Belsebuub and the Creation of The Conscious Reporter – An Alternative Media Site with a Difference

The Conscious Reporter is an independent media site examining the issues, agendas and forces driving the suppression of alternative spirituality and the freedom of consciousness in the world today. The concept for the site originally came from British-born author Belsebuub. Since its launch, the site’s independent writer-researchers have published unique in-depth articles investigating little-known agendas limiting human consciousness and the spiritual implications of current issues, trends and events.

The news provides information to help us understand our world, but there are many important subjects the mainstream just does not cover, or that it covers in a limited, biased or problematic way. In some cases, skewed media coverage is an issue in its own right contributing to problems1. With trust in conventional news media plummeting, it’s little wonder the alternative media landscape is larger and more diverse than ever, as people seek a broader range of information and perspectives.

News stories often report on the symptoms of problems in the world, but few reporters examine the causes of issues, and even fewer trace the causes to their ultimate root in the realm of psychology, consciousness, and metaphysics. While a number of alternative media outlets do provide different perspectives and cover matters often omitted in mainstream news, there can still be a missing dimension to its coverage. A certain sense of the bigger picture can be lacking in both conventional and alternative news, even when important issues are being addressed.

Among many of the current agendas, issues and events it explores, The Conscious Reporter has published a number of articles examining dark metaphysical influences in popular culture. These articles highlight how the music, fashion and film industries are used to demonize esoteric spirituality and promote symbols of darkness on an unsuspecting public

The Conscious Reporter’s point of difference is in bringing an understanding of the spiritual dimensions and implications behind current issues and events to its coverage. It tackles topics with a comprehension of the deeper, hidden metaphysical influences and impacts that can be involved – as well as the broader ramifications they may have for human consciousness and spiritual freedom in the world. There were some key premises behind its creation:

  1. That each person is essentially consciousness, derives from a conscious source, and has a spiritual potential.
  2. There is a malevolent agenda working through certain groups and institutions that is aware of this spiritual potential, and which seeks to suppress it as one of its main goals.
  3. That there are subconscious elements that exist within people that also drive this suppression, including fear, superstition, ideology, etc., which can be leveraged to compel people to unconsciously and unwittingly promote and support this agenda.

Without an understanding of these factors and realizing life is more than corporeal and the spiritual potential of human consciousness is at the crux of our existence – the core reality upon which many issues and agendas converge – any attempts to report on or understand our world are sorely lacking as miss the bigger picture. The Conscious Reporter seeks to provide an in-depth perspective that recognizes humanity’s inherent right to the truth and freedom in the truest sense – not just materially, but as consciousness.

A picture of author Belsebuub

Belsebuub conceived of The Conscious Reporter as a site that could shed light on the hidden agendas and influences behind current global issues, trends and events that work to limit human consciousness and spiritual freedom

The concept for the website came from Mark, who wrote with the pen-name Belsebuub.2 He has written about the hidden metaphysical influences in the world in numerous articles on his website3, and in his books. Belsebuub realized there was an important perspective missing not only from mainstream news sources, but also largely across alternative media platforms, and that The Conscious Reporter had a vital niche to fill. His hope was that The Conscious Reporter would provide a broader and deeper understanding of social issues and events—giving them the added dimension they in fact already have.

A number of friends liked the idea, chose a name for and created the site, and began publishing investigative journalistic pieces from this more in-depth perspective. Since its launch, it has covered topics such as internet censorship; the fashion, music and film industry; media bias and propaganda; the anti-cult movement; extra-terrestrial contact; the use of symbols; the formation of a one-world religion; forbidden archaeology and more, with a particular emphasis on highlighting agendas that impact the free expression of human consciousness and spiritual freedom.

But there is an additional core understanding that sets The Conscious Reporter apart from other media sources examining the issues affecting consciousness. This is the awareness that knowledge of metaphysical realities can serve different ends: it can be used both positively, to help others, and negatively, to control them. This is something Belsebuub wrote about extensively, outlining the hidden struggle between advocates of these two kinds of knowledge and detailing how this hidden knowledge has appeared throughout history in different ways, often affecting society and humanity unseen.

Unfortunately, due to a general lack of experience and understanding of the supernatural, media sources, both conventional and alternative, all too often lump very different types of spiritual knowledge, practice, and use, into one category which is usually maligned as negative. The Conscious Reporter however, looks at the metaphysical aspects of both current and historical events from a more informed and balanced perspective, instead discerning between people who have sought to explore consciousness for beneficial and positive purposes, and those who have used it for dark and malevolent ones.

A Hidden and Suppressed History

So why do so many fail to understand this distinction when considering the role of metaphysical knowledge in our world?

The Nag Hammadi Codices, discovered in Egypt in 1945, contain the legacy of suppressed Christian mysticism, a side of Christianity that most people do not even know exists. Image source: Institute for Antiquity and Christianity, Claremont, CA.

Few appreciate the benevolent influence of esoteric spirituality because there’s been a concerted agenda to suppress and malign esoteric spirituality throughout history. For example, most people don’t realize there is a whole hidden history of Christian mysticism recorded in outlawed Gospels containing the wisdom of Jesus and his Disciples, which were banned and suppressed by the early Imperial Church which sought hegemony over the emerging faith. Many of these texts were only rediscovered last century after being lost for a millennia after they were outlawed.

While some references to esoteric matters are obscure or symbolic, requiring some esoteric experience to grasp, others are out in plain sight. For example, the Biblical Gospels clearly state Jesus taught the general public through parables but explained spiritual “mysteries” to his Disciples privately.4 Jesus is shown saying he veiled his teachings in parables because the public could not understand their profundity; the “mysteries of the kingdom of heaven” could only be revealed directly to his inner circle who possessed the “ears” that could “hear”.

This is precisely what spiritual esoteric knowledge is about: secret hidden knowledge of a spiritual kind usually only understood by the few. Now obviously the esoteric knowledge Jesus taught was spiritual, not some sinister dark occultism. The hidden spiritual realities he referred to are known through direct experience rather than belief or intellectual study, a fact reflected in a statement Jesus made to a puzzled religious figure which appears in the Gospel of John:

“Most certainly I tell you, we speak that which we know, and testify of that which we have seen, and you don’t receive our witness. If I told you earthly things and you don’t believe, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things?5

Notice he said “we” not “I”. His esoteric teachings were for all those who were “given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven”, who could potentially see and experience these things too.

Members of the Knights Templar being burned at the stake. Many believe they were an esoteric order of light who were misunderstood and then persecuted by the public

It is this quest for personal spiritual experience which sets practitioners of esoteric spirituality apart from religious devotees and officials, or the academics and scribes who just read about or take an academic interest in spiritual topics. This difference has also given rise to conflict, as societies have often persecuted esoteric practitioners out of fear of what they could not understand; or those with power acted from a desire to subjugate what they could not control to reinforce their own authority.

Jesus and the disciples were persecuted by non-Christians, but ironically it was imperial Christians who proved the biggest persecutors of early Christians who sought to keep the esoteric tradition of Jesus and his disciples alive. Even though Jesus’s esoteric teachings were at the foundation of Christianity, state-backed religious officials only understood and allowed the public teachings (some of which encoded esoteric teachings without them realizing it).

Belsebuub discusses the Gospel of Judas, explaining how there was both a public teaching in the events of Jesus’ life, as well as a symbolic esoteric teaching that was only accessible to those who took an experiential approach to understanding.

This persecution continued throughout history. In the Middle Ages the Albigensian genocide saw the mass extermination of an entire mystical Christian movement known as the Cathars6 and the inquisition followed with its persecution of “heretics”.

Many myths and legends contain symbolic spiritual teachings. The legend of St George slaying the dragon for instance is symbolic of a person overcoming darkness within themselves

Christianity presents just one historical example, but historical traces of esoteric spiritual teachings, and the groups of people who formed around them, can be found across different cultures and traditions, such as in the pyramid texts of ancient Egypt, Hindu texts like the Upanishads of ancient India, and the Taoist teachings of Lao-tzu from ancient China. Traces have been left behind not just in scripture, but in archaeology, art and in legends and myths passed down over generations which often convey symbolic meaning. Practitioners of esoteric spirituality in various cultures and traditions have often faced oppression from dogmatists of various kinds, while in other cases the knowledge simply faded or became muddled over time as the numbers of people who understood it dwindled and died out and the values of societies changed.

Suppression of Esoteric Knowledge Today

Even today, groups of people who pursue alternative spirituality are often stigmatized as “cultist” by both religious and secular bigots, or lumped in with the dark and satanic by supposedly open-minded researchers, when they are actually the opposite. Jesus was condemned as a “blasphemer” by religious authorities in his time and accused of using demonic powers; today, the so-called anti-cult movement which suppresses spiritual rights and freedoms uses a new criteria of judgment which would condemn Jesus as a “cult leader” if he were alive now. Their catch-all criteria pathologizes spiritual commitment outside of mainstream religious institutions and acts as a bulwark against alternative groups forming which might teach and practice esoteric spiritual knowledge.

The persecution of teachers and practitioners of esoteric spirituality has repeated throughout history in different forms, largely due to the fact that such people pursue an alternative life style most people cannot understand, and it is instinctual to fear what one cannot understand. As has been shown on The Conscious Reporter, this primal fear can be played upon, amplified and manipulated by powerful vested interests with an agenda to suppress the truth and stop people from awakening consciousness.

A still from the movie Meetings with Remarkable Men, where the protagonist is led blindfolded on horseback and then must cross a chasm to reach an esoteric mystery school. Measures such as these were required to protect mystery schools from hostility and persecution by a public who did not understand them

This repeating pattern of persecution is one of the main reasons groups of esoteric practitioners – whether it is Jesus and meeting with his disciples privately or secret orders and mystery schools – have operated in secret.  Jesus did not teach arcane mysteries secretly because he was doing something sinister, but because he knew those who would not understand him could become hostile: hence his statement about not throwing pearls before swine. History bears out the need for such precautions.

This brings us back to modern misunderstandings surrounding esotericism. People, even having good intentions, often misread the secrecy that can accompany spiritual esotericism, because those immersed in the dark occult also operate in secret for another purpose entirely – to influence the world unseen from the shadows for material power and other sinister ends. But their agenda is very different. In fact, destroying esoteric spirituality in the world is one of their major objectives because people empowered with esoteric spiritual knowledge pose a real threat to their power and can expose them in ways others cannot. Therefore, maligning and distorting spiritual esotericism has been a major goal of theirs for many centuries.

The Mayan Pyramid at Chichen Itza. This pyramid was built on sacred principles but it appears that over time the culture there degenerated into barbarity and their esoteric understandings became overtaken by the influences of black magic. This muddying of the waters whereby esoteric spirituality has degenerated into or been infiltrated by dark practices repeatedly throughout the centuries causes many people to view all esotericism as “evil”. In reality however, positive esotericism is opposed to dark rituals and practices. Image by Daniel Schwen – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

To this end they have often infiltrated, subverted and co-opted religions and spiritual orders, teachings and symbology based on esoteric knowledge in order to destroy and corrupt them. This muddies the waters and confuses people as to the difference between what is spiritual and what is not, so those searching for hidden spiritual truths are derailed. By doing this they also encourage people to view all esoteric spirituality as sinister and either turn away from it, or fall under the influence of dark occult forces unwittingly.

This agenda has been so successful that even those who ostensibly oppose the “occult elite” have been deceived and duped by them into indirectly supporting their agenda. Anyone who portrays all esotericism as evil plays straight into the hands of the occult elite by turning people against the very source of knowledge and power to fundamentally challenge them. Similarly, those who uncritically regurgitate discredited narratives of anti-cult zealots which stigmatize alternative spirituality are unwitting agents of their agenda too.

Belsebuub’s vision for an alternative media site focused on spiritual issues

The Conscious Reporter was formed to fill a needed gap in this respect. Belsebuub, who has dedicated his life to providing esoteric knowledge for free, understood there were agendas going on to suppress alternative spirituality and esoteric knowledge, but saw that most alternative researchers with an interest in exposing such issues lacked an appreciation of the distinction between spiritual esoteric knowledge and that of the dark side. Nor did they understand or show concern about the various agendas to suppress spiritual freedom and alternative spirituality today. So Belsebuub conceived of a site where people with an understanding and appreciation of these issues could bring a distinct perspective that was lacking.

Image taken from an article on

An image taken from an article on about the unseen spiritual war beneath the veneer of society. In this image, some of the most powerful members of society meet at Bohemian grove in a setting that appears to be ritualistic. A number of articles on dissect the unseen dark agendas influencing our world.

Belsebuub wrote a number of articles on his own site about sinister forces and agendas opposed to esoteric spirituality, and his wife too has written on apparent attempts to censor esoteric information on the web as part of a “war on consciousness”. However, Belsebuub’s primary aim was to explain how to practice timeless esoteric spirituality. The number of people seriously interested in that has always been relatively few in the overall scheme of things, yet these agendas impact on everyone whatever their spiritual interests may be.

Belsebuub realised there was likely an audience of people who may not be interested in practising esoteric spirituality themselves, yet valued truth and freedom and would be concerned about these issues. Belsebuub felt a wider audience could be reached if a more neutral, research-based and non-partisan site was created that examined these agendas, without advocating any particular creed or spiritual viewpoint.

Belsebuub could also see that the propaganda and influence of the anti-cult movement was not just unfairly affecting people like him, but that a whole range of other innocent alternative spiritual groups and teachers, with a diversity of beliefs and teachings, were also being affected. They all fell into the crosshairs just for operating outside the mainstream. Since he cared deeply about spiritual and religious freedom, Belsebuub also hoped the site could be a venue to uphold spiritual freedom for everyone by exposing the agendas to suppress these rights.

Original artwork for an article on Conscious Reporter that has been viewed more than 200,000 times

Some of Belsebuub’s friends were inspired by this idea and decided to create a site along these lines where they could publish original articles as writer-researchers. Soon The Conscious Reporter was born and quite rapidly began shining a spotlight on issues and agendas against alternative spirituality in many areas, digging further into some of the issues Belsebuub had already written on, as well as exploring new ones. These original articles have examined a range of different issues which affect the awaking of consciousness, spiritual freedom and the rights of practitioners of alternative spirituality.

The kinds of issues examined here range from the adverse effects of fluoride and certain modern technologies on consciousness; to the demonization of extra-terrestrials and the use of inverted symbolism in popular culture and the music industry; to how the glossy corporate-backed efforts to promote materialist values as mysticism subverts spiritual values and limits consciousness. Contributors have also examined the shadowy rise of anti-cult zealotry, the oppressive methodology of its proponents which works by manipulating people using fear, exposed the role the mainstream media plays in promoting this agenda, and highlighted how this has incited a “secular inquisition” in some western countries. It has also examined the shady anti-spiritual agenda of secretive elite establishments which appear to be pushing for the covert censorship of alternative spirituality online either by government or corporate institutions. The site has also looked at the far-reaching impacts of these developments, examining how the suppression of alternative spirituality fits into elitist plans for a one world religious authority.

The site continues to expand into new areas, such as shining a spotlight on the suppressed history of humanity’s mysterious ancient past, hidden from people today to control their future, and republishes articles from other sources which support its focus.

The contributors of The Conscious Reporter have turned Belsebuub’s vision for this site into a reality. Since launching it’s been very successful, with its articles reaching hundreds of thousands of people. The Conscious Reporter now fulfills an important role on the web, shining a light on issues which matter to all who care about spiritual freedom from a uniquely informed perspective.

  2. To learn more about Belsebuub, visit the wikipedia-style article on his biography site.
  3. The articles page on in the Global Consciousness section contains a number of articles on the hidden metaphysical influences affecting the world including: The Powerful Use Esoteric Knowledge While Keeping it from Humanity:, The Unseen Spiritual War Beneath the Veneer of Society: and Looking Beyond the Issues to the Causes of the Problems Facing Humanity:
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  6. It is estimated that at least 200,000 to at most 1,000,000 people were killed in the Albigensian Crusade in the Languedoc region of Southern France, completely wiping out the Cathars from existence.