. conditioning, happening from a younger age and more intensely, as well as parental rights like the right to choose whether to vaccinate or not being taken away, it feels like children are being gently pried from their families under the guise of a government providing services and safety.

  3. Hello,
    because I had the chance to live in more than one country, I can truly compare and see how we as humanity are loosing our freedom and ability to control our own lives. I want to avoid judgement, so I will not mention the name of the countries. When you grow up in certain society you may think that everything around you is just normal and OK. As I did for so many years. But when I moved to another country where people spoke in different language, I started to see things very differently and I started feeling so many restrictions towards foreigners and their freedom. And I also noticed that my freedom was very limited and this was for the first time in my life when I was . After finding Esoteric work, I could see that my freedom was far more limited than I could even imagine before. And now living in the third country, I can only say that I truly long for my freedom. Just to be free of all thoughts and restrictions around me. All the entertainment that leads into more slavery. I hope I will break the chains of this slavery and others too.
    There is just an example how my life was affected when I moved to another country as an overseas student and I had to pay lots of money for schools. It inevitably brought lots of stress and instead of saving money I started buying lots of stuff that I really did not need, but the drive was so strong that I did it. Of course it got me into even more difficult situation and this fight for pleasure lasted for many years. I hope that nobody will follow this terrible pattern of life.
    Thank you for bringing up this issue.

  4. Great break-down of the main pressures assaulting us from the word go. I can certainly see how each of these have been obstacles to fight against, and still are. It’s really quite sad to think how different people could be if they were nurtured through an understanding and love of spiritual principles.

  5. An interesting summary. It made me reflect on a Tedx talk I recently stumbled upon.
    The below talk really made me wonder about ‘child control’ and Orwell’s Youth League, where children are easily programmed to betray their parents. There is a very strange play going on the western world at the moment, and I’m not convinced handing over power and decision making to young children is a ‘healthy’ thing to do for families, and society. I cannot but wonder how this change has come about, and if manufactured?

    Quote: “For the past ten thousand years, the parent/child balance of power has been hierarchical with the moms and dads making most decision and kids following their lead. But in the last ten, a new generation of Millennial parents have replaced the family hierarchy with a family web: one in which most parents view their child as their best friend, moms and dads have abdicated as the primary seat of power, and most decision making is democratic. In short, the core values that guide families’ choices on everything from the brands they buy to the candidates they vote for look nothing like those of previous generations. ”;search%3Afamily

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