The Rise of Online Harassment


Online harassment is a problem of epidemic proportions that is increasing around the world at an alarming rate. Frequently cloaked in anonymity and with an air of moral righteousness, online trolls and cyberstalkers reveal the worst side of human nature in their efforts to attack and suppress the expression of free will and freedom of belief.

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Why Are Extraterrestrials Visiting Us? [Video]


Over the years numerous witnesses have come forward to give testimony of the presence of extraterrestrials in our skies and even on Earth. But the question remains for many, why are they here? Should we be afraid or are extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth to help us? Dr Steven Greer answers these questions and more in this insightful interview.

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Why Psi Research is Taboo in the Scientific Establishment


For over 30 years the few scientists willing to publicly investigate para-psychological phenomena have been uncovering statistically significant evidence that paranormal abilities exist. However despite a majority of people believing these abilities are possible (including many scientists) there is a public taboo on para-psychological (or “Psi”) research. This insightful video and article by Dr Dean Radin explain why.

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Questions Raised About Psychosocial Impact of Virtual Reality Technology


With an abundance of recent press coverage featuring global thought-leaders extolling the virtues of virtual reality (VR) technology, it’s easy to get caught up in a utopian view of a society filled with VR tech. Fewer people are asking the tough questions, like whether VR technology could have wide ranging harmful psychosocial impacts throughout people’s lives, even for their spirituality.

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How Society is Manipulated to Fear Extraterrestrials [Video Expose]


In November 2015, Dr Steven Greer gave an in-depth presentation titled “How the Secret Government Works: The Most Explosive Expose”. In it Greer discusses a 60 year psychological war waged on the public by a secret government within the United States. Using targeted misinformation this propaganda aims to set the stage for interstellar warfare by creating a worldwide fear of ...

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