Total View Interview – The All-Seeing Eye: Modern Use of a Hijacked Symbol

Total View had me back on their show again to discuss my article on the modern use of the all-seeing eye symbol. We cover the emergence of the symbol’s public use in Freemasonry and the Great Seal of America where at the time it seems to still be benevolent, to its appearance on the US dollar bill, through to company logos and modern pop culture where its use has become increasingly associated with elitism, totalitarianism and demonic influence.

We then recap how it is originally a positive symbol of spirituality and how it can be reclaimed for the light.

A related point I would add not specifically made in the article or video is that these days anything occult is commonly regarded as only being demonic and evil. However there is a white side of mysticism and esotericism which is positive but it gets lumped in with the dark side by some due to their reaction against the invertions of symbols which they don’t realise have a positive side and origin to them.

About DavidH

David Hayes has had a long interest in spirituality and the nature of reality and what makes people the way they are. In coming to learn more about the hidden agendas to suppress and control humanity, he has a keen interest in helping to shine a light on such things so that others can learn more too in the hope for a brighter better future.


  1. How are you? Good read. I came across your posting looking for more info on the One Eye because I saw it live & in person & took a picture. Regrettably the camera on my cell is lacking, but I most solemnly & sincerely promise it’s real, & I’d like to send it to you via email. Namaste’ Ik Onkar.
    To post this comment I had to give my email address so I suppose I don’t have to reveal it publicly. Thanks Peace

  2. I’m sorry to say you are wrong about the “All Seeing Eye” as a “positive” symbol. It has always represented the eye of Satan looking out at material creation, overwhich he attempts to reign and rule. Yes it belonged to the Freemasons, but also to the Babylonian Priests and the Cabbalists. It was NEVER a positive symbol representing THE CREATOR. “The Great Architect” is Satan; he does not create something out of nothing as THE CREATOR has done. Instead he manipulates the raw materials Created originally by The Creator. No Freemason will tell you that they worship Satan; that’s part of their Secret Oath. Anything done in secrecy is evil. You are promoting a false agenda here by trying to tell people there are positive esoteric symbols. They are nothing of the kind. The TRUE CREATOR does not need symbols to communicate with CREATION, and all the symbols are designed to assist in creating things that supposedly THE CREATOR will not help to make. The truth is that THE CREATOR gave humankind EVERYTHING it needs to live a perfect life. These symbols take away those things and interfere with the TRUE DIVINE PLAN for mankind.

    • ok, that’s your view, however I don’t agree that everything esoteric or done in secret is evil.

    • Hi Ann,

      Everything in life has 2 sides, from night to day, cold and hot and so forth. If you actually start paying attention, you can see that even the way we speak or describe things are based on opposite. Saying someone is tall means that he/she is not short and so on.

      Yes, darkness cannot create but it is the opposite of light, and it steals these symbols and use them inversely – thus following the law of duality that we can see everywhere. There is an agenda of light, and an agenda of darkness which we can know about, not believe in or disregard, but actually know and verify.

      You may be interested in checking out videos of people who have both positive and negative Near Death Experiences. They talk about this fight of evil and darkness but within their own personal lives, and in some of them, they are shown symbols for them to understand their actions or words which lead them to hurt people or do the wrong thing.

      But nothing comes close as to having a personal Out-Of-Body experience (OBE) and being able to verify that we do exist beyond this world, that the reality of this battle between light and darkness is only too real and exist in our own individuality as it exists globally.

      And as you learn to have OBEs and use them for spiritual growth, learning can come in the form of symbols as well – and it becomes only too clear how powerful these symbols are, as the knowledge they carry in meaning are vast and profound.

      This video interview is based on several articles that have been published on this site, and it is really good at bringing about the ancient goodness behind of the One Eye and how it got used and turned into something that is now perceived as evil – which is why it is so important to reclaim the goodness and knowledge lost and claim it back.

    • Annony, your accusing people here of pushing an agenda, what agenda are you trying to push? I’m sorry to say that your post reeks of typical bullish preacher, no different from an atheist believer. Anyhow’s I’m not really interested in your pushy agenda. Believers of whatever kind are often quick to burn people at the stake particularly when their ideas (beliefs) are exposed as fiction. Your nonsense about symbols is contradictory and implies that MacDonalds logo is part of ‘YOUR CREATOR’ giving mankind everything it needs. You write as if you know precisely what and who the creator is, and also its intent etc. Its most probable you don’t remember your dreams at night and ignore simple intuition. The five senses and a brain filled with ideas are unlikely to witness symbols of substance, unless you consider McDonalds and all the other symbolic corporate logos part of ‘your’ divine plan, but then, you don’t believe in symbols… even good and bad road signs?
      To assume all symbols are evil is rubbish. Language is deficient compared to symbols. There are many languages, but a symbol can communicate the same message regardless of the programmed language of the receiver. The receiver, assuming they are not ‘locked’ in the mind by belief of ideas, can perceive and understand the symbol without needing language. Those unable or unwilling to recognize symbols are often those most easily manipulated by the negative ones.

      • hey mickey (the mouse that roared!), lets keep it courteous ;).
        I agree with what you say except for some of the tone.

  3. Thanks David. Good interview.

  4. That’s a great article, including the one before it too 🙂

    Olga has mentioned, “May the light reclaim its place in the world!”
    It already has love…it’s a slow process.

  5. Great interview! I think the point you added above the video about the mistaken negative stereotyping of anything esoteric these days is quite significant. It’s a shame to see this happening as a result of the misuse of occult symbols and forces, such as has happened with this all-seeing-eye symbol.

  6. What a great interview! Thanks for getting this info out, Tom and Jerry… can’t believe it got in there too..

    May the light reclaim its place in the world!

    • I have read some of these comments which are purely down to personal views. The overall picture is that we can’t really change these symbols that companies and government use negative or positive but focus on things in life on things that we can change for the better . If you were to shine a Small light in Large dark room you would always see that light doesn’t matter how small the light is and message is Light over darkness ,GOOD over evil and world can be a much better place .

    • Light will always pre valle over darkness but this world that we live in promotes so much negativity threw the media and other sorts .

  7. Thanks David, I’m really shocked at the dark agenda which is happening right in front of our eyes.
    I feel we have a chance to spread this information and ensure that these creatures of darkness never manage to form a one world order.