Disney Corporation: Making Evil Look Good?


Disney is seen around the world as a source of wholesome entertainment for children, but is there a darker side to its productions hidden in plain sight? This article investigates occult references in Disney productions, how society’s values and perception of good and evil are under threat, and the effect this could have on the future of spirituality.

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The All-Seeing Eye: Modern Use of a Hijacked Symbol


The all-seeing eye is a symbol of divine omniscience or sinister influence depending on how it is used. In this second article tracing the history of this symbol we will delve into its use over the last 200 + years which takes this pristine positive symbol to its increasingly malevolent use and implications.

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The Transhumanism Trap: Why Biohacking Chains Consciousness to the Material World


Can technology help humanity realise its full potential? Transhumanists see the merging of man and machine as a natural “next step” in human evolution, but where does consciousness fall in the equation? Instead of bringing freedom, merging ourselves with technology could chain consciousness to the physical body and material world, overriding our natural capacity for spiritual evolution.

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Youtube Safety Mode Censorship: Latest Battleground in the War on Consciousness


YouTube was once a bastion of free speech, an open venue where alternative information could circulate and wake up millions worldwide. Now it’s increasingly a place where truth is suppressed, as YouTube’s 6 billion+ hours of content is ‘soft censored’ on the sly by its mysterious ‘safety mode’. Keep reading if you prefer watching liberating information to mindless entertainment.

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Total View Interview – How Fear is Used to Turn You Against Spirituality


Recently I did an interview with Jenny Haase from the Total View Show about my article ‘How Fear is Used to Turn You Against Spirituality‘. We spoke about: The influence of the mass media in the creation of fear towards alternative spiritual groups How fear is conditioned in people and the appalling history behind this field of study How understanding from social engineering ...

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How Materialism posing as Mysticism subverts Spirituality and limits Consciousness

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The law of attraction is a wildly-popular modern mystical belief hyped as the secret to fulfilling your every desire. It has big celebrity endorsements, and commercial products rehashing its claims sell in abundance. But beneath the glossy facade there’s often an agenda pushing egocentrism and greed in metaphysical garb, which limits consciousness and subverts spirituality for shallow materialistic ends.

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