Was the iPhone Made with ET Technology? [Video]

There is an increasing awareness of the possibility of highly classified military projects, who are developing technology that is kept hidden from the wider public. In this insightful video Dr Steven Greer discusses how these “black projects” are funded, partly through illegal activities and partly through the monetization of technologies discovered by studying downed extraterrestrial vehicles.

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  1. Interesting perspective. A few years ago I read a book about a very popular case of mass contacts with ETs where the author talked about ET technology being used today by big corporations, the likes of Apple, etc. It was hard to accept some of the info in the book without a very big grain of salt as despite much of it appearing to be true to the original witness accounts, there was also a lot that was blatantly added to the book and corrupted in the story (for reasons unknown…). But this piece of information stood out to me as curious at the time — I wondered just how much ET technology might play a role in our society…? Ah, if only there was more transparency…

  2. I’ve heard that some of the technology around us is from ET technology, fiber optics and computer chips being some of them, but I never understood the full extend of it and how it trickled down to society. When you consider what Steven Greer is really saying here and you take step back to look at the world again, you’ll see a very different place. Quite shocking to be honest, a world where darkness as a firm grip on almost all aspects of society.

  3. I recall having watched this video some time ago and being shocked by some of the statements made by Dr. Greer, especially in this segment about the funding of covert projects. It’s pretty disturbing to see how these rogue forces work to try to keep us deliberately in the dark about making any real advances with technology and how most of us have become totally dependent on these so-called progressive sources, preventing any significant breakthroughs in affordable/sustainable food, housing and energy resources, alternative medicine and consciousness from being within reach of humanity.

  4. Wow! although some elements of the content of this video don’t surprise me I still find them quite disturbing. It is pretty sad the state that our world is in. And that there is dark net of corrupt, perverse, greedy bullies harming humanity in every possible way.

    And I do admit that I feel pretty disappointed that some of the ‘new’ technologies are not new at all.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  5. I’ve never understood why it’s such a ‘shocking’ thing to point out to people how little we’ve progressed past the caveman days. We just learnt how to build bigger caves and bigger fires; that’s all. How can’t people see that?

  6. That’s very interesting information brought forward by Dr Greer and yet it doesn’t surprise me. It shows once again the darkness of those who control our world and the influence/control they have on humanity.
    On the other hand this type of information encourages me to search deeper into esoteric studies to find true freedom from these dark forces.

    Thanks for the post.

  7. An interesting thought occurred to me from watching this video, though I’m not sure if I’m formulating it properly. It’s that not only have those science (that e.g. Tesla and others have discovered) are held back, but that such action also has the effect on people’s perception of technologies, the paradigm of science and what is very well possible. It seems the sort of stagnancy or lack of breakthrough tech’s has become a norm, and that it’s a normal thing that the combustion engine on fossil fuels, heating in your house etc. has/is/will run like that. In that withhed information without you knowing of it paradigm I can see how free energy would seem ludicrous and other technologies like science fiction.

    • Should I bin my fancy phone then? 😉

      It also seems like these things are gently revealed in stages so we can absorb them without too much difficulty. From watching this I had a sense of generations almost being trained slowly to become addicts, gradually drugged with convenience and dependency on comfort and technology until we merge with it without any whimper of a fight. If a lot of this technology has been around and understood by the upper echelons for decades, then there must be a controlled trickling of information and staged ‘breakthroughs’ carefully orchestrated for some benefit; not ours, humanity as a whole.

      Interesting video – what Greer is doing is very important work. Seems there is a huge veil between what’s really going on and society’s innocent gullible beliefs. I’ve read credible reports of things like whole towns existing that aren’t on the map, where secret research goes on. This just adds to the picture of there being a much more surreal but real, story actually going on.

  8. Very interesting video. I think what Dr. Greer says about there being no ‘new discoveries’ in the last 60 years is really interesting (that the technology we use today is only an improvement on technology available after WW2, and there have been no revolutionary advances in propulsion or energy since then). This video also connects some dots for me with regards to how clandestine organizations can be funded.