Youtube Safety Mode Censorship: Latest Battleground in the War on Consciousness

YouTube was once a bastion of free speech, an open venue where alternative information could circulate and wake up millions worldwide. Now it’s increasingly a place where truth is suppressed, as YouTube’s 6 billion+ hours of content is ‘soft censored’ on the sly by its mysterious ‘safety mode’. Keep reading if you prefer watching liberating information to mindless entertainment.


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About David Arkyn

David has a deep interest in spiritual development, but has discovered there are many forces in the world working to keep people asleep. His recent interest has been researching the psychological tactics and techniques used to limit people's spiritual potential, writing about his discoveries here at The Conscious Reporter.


  1. I made a comment on how in britain when the war of independence was going on in the US
    many of the people, the poor supported it and wanted out or to have the same new rights as in the new USA and that at meeting at the time the crowds were cut down by the powers in the uk and how they were sick of the class system.

    it was taken down within a few minutes by YT or by one of the uk’s many gov paid shill army

    for what, telling the truth
    and this was about something hundreds of years ago and nothing to do with now

    Taken down so much for freedom in the uk and on YT free speech i think not only when it is in there interest in the second or third world

    YT now shows sex, drugs, drinking, smoking, burning things and all sorts of filth to kids under 10 and do not even after many complaints enforce any age restrictions or safety in the videos, even when youtubers show smoking and drug smoking as well as setting things on fire in homes with no age setting on the videos it’s okay by youtube

    they now have an agenda to corrupt our young, maybe it’s time gov’s in the west blocked them or took them down

    Youtube blocks criticism and acts unlawful in the uk braking the EU law on freedom in the uk
    by blocking and taking down videos and comments
    but if you complain that a youtube is talking about anal sex or gay acts with no age warning or setting on the uploaders videos they don’t do anything at all

    youtube is corrupting out children

    • I agree with your point. I have experimented with the so-called restricted mode myself, and some of the videos that it blocks I don’t think are even remotely objectionable. Another thing I find ironic is that some of these videos do actually have children in them. I guess that it works on an algorithm based system.

  2. I made a comment under my screen name “mmarieden” under a youtube video “846-HsS_FGM”, and I can only see that comment while I’m logged in to my account. I logged out of my account and could not see my comment. I then logged in to my other screen names, and the same thing happened. While I was logged in to my other screen name, I could see the same comment, but logged in to my previous screen name, I could only see the comment made under that name. I did this using my child’s screen name as well, just to see if it was only me being censored, my browsers, computers, etc. The same thing happened in all screen names, no matter which computer in my home I used.

  3. Youtube sure likes to lie about its censorship, why they don’t say their system also censors spiritual truth and real liberating freedom. That even happened to me when trying to type a comment with some hidden truths, their system automatically picked up and i was unable to reply to that video.

  4. Anthony van Orizande

    I also tend to run in safety mode for me and my family because we want to block the pornographic material but I since discovered the same.

    For example, Prolife videos are also highly likely to be blocked. A totally safe example is below. I can’t for the life of me understand why a video about pregnant students on campus would be blocked except that someone has an agenda.

  5. Thank you so much to help us to know what happens around us.yesterday I left comment without any insult but have same issue as you mentioned,all positive comments still there and open to public.we are living in a surveillance society,it remind me Pinocchio cartoon that they transform to donkeys and when they realized it was too late.anyway the Sun will never stays longtime behind clouds.and again Thank you I feel so happy to see that there are still people who care about the others.

  6. We have to force safety mode, because all search on Google is encrypted, and the content filter can’t inspect packets. Without safety mode, horrible porn can be found in image search previews.

  7. Very interesting, David. Good info to be aware of. I always found it ironic that videos full of violence and sexuality can be found on youtube, while other far less harmful content (like a video about communicating with animals) is sometimes removed or blocked. I always suspect that many of the videos that are flagged are done by organized groups/participants who are there for content control and who are not working for the interest of the “conscious” public.

    Something else you may want to look into is Wikipedia — this is an area where I’ve come across similar issues. There appear to be organized users responsible for altering/censoring the information uploaded on there. Particularly targeted is content about alternative healing, alternative history, alternative archaeology, and spirituality. If content is even permitted to be uploaded about these subjects, you’ll find it’s often altered and presented in a negative way and with negative language used. For example, here’s an article on iridology: . Whether you agree with/believe in that alternative method of healing, it’s impossible not to notice the negatively overloaded, skeptical, and mocking language used to describe it and the external sources used to discredit it — Quackwatch, The Skeptic’s Dictionary, Confessions of A Former Iridologist, etc. — while not a single source points to the origins and explanations of why/how this could be a legitimate diagnostic practice. I have found the same with nearly all alternative healing articles. Same for anything alternative really — it’s all presented through a negative and mocking filter, as though it has already been successfully refuted and debunked when in reality it should be up to the readers to read unbiasedly presented information and judge that for themselves.

    I’ve read someplace that there is indeed a team of people working behind the scenes on Wikipedia whose job it is to edit and flag content in this manner. After looking around time and time again, I have no doubt that this is true. Even the language/manner/expressions used appear to be the same. And if it is true, that it is really concerning, especially considering that Wikipedia has become such a huge source of quick information used by millions to get informed on ultimately every subject out there.

    • ” I always suspect that many of the videos that are flagged are done by organized groups/participants who are there for content control and who are not working for the interest of the “conscious” public”

      Yes thats 100% true
      do you think only china pays an army of gov shills to take down, block, ridicule or Sheppard a topic or poster
      in the uk we have an army of them too but they are paid more than the penny they pay in china

      the views of things in the uk on the street are not in any way the same as on the internet in comments
      you can see this on YT but even more so on the uk’s version on MSN news comments
      something like 90% of the comments on there are shills or police and co

      people in the real uk on the street are just not that obsessive pro uk, gov, system, rich, police, queen and so on

      they are there to watch the internet, to control people by ridicule or to pose as sometimes ten or more people to control the comments

      they are in many cases young middle class who have an interest in keeping things the same as thats where the money comes from and have no problem with the EU laws on this and freedoms, they just brake them

  8. Really great reporting and research. Thank you.

  9. I understand that youtube will be having only paid subscribers using and businesses posting come the first of the year. And that vimeo is becoming increasing popular due to the fact it is less of a bureaucracy. Ir would make sense youtube could make more money this way… Has anyone have knowledge of this?

    • Hi Julie,

      Thanks for the comment, it’s not something I have heard of (paid subscribers), do you have any information you could point the people reading towards? I hope that doesn’t happen, it would be the death of free speech on youtube as only the people who can afford to pay can spread their message.

      A similar thing happened to facebook when it went public. The organic reach of status updates began to reduce over time and facebook essentially stated that if you want more people to see your status updates you’d need to pay.

      Vimeo is definitely another option for videos. Might be worth people cross posting videos to both if they can.

  10. Wow, browsers, computers, or even the whole countries stuck in the “safety mode”… That definitely sounds like a bad sci-fi movie. Very snaky indeed. I can totally see how this may be aimed predominantly at the youngest generation, which will grow up in a simplified version of reality, stripped of critical thinking or deeper spiritual info. All this, combined with the underlying propaganda that’s going on in many children’s movies and shows today will ensure brainwashed and generally insensitive behavior.

    • There’s so many other entertaining videos around, I agree it will become harder and harder for people to look for and find the truth, especially when it’s often hidden like this!

  11. Youtube is censoring and removing comments and otherwise changing likes and dislike votes on many posts. It is not just the channels that are targeted but also the comment posters. Youtube/Google violated my freedom of speech rights when I exposed and started posting about the Israeli genocide in Gaza. I was posting information from alternative sources with links and it was been censored as spam. I was than prevented from posting any comments for 4 weeks. Unfortunately these sites are being dominated by paid NSA and Youtube and even Hasbara trolls that target individuals that have a right to post info relevant to current events. Information war is very obvious when the community constantly encounters removed and censored videos that cannot be accessed. Very sad state of affairs that clearly shows the heavy hand of the NSA and state control of info.

  12. I did realise anything about this Safety Mode on YouTube. Thanks David for investigating it and explaining all about it. It certainly seems like it is ripe for abuse by controlling entities which want to suppress information. It’s totally shocking that the whole wearechange channel would be completely blocked by this filter, let alone the other examples you highlighted.

    • If you watch some of his videos you can see how he would probably get on the wrong side of a lot of powerful people. He really digs in to try and discover the truth and seems to make a lot of people uncomfortable in the process. He has obviously touched a nerve!

  13. Thanks David, that’s handy to know.

  14. I co-produce the Total View show on YouTube and was surprised to recently discover most of our videos are filtered under this Safety Mode system. What disturbed me most is that it was an accidental discovery – there is no notification when your videos fall under the filtering, and no mention of why.

    This is so sneaky. Who decides that topics like “astral projection” should be age-restricted or categorised alongside violence, porn, hate, and the like?

    To me it just goes to show we can’t rely on entities like Google to assist the truth movement or alternative spirituality. They’re part of the problem. We need more on-the-ground grass roots activity.

    • This is so sneaky. Who decides that topics like “astral projection” should be age-restricted or categorised alongside violence, porn, hate, and the like? – a very good question!

      I think it’s easy to forget that Google despite being massive and almost omnipresent in life / society are still a company with shareholders and other influences which may have particular agendas one way or the other and may colour their representation of things.

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