Why Placing the Science of Consciousness in the Realm of “Pseudoscience” is Completely Absurd


Despite the fact that a tremendous amount of scientific research exists -from independent to peer-reviewed -that clearly shows a definitive link between consciousness and our physical material world, this type of study has remained controversial. Again, despite the wide range of substantiated scientifically valid results, it’s sometimes grouped in the realm of “pseudoscience.”

Pseudoscience is referred to as the incorrect use of the scientific method. Various realms of study that branch underneath consciousness, one of them being parapsychology, which involves studies ranging from telepathy, psychokinesis, out of body experiences, human intention, paranormal phenomena, how consciousness and (what we perceive to be) our physical material world are interconnected, and more are usually accused of this. Although many studies that branch underneath these topics cannot be scientifically explained from a mainstream point of view, they have nonetheless been observed repeatedly in hundreds of laboratories across the world using the scientific method as a basis for investigation.

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  1. Great article which made a lot of sense to me.

    Many great minds throughout the history of mankind have credited their amazing accomplishments to a connection with Divinity.

    Thanks for sharing this article.

  2. I too see that in today’s world most research done outside of the conventional realm is brushed aside, ridiculed or not funded to stifle it. This leaves research on topics related to consciousness way behind while on the other hand enormous amount of money, research and time is spend in the field of trans-humanism and robotics. As consciousness cannot be monetized and enables a person, it will never be actively pursuit by large corporations. While a future in trans-humanism puts them and select people in power as they have the knowledge and the means which people will depend upon. It’s in our own interest to dive into consciousness and practice and experiment.

    The IONS institute founded by Edgar Mitchell is therefore a great initiative and creates a platform for sciences related to consciousness and gives it a voice. Initiatives like this seem to at least put this kind of research on the map so it can trickle down into society and inspire those who want to join.

  3. Interesting article, it’s a good perspective on the subject; thank you.