The Conscious Reporter has been under Cyber Attack

The Consious Reporter has been facing DoS cyber attacksIt recently became apparent The Conscious Reporter has been targeted by sustained cyber-attacks. The unknown assailants were bombarding this website with relentless Denial of Service/Distributed Denial of Service (DoS/DDoS) attacks to cripple and crash the site.

Denial of Service attacks flood a website with communication requests to overload its server, slowing the site down for legitimate users and eventually making it completely unavailable.

If you’ve had trouble loading The Conscious Reporter, or haven’t been able to access it in recent times, that’s why. The DoS attacks have deliberately overloaded this site with an onslaught of phony page requests, making it load painfully slow and at times crashing it completely.

The DoS attacks have barraged the site with requests for URLs like in various combinations (the obscene words actually used won’t be repeated here).

The cyber attackers clearly don’t want people to see the information provided by The Conscious Reporter. After being blocked, they persistently came back by another route, which shows their calculated intent. Their malicious intent is further demonstrated in the way they have taken pains to avoid raising page views on any real articles by overloading the site with requests for phoney pages instead. Their devious approach shows they have a strong desire to avoid indirectly boosting the content here in any way while relentlessly striving to shut this site down.

Evidently there is information provided here that some people do not want others to see. Whoever is behind it, their cyber attacks are a serious violation of free speech.

We are taking measures to address the situation. If you notice the site is down or slow to load however, please bear with us while these issues are dealt with.

A big thank you to everyone who has been supporting the site and helping us to get our message out there.

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  1. I think too that what happened it is a compliment in a way. You are doing a great job guys and you might attract the attention of those who don’t like it. I wish and hope you are strong and ready to overcome any such a problem, but most not ever happen again.

  2. Probably Bill Clinton.

  3. I wonder what this person is thinking doing something so sneaky and wrong. Even if they don’t agree with what this site promotes they should at least respect the freedom of speech that everyone has.

    I hope that they will stop attacking you guys soon and I also hope that these attacks against you make you even stronger in order to keep revealing the hidden war against consciousness.

  4. Sheesh. That’s pretty bad. Glad to see the site has pushed past this obstacle. The information on this site is really vital. You definitely have our support CR!

  5. Thanks for letting us know what is going on. I have had some trouble with this site when all others seem fine. I am not surprised about the attacks… you guys are exposing the truth. Keep going. This site is so powerful because of the way you break things down in concise clear ways. I am praying for you. Congrats on keeping the site strong in spite of efforts to take it down. It is pretty crazy that they know how to overload the site without boosting the ranks… seems very calculated.. and imagine the time and effort to keep that going….

    By the way, I don’t know if it’s related or just a bug, but most of the time when I try to submit a comment on this site, it doesn’t work. Feel free to email me if you want more details.

  6. What a cowardly and nasty thing to do. It indeed seems calculated and with a certain motive, rather than just some random person who’s got his hands on a DOS attack program. Who did it? Why? Someone somewhere seemingly doesn’t like one or more of the things reported on this website. I think it’s good to let people know about this and hopefully the attacker can be traced and stopped and held accountable.

  7. It just goes to show the kind of opposition that efforts to share truth endures. It’s baffling as to why people would put their time and effort into working to stop this website. Yeah David maybe they can leave their name instead of childish abusive words should they persist.

  8. Viva la Conscious Reporter, long may you live and continue to unveil the truth!
    I suppose it is a compliment in a way to be deemed worthy of such an attack.
    But what kind of mind is so motivated to attack a site like this?
    Are they some sort of psy-op co-intel pro lackey chained to a desk for some alphabet agency? Or just some bored kid with nothing better to do?
    What ever the case it is pretty sad for them.

  9. Wow. People really need to get a real life.

    It’s mind boggling that this site is actually so disliked that someone wants to bring it down.

  10. A number of times over the past couple of weeks I tried loading this site, only to get errors of one kind or another. I originally thought it was just “normal” problems with the server, having no idea it was actually being attacked.

    Thanks for fighting to keep everything online. I wonder who the attacker(s) is/are, and what is their motivation…

    • Same for me, Jon. I just assumed the site was loading slowly due to some glitch, and am surprised (but not surprised…) to learn this may be a result of an intentional attack on this website. I think that the following statement is key here: “Evidently there is information provided here that some people do not want others to see.”

      All the best with overcoming this type of censorship and I hope this site keeps going despite these things happening as it’s obviously a valuable resource for sharing what’s really going on out there! Thanks for the great work so far.

  11. Wow, those attacks must mean that there is some valuable content on this website! It seems everything true in this world has always been suppressed in one way or another.

    Actually, it happened to me a few days ago when I tried to open an article I came across on Facebook. I tried reloading the page a few times but it didn’t work. So this was the reason!

    Keep up the good work, guys. You must be on the right track!

  12. This is horrible, and in some ways these attacks could actually be a validation of the importance of what this site is trying to share and confirmation of some of its key messages.

    I personally don’t believe these are random hackers or cyber vandals out for a lark.

    I suspect there are people of power who feel threatened by this info and want to shut it down. If so this only proves the validity of this information if some will go to such lengths to silence it.

    Furthermore if these people would be willing to use such methods it gives a glimpse into what their values are.

    I’m glad this site is weathering the storm and wish you all the support to fight this illegal and unethical breach of free speech.

  13. Dear Conscious Reporter,

    Typical of the times we live in as people try to disrupt this site which is trying to talk about important issues which affect everyone, as spirituality is everyone’s own basic right. This site and the people here have a right to talk about & provide their views and opinions regarding what’s going on in the world at the moment and the events which have been affecting those laws, the law making process & the media’s reporting & story line on such events. I believe that if this world especially the western world is supposed to be a free world where free speech is supposedly respected and upheld as a pillar on which that society is built then why would anyone or group of people attack a site which is simply talking about events that shape the world we live in and hence providing views, opinions and ideas on such events. Don’t we all have a right to say what we feel about on these issues? or is only one view, one opinion going to be allowed to voice its opinions, it’s ideals and it’s will on the world? I hope not!

  14. That’s a really insidious attack on free speech. People will rarely spend time waiting for a page to load for more than a few seconds nowadays without navigating away, so trying to slow down or crash the site is a really sneaky way of suppressing free speech and people’s access to the truth without leaving a public trail behind whoever is doing it that could more easily be challenged publicly..