Total View Interview – The All-Seeing Eye: Sacred Origins of a Hijacked Symbol

Total View had me on their show recently to discuss my article The All-Seeing Eye: Sacred Origins of a Hijacked Symbol.  We discussed the history of the use of the all-seeing eye symbol from ancient times in different cultures where it was used in a positive way and touched on its use in more recent times where it has become inverted into a symbol of elitist control and demonic influence.

You can see the video below.

About DavidP

David Percival has had a long interest in spirituality and the nature of reality and what makes people the way they are. In coming to learn more about the hidden agendas to suppress and control humanity, he has a keen interest in helping to shine a light on such things so that others can learn more too in the hope for a brighter better future.


  1. I love how he totally evades the question of its origin, pretending to be uncertain. The same was done in his article. I watched the video expecting him to unambiguously disclose its origin, to no avail. How can someone who is unwilling to accept the truth in it’s entirety shed light on others?

    • Thats a really nice eye there Mel, with shadows and everything! 🙂 I would say go with your intuition here, as that is usually the best guide… And if the eye brought you here, then welcome to the site!

  2. thnx 4 tis article . i creat all seeing eye tattoo on my hand and last few days i saw and read abt illuminati and baphomet . its horrible 4 me . so many peoples say its bad devils symbol .its not a gud 4 me . bt after reading ur article i feel better . plz give me sum more information abt all seeing eye . i am big fan of historical symbol. bt today bad peoples use tis symbol 2 bad way. we r common man . we didnt study deeply abt tis symbol .so plz told me wat is true ….. WONDER BOY SWAPNIL

  3. Great episode, well done everyone.

  4. Thanks for the interview and for pulling together all that artwork — it’s really remarkable how widespread the use of this symbol is and how far back it goes. A a child I really enjoyed seeing it as the eye of Buddha on a nearby temple, and as a hamsa and a nasar on various jewelry and trinkets I owned. Where I’m from, these are actually very common symbols as you suggested and bear a positive connotation. The current connotation this symbol has is definitely of a darker nature and it’s hard to disassociate the two. But if you take a step back, it’s actually such a beautiful symbol and it’s a pity it’s been hijacked and turned into something dark and menacing. I hope it can be reclaimed again for its rightful use and meaning.

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