Silencing the Sea – The Link Between Sound, Life and the Mass Murder of Whales and Dolphins

All life is connected through vibration which can be used either to create or to destroy. With environmental pollution and underwater warfare posing a significant threat to sea life, are we destroying a vital link in the chain of vibratory resonance that supports life itself? 

BY DYLAN CHARLES (guest) Waking Times

In our universe of frequency and vibration, where all matter is condensed energy and even water demonstrates intelligence, sound and intention play an enigmatic role in the organization of life.

When introduced to positive, loving intention and prayer, water molecules freeze into highly ordered, beautiful, crystalline forms. When subjected to negative energy and harmful intent, water crystals form into chaotic and confusing designs, demonstrating that even at the molecular level the influence of love organizes and heals, while fear and disrespect cause damage and impart chaos. Communication happens between all things, living or inanimate, and intention matters.

As above, so below, and if our growing understanding of how our natural world takes form is true in microcosm, it must also be true in macrocosm, meaning that the web of life on earth is fractal, more inter-connected, and more delicate than we humans can yet understand. The actions, intentions and words we cast onto our material world are meta-physically employed in constructing the five sense reality we actually experience, even though this process happens outside and alongside of our ordinary perception.

We are beginning to wrap our heads around the entangled nature of our universe, and this should give us even more good reason to proceed with caution when disrupting the natural rhythms and flow of life in this world which sustains us, for we too are dependent on this web.

Cetaceans – the ‘Other Humans’

For tens of millions of years, cetaceans, the whales, dolphins and porpoises of the seas, have thrived on this planet in peace. Few mammals inspire such wonder, and they are recognized as sentient, self-aware, socially complex, fully conscious and extraordinarily intelligent beings, worthy in some nations of legal rights. They have been adored by human cultures since the societies of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Sumerians, and they even play a part in the myths of ancient Atlantis. Many spiritually adept people believe that whales and dolphins are advanced extra-terrestrial beings, sent to earth as emissaries from other galactic races, but, you don’t have to have had contact with ETs to appreciate the grace and radiant love these creatures bring to our world.

Cetaceans have the largest brains of the animal kingdom, with a brain to body mass second only to humans, giving us another clue that their role in the animal kingdom is special. They communicate with each other with advanced verbalizations including song and speech, and although we have yet to decipher their language, observation of their behavior tells us that there is indeed deliberate intent behind the sounds they choose to make. Both NASA and the US Navy have even had success in teaching dolphins and whales to mimic human speech, using it in appropriate context.

A Matter of Frequency

“Om is the mysterious cosmic energy that is the substratum of all the things and all the beings of the entire universe. It is an eternal song of the Divine. It is continuously resounding in silence on the background of everything that exists.” -Amit Ray, Om Chanting and Meditation

Sound is the vibration of energy as it moves in wave form through air, water or another physical medium. It has a physical presence around us at all times and with sufficient amplitude, or energy, and when tuned to the proper resonant frequency, sound waves can destroy physical objects, for example, breaking glass. Remarkably, acoustic levitation of objects is also now a technological reality, further demonstrating how sound can influence our physical world. Sound can create or destroy.

Many spiritual traditions have long believed that sound was the original dynamic force responsible for creating the conditions for life to emerge in the universe, and science has revealed that even atoms are in perpetual motion, continuously oscillating. There is no form of matter that can exist without vibration, and every component of our universe has its resonant frequencies which respond to and interact with external vibrations. In this way, everything truly is connected.

The effects of the vibration of sound on matter can be observed with cymatics, allowing us to see the complex and highly organized patterns that are created when sound passes through a medium like sand, salt, water or oil. Looking at a digital interpretation of the human voice created by a cymascope is a dazzling example of the complex, living patterns that occur when voice imprints itself onto the material world. The images are starkly evocative of the human iris, the window to the soul.

The sounds of cetaceans are a complex form of energy transmission, and artist and marine acoustics expert Mark Fischer has developed a unique means of visualizing the songs of whale and dolphins. He uses a mathematical process known as wavelet transform to interpret underwater recordings of marine mammals. The designs are stunning, and when seen in this light, the abstruse mosaics embedded into the complex harmonics of their language appear to be a spiritual transmission of sorts.


Electromagnetic Planet

From a much wider perspective, outer space, we see that the planet itself projects its own vibrations into the cosmos in the form of electromagnetic radiation which travels at the speed of light. An example of this is the earth’s natural background of resonant frequencies, known as the Schumann Resonances, of which the fundamental frequency is 7.83 Hz. These frequencies are artifacts of the shape and size of the planet, as electromagnetic radiation moves between the center of the earth and the ionosphere, giving planet earth a unique stellar signature, broadcast into the heavens.

Additionally, the earth also emits an ‘auroral chorus’, a cacophony of very low frequency (VLF) sounds that can be picked up by simple receivers in certain ground locations. It sounds eerily like a language of its own, with whistles and clicks which at times sound quite similar to dolphin chatter and the whistling of certain whales.

NASA’s radiation belt storm probes in the Van Allen Belts, receive and translate the earth’s space chorus, another electromagnetic property of planet earth, into audible frequencies which also can sound mysteriously like the dips and whistles of certain whale songs.

As Above, So Below

The earth emits a complex electromagnetic signature which, when translated for interpretation by our senses, can resemble the language of cetaceans, an observation of significance as our scientific understanding of the deeply connected nature of life evolves.

If all of the atoms that comprise the earth and its creatures are in continuous vibration, and the earth as a whole is resonating electromagnetic frequencies, then everything that occurs in between is integral to the health of our planet, the only heavenly body we know of which supports abundant life. In this equation, sounds and vibrations contributed by sea mammals, of which whales are the largest and loudest living creatures, play a harmonious part in maintaining the balance of life. There is a reason they are here, and a reason why they sing, we just do not yet fully appreciate it yet.

Silencing the Sea – Mass Murder of Cetaceans Underway

Some propose that we are the verge of another mass extinction event on planet earth, chiefly as a result of anthropogenic activity. In this escalating catastrophe, whales, dolphins and other sea mammals are falling victim in greater numbers, and people the world over are beginning to pay more attention to their troubling fate.

In Taiji cove, Japan, for example, the annual slaughter of thousands of whales and dolphins by Japanese fishermen has become an international outrage due in part to Ric O’Barry’s award winning documentary film, The Cove, which brought considerable awareness to this massacre. It is quite sobering to watch the brutal, inhumane and dreadfully cruel treatment that occurs as dolphin families are trapped and separated, causing mothers to abort, and forcing the pod to watch as other members are bludgeoned to death or led into a life of captivity. This type of activity is, of course, not limited to the Taiji cove hunt.

“If we can’t do something about this one little cove, then how can we change the world?” – Ric O’Barry

The apocalyptic nuclear disaster at Fukushima is dumping thousands of tons of highly radioactive water into the Pacific ocean each year, unabated, with no relief in sight. Birds, sea mammals, fish and all other sea life are dying off in extraordinary numbers due to their inadvertent consumption of pieces of plastic waste and human trash, which now contaminate the oceans in magnificent proportions. Industrial fishing practices are indiscriminate in what and how much they kill, and the oceans are acidifying at alarming rates due to other environmental factors, setting off a chain of dangerous imbalance that promises to choke out life in the earth’s seas.

In addition to these stressors, the United States Navy is openly disrupting life in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and the Gulf of Mexico with an ongoing program of testing new advanced SONAR technology and a new generation of explosive under-water weaponry and tactics. The program admittedly presents significant dangers to sea life, but especially to animals that rely on echolocation for navigation, migration, breeding and for obtaining food. The Navy recognizes the toll the testing will take on aquatic life, yet is adamant and will continue, but their annual estimates for how many mammals this will impact is highly disputed by activists and other concerned organizations.

“The Navy estimates that its activities could inadvertently kill 186 whales and dolphins [annually] off the East Coast and 155 off Hawaii and Southern California, mostly from explosives.

It calculates more than 11,000 serious injuries off the East Coast and 2,000 off Hawaii and Southern California, along with nearly 2 million minor injuries, such as temporary hearing loss, off each coast. It also predicts marine mammals might change their behavior — such as swimming in a different direction — in 27 million instances.” [Source]

The Navy’s underwater warfare testing will include testing “…mid- and high frequency active sonar sources and explosive detonations. These sonar and explosive sources will be utilized during Antisubmarine Warfare (ASW) Tracking Exercises, Mine Avoidance Training, Extended Echo Ranging and Improved Extended Echo Ranging (EER/IEER) events, Missile Exercises, Gunnery Exercises, Bombing Exercises, Sinking Exercises, and Mine Warfare Training…” and more. [Source]

These tests can generate extremely high levels of sound, over 200 decibels, which is loud enough to kill a human being in the same way that a wine glass can be shattered by the power of sound. To the military industrial complex, though, cetaceans are expendable, and for them to die cruel and inhumane deaths is simply collateral damage in the eternal quest for national security.

Combined, these conditions mean that life is becoming increasingly challenging for whales and dolphins. Some people believe that their voices in the seas are being deliberately silenced as a means of cutting off human contact with cetaceans and reducing the vibration of life on the planet, thus limiting the spiritual evolution of the human race. For, to meet these animals face to face and interact with them is truly an uplifting and life-changing event.

Changing the Vibration of the Oceans

Drawing on the totality of information we now know about how inter-dependent, entangled, and sensitive life is, it is foolish, or perhaps suicidal, to proceed with such disregard for whales and dolphins who fill the seas with immense loving energy. When the peaceful and harmonious sounds of whale and dolphin song are replaced by the negative and destructive energies of weapons testing, ultra-loud SONAR, and nefarious intention, then it is conceivable that the overall web of life in the sea will be pushed into chaos and confusion, more so than it already is.

Cetacean song and speech has been a feature of the subaqueous realms of this planet since nearly the beginning of life on earth. If the supposition that life requires, and is influenced by, vibration is correct, then creatures that speak must be somehow, albeit still inexplicably, contributing to the formation and maintenance of life, as well as to further developments in evolution.

From this perspective, the sounds that sea mammals project into the open waters are not neutral, inconsequential or expendable to the holistic habitat, but rather are an integral part of the environment, playing some quantum role which have yet to grasp.

“Earth is a planet filled with sentient beings that must learn to coexist and man now must evolve to wisdom beyond the primitive tribal mentality that destroys without forethought of the impact.” – Debbie West

Sound affects matter, and just as water responds to positive or negative energy, so does life. The silencing of cetaceans will remove the most benevolent and intelligent sources of positive vibrations in the sea, and who exactly knows what the implications of a shift from whale song to the sounds of warfare will be?




Bio: Dylan Charles is a student and teacher of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, a practitioner of Yoga and Taoist esoteric arts, and an activist and idealist passionately engaged in the struggle for a more sustainable and just world for future generations. He is the editor of, the proprietor of, a grateful father and a man who seeks to enlighten others with the power of inspiring information and action. His remarkable journey of self-transformation is a testament to the power of the will and the persistence of the human spirit. He may be contacted at

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  1. Oh this is so sad to hear! I have always loved Whale song, and it’s something I hadn’t considered, that the energy of the beautiful sounds of dolphins and whales brings loving resonance to the whole planet. Thank-you for bringing this to peoples attention….

  2. I wanted to pass this link which was sent to me by Richard. It’s about the corporation called Monsanto which has been crowned the “most evil corporation on Earth!”.
    This corporation is responsible for some very serious crimes against so many innocent people, animals and our whole planet.
    I hope that many people will spread the information and put a stop to this evil.

  3. It really saddens my heart to read about this monstrous human behaviour, especially toward such dear and innocent animals.
    I’ve come to understand that it’s so important to peacefully speak out against the terrible inhuman and barbaric activity in our world. It’s only through the will of the people that we can truly make a difference.
    These beautiful animals are very precious for humanity and must be saved from this terrible harm.

    Very moving article, thanks Dylan and well done for your efforts to bring this information forward.

    • I feel the same. I remember an amazing experience camping by a river mouth, and waking to the sounds of dolphins breathing through their blowholes, after a pod entered the river.

      They were just hanging around and I swam out to them, and just sat on a rock and watched them. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

      Its difficult to imagine people deliberately causing such beautiful animals harm. But in the case of the US military, they don’t seem to have any problem killing human beings, so I guess there is not much hope of them showing empathy toward other species.

      Thanks for your article Dylan, and for showing the wider effects this destruction may have on consciousness, vibration and the web of life. I guess the fact this is even happening indicates humanity has a pretty low level of consciousness overall, and this just brings it lower.

  4. All these people know is destruction!, they don’t know anything else, they can’t create anything good as all their actions only bring war, destruction, harm, misery etc. they are not people or beings of the light which bring harmony and life. Everywhere were you looking the results are similar whether it be in mono farming which destroys life and harms the people that eat it (look at all the food allergies and problems) to now the oceans and what’s next? agenda 21!

    I once saw a news segment on the TV many, many years ago and the story was on the French nuclear testing in the Polynesian islands in the south pacific where the French where exploding nuclear reactions under ground on an atoll (which was slowly sinking the atoll) and the Polynesian people lobbied the French to stop the testing as the ocean floor had been cracked and the heat from larva under the crust of the ocean floor was escaping through the cracks in the earth crust! I never heard much about that event that was on the news that day again but the imagine of all this heat, dust and ash looking material rising from the ocean floor stuck with me for a long time. I often wonder if the changing ocean currents which affect the El Nino and la nina weather patterns are a result of the testing? because if you boil water in a pot the heat makes convection currents rise from the bottom and then they circulate around the pot, if the ocean currents all of a sudden have rising hot water in a spot that wasn’t there before wouldn’t that then change the weather according to modern concepts of how the weather patterns work with the oceans?

  5. This is very disturbing. The numbers of whales and dolphins the Navy estimates it might accidentally kill, injure, disorient, etc. with its SONAR underwater weapons testing is shocking.

    Our understanding of sound and vibration as it relates to other species of animals is so limited–you reminded me of a study done in the last couple of years, where they managed to decode a little bit of one species of prairie dog’s language.

    Imagine if we decoded what the whales and dolphins are saying, being exposed to all of this pain, suffering, and torture.

  6. I watched The Cove recently. It is incredibly moving and disturbing. Moving because of the beauty of the dolphins, and disturbing that they are captured and slaughtered in that way.

    I wonder how it is that people can disregard life like this, whether it’s the Japanese at Taiji or the US Navy with their SONAR weapons. They just don’t see the destruction and suffering that’s being caused? Do they ever look into the eyes of their victims?

  7. I am always baffled by how anyone can think that it’s ok to detonate atomic bombs, dump nuclear waste, or carry out weapon experiments of all kinds underwater, as though it would have no effect on life above water… It’s like sweeping dirt under the rug, only this has far reaching consequences for life on Earth.

    I know sound and vibrations can be very powerful and essential for life. We are already continuously surrounded by all kinds of distorted and disjointed dangerous frequencies (cell phone towers, dirty electricity, smart meters, wifi, etc.), and it’s sad to see this spreading into life underwater as well, deep into the Earth’s core. Misusing or abusing sound and distorting the planet’s vibrations (consciously or unconsciously) can’t have a good ending…

    • I feel the same Jenny, even simple sounds / vibration can have such a strong effect on me, I can’t imagine what such strong sounds would do to the planet. Pretty sad that the military industrial complex only seem to care about finding better ways to destroy things – imagine if they turned all that spending towards helping the planet instead!

  8. Along with the damage we know we’re doing (which is terrible enough) I think we’re also doing damage to so many more things that we do not even fully grasp. Nuclear energy is one of these things I think, and feel, to be terrible beyond our comprehension.

    In the same way perhaps as people having something with cats or dogs, I’ve got something with whales.
    And I have seen how there is something more to them, something magical.

    Thanks Dylan for this article and the perspectives.

  9. Great article to bring to light the destruction that is facing these incredibly beautiful sea animals.

    It seems to me that there’s no place left free from harm. As a humanity we have become a threat to all life forms from the sea to the sky, from the earth to the cosmos and with no end in sight.

    How can a person wake up to the harm this is causing if in our own lives we are careless and ignorant of how we as an instrument of sound affect and harm others, (let alone ourselves)?

    Thanks again, I hope this evokes a lot of reflection for people to tune in and start a new tone..

    • “It seems to me that there’s no place left free from harm. As a humanity we have become a threat to all life forms from the sea to the sky, from the earth to the cosmos and with no end in sight.”

      The truth of that statement made me feel sad….

      I guess we have to do all we can to fight for goodness anyway, with even more seriousness.

  10. This is an issue that is so close to my heart, as I have always been fascinated by dolphins and whales from a very young age, and it really brings out the spiritual connection with these very special species.

    Sound is extremely powerful: it can heal people from mantra and singing bowls tone used in the Eastern Tradition to the accepted use of ultra-sound in the Western medicinal tradition.

    When we speak with love, we tend to have a soft, gentle and respectful tone – when we speak with anger, our tone can turn into loud screams of frustrations or can feel like a knife slicing through the air.

    And here, we as a humanity, are using sound to destroy an amazing population with the secondary effects being still unknown, while at the same time deafening our oceans..

    We know and can feel the effect of sound – from living in the city full of mechanical noises, to escaping in nature for our holidays..

    Isn’t it time and our responsibility to use sound in ethical ways in our lives, interactions with each other from humans to animals?